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Well, Sonic. Looks like it's just me, you... and Metal Sonic!
Dr. Robotnik's quote after the Final Boss begins, Sonic CD II

Dr. "Eggman" Ivo Robotnik
Dr. Eggman (Sonic Lost World)
Dr. Robotnik is an evil scientist bent on using machines and/or robots to rule the entire world.
Full Name Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Location Robotropolis
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) IQ of 300, Robots
Family and Relations
Eggman Nega

Eggman Jr.

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (or simply called Eggman or Robotnik) is the main antagonist in the Sonic the Hedgehog (series). He has appeared in almost every Sonic game to date. He creates robots and machines to destroy Sonic, but his machines are always been destroyed by him.


Mike the Hedgehog

Dr. Eggman serves as the main villain in this game.

Sonic Party u

Dr. Eggman appears in Sonic Party u, where he is a non-playable character and the main antagonist in the game. There, he, unlike the other characters, is not invited into the special constellation trip. As a result, Eggman gets enraged about this and decides to ruin the trip by stealing all the stars in the sky and building his empire on every destination that is confirmed by the trip. When Sonic and his friends heard of his plans, they decide to compete against each other in every destination while trying to stop Eggman from ruining the trip. Eggman, knowing about what Sonic is going to do to him, sends his robots to guard every destination in order to distract Sonic while having Metal Sonic and his son, Eggman Jr., to play for him against Sonic. After he is defeated, Eggman is flung to the sky by Sonic. After the credits, it is revealed that Eggman has survived, and declares revenge on Sonic before being hit by a comet, damaging his Eggmobile and causing him to fall into the sea.

Pikachu's Final Destiny

Dr. Eggman makes a cameo where he flies around with his Egg Mobile, chased by Big and Cream.

Pikachu's Final Destiny 2

Dr. Eggman will appear as one of the villains in Pikachu's Final Destiny 2, along with Bowser.

Mario & Sonic: Brainwashed

Dr. Eggman will appear again in this game as a non-playable character. He is one of the main villains in the game, the other being Bowser. They create an evil clone on Sonic named Cinos, brainwash Sonic and his friends, and steal Donkey Kong's banana hoard and Wario's money.

RenarioExtreme series

Dr. Eggman appears in the anime, teams up with Bowser and the other villains, trying to take over Earth.

Sonic Generations 2

Dr. Eggman and his classic self both make a cameo appearence at the end of the game, humorously getting into an arguement over is Metal Sonic was a good creation or not, who's idea was the best, and which one made the best robots.

Sonic R: Second Run

Dr. Eggman will appear in Sonic R: Second Run racing in the Second World Grand Prix in his Eggmobile to win the golden trophy.

SMW for the 3DS

Even though not in the game, Roy tells Sonic that he would love to help Eggman to defeat him, but fails. Also, in Bowser's Castle when you enter the door to battle him, Doctor Eggman is on a poster.

Super Smash Bros. Charged!

Eggman is the Final Boss in Adventure Mode.

Sonic Heroes 2

Doctor Eggman makes an appearance as part of Team Eggman, in which Eggman Nega and Metal Sonic 3.0 rescue him; after 20+ years, his Egg-O-Matic finally decides to pack up, causing him to collide into Gimmick Mountain Zone.

Super Mario Blue: An Eggman Rage and Sonic Red: Bowser Goes Crazy

Eggman and Bowser from the Mario series joined forces to rid themselves of their respective enemies, Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, by genetically modifying Eggman's "robotic" minions and disguising them as Mario and Sonic, leading the two protagonists to believe they are against each other. The two heroes eventually discover this and work together to defeat the two evil-doers. Instead of fighting one another like Eggman and Bowser had wanted, Sonic and Mario began working together to defeat their archenemies and free the world once again. Sonic eventually ends up tagging Bowser with a transmitter which leads both Mario and Sonic to Bowser and Eggman's headquarters in which Princess Peach's Castle was transformed into Bowser's Castle where they are defeated.

Super Mario : The Invasion

Eggman appears as a Easy-mode boss in Super Mario : The Invasion, he appears in Green Hill Zone, he appears at the end of levels In Green Hill Zone, he appears to ride a giant robotic machine he controls on the boss level in Green Hill Zone, To hurt him is to jump on him, but Mario must find a springboard to bounce ontop of the robot and jump on him, jumped on 5 times and the machine blows up, leaving Eggman, Knocked out, releasing peach's splitted soul, Mario continues to other worlds to continue his quest, he appears in his Egg mobile during end of every Green Hill Zone Levels, he can be easy to beat as mario has to jump on him 2 times


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