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A= Punch and Kick Combo - This is the same as the A attack from Mario but stronger.

B= Pill Toss - Dr.Mario throws a Pill forward ( Just like Mario's B attack ) but it goes further forward.

(A)= Germ Push -  Dr.Mario pushes forward a Germthat knocks back the foe.

(B)= Pill Spin - Dr.Mario Spins and throws out pills in each direction ( They are the same as Dr.Mario's B attack )

D A= Down Kick - Dr.Mario kicks down in a combo.

D B= Tetris Smash - Dr.Mario jumps up and throws a tetris block down at where he was,The block will change, the more pieces there are in each block the move damage it deals.

U A=Upward Pill Throw - Dr.Mario throws a pill in the air, the higher up it goes the less damage it does, when it comes back down it will explode ( Even on Dr.Mario)

U B= Germ Bounce - Dr.Mario throws down a Germthat hits the ground and comes back up, when it comes back up and hits mario he gets a jump boost. The germ can damage foes.

FINAL SMASH= Retro Remady - The stage turns into the Dr.Mario level. the Player can drop down pieces, ( Its exactly the same as the game) Dealing damage.

Taunt 1= Dr.Mario Throws a pill in the air and catches it,he then drops it and sighs.

Taunt 2= Dr.Mario pulls out a paper pad with Appointments on it and crosses one of with a red pen. after this taunt is used 10 times mario throws away the pad and gets a new one next time.

Taunt 3= Dr.Mario does a starjump twice and then throws his arm up while jumping.


Dr.Mario in Subspace.

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