Downtown Strangeburg is the first episode and pilot of the show Wakee from Strangeburg.


Wakee moves out of his family's house and struggles to find a new home.


Wakee is watching TV and is interrupted by his father, stating that the ball game is on and has to take over the TV. Wakee then goes up to his room, only to realize his little brother made a fortress out of his pillows. He then goes to his computer, but his sister is using it. He talks to his mother, and says that it's starting to get a little difficult to live here, and should leave to start his own life. His mother agrees, stating all boys leave home someday, and hugs him. Later that day, Wakee says to his family that he will call them when he misses them, and sets off.

Wakee takes a bus downtown to find a new home. He struggles to find a place to live, and eventually gets frustrated and runs of into the woods. He gets lost, and hides in the bushes. A wild animal eventually chases him across the woods. When it corners Wakee, an orange mechanical figure blasts the ground to intimidate it, causing it to run away. Wakee thanks the orange figure and asks for his name. He says his name is Zippy, and also says that he has a big house that he can live in. He takes him to his home, washes him off, and puts him in a bed.

The next morning, Wakee runs downstairs and hugs Zippy as a sign of thanks. Zippy ends the episode saying "I think we're going to be great friends."

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