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Doug Piranha 2 is a game in the Doug Piranha series. As the name suggests, it is the sequal to Doug Piranha(Game).


Doug Piranha (Playable)

Special Move:Fire Breath, Description:Our Hero! The main protagonist of the series has returned!

Chompy the Goomba (Playable)

Special Move:Double Pound, Description:Doug's little brother is now a playable character!

Rodney Goomba (Playable)

Special Move:Tail Spin, Description:One of Chompy's best friends, he can swing his tail to defeat enemies!

Fiona the Goomba (Playable)

Special Move:Double Jump, Description:Another one of Chompy's friends, she can use her long curls to glide!

Captain Bomb

General Fuse


World 1-Goomba Valley Boss-Big Bob-Omb

World 2-Tuliper Ocean Boss-General Fuse (Sub)

World 3-Dark Caverns Boss-Neo Reznor

World 4-Execution Mountain Boss-Eagle King

World 5-Ice Caves Boss-General Fuse (Snowmobile)

World 6-Bob-omb Volcano Boss-Dragon Bomb

World 7-Bob-omb Fortress Boss-Captain Bomb


  • This is the first game in the main series of Doug Piranha games to feature 4-player.


Rodney Goomba's Artwork.

502px-Bigbombomb MP9

Captain Bomb's New Artwork.

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