The Boxart

Doug Piranha:Summer Sports is the second game in the Doug Piranha series. In the game, you can play as a variety of characters from the series, and play many different sports, such as basketball or tennis

Playable Characters

Doug Piranha (Starter)

Chompy (Starter)

Captain Bomb (Starter)

General Fuse (Starter)

Baby Doug (Starter)

Timmy Tick Tock (Starter)

Dragon Bomb (Unlockable)

Shadow Doug (Unlockable)

More Characters coming soon!






Soccer (Unlockable)


Goomba Plains (Tennis)

Air Fortress (Tennis)

Cloud City (Tennis, Unlockable)

Piranha Court (Basketball)

Ocean Court (Basketball)

Baby Court (Unlockable, Basketball)

5 holes (Golf)

9 holes (Golf)

18 holes (Golf)

Mushroom Land (Dodgeball)

Castle Court (Dodgeball)

Volcano Valley (Dodgeball, Unlockable)

Spooky Field (Soccer, Unlockable)*

Goomba Plains Soccer (Soccer, Unlockable)*

Ocean Court Soccer (Soccer, Unlockable)*

Courts marked with an * indicates they are unlocked with soccer.

Game Modes

Story Mode

Doug and Chompy are playing tennis when Captain Bomb comes in and challenges them both to a tennis tournement. You get to play as Doug and Chompy, and you have to beat Captain Bomb's minions in a certain sport. And then challenge Captain Bomb Himself. After you beat story mode, a new mode called Rush mode appears and challenges you to complete story mode in a time limit.

Standard Mode

You can play any court you have unlocked, and challenge your friends in different sports.

Wifi Mode

Lets you play with people online.

Rush Mode

Challenges you to beat story mode in a time limit.

Trophy Mode

Lets you view all the tropies you have collected.

Challenge Mode

Sends you and different colored teammates on a mission to beat different characters. You are rewarded with a trophy of the character you beat challenge mode with.


  • "Piranha" is misspelled "Pirahna" on the boxart.

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