This is a list of all the enemies that appear in the game, Double J RPG. There are twelve types of enemies in the game. Normal enemies, Fire enemies, Water enemies, Ice enemies, Electric enemies, Rock enemies, Metal enemies, Flying enemies, Botanical enemies, Pest enemies, Poison enemies and Dark enemies. Certain attacks can only defeat certain enemies. A lot of these enemies appear in the Fantendo Football League.

Enemy Name Artwork Description Statistics Element
001: Robot Robott Robot's that are controlled by the Witch Gypsy during the start of the game. During Chapter 3, a mysterious new villain takes control of the entire Robot clan and remodels them to be stronger.


002: Bug Bugg Pest's that fly around Utopia City. They aren't ruled by any villains and merely just are in the way just to annoy. Pest
003: Snatcher Snatcherr Thug's that hide in Utopia City. When they hit you they will try to steal your items and cash or even other things like John's Backpack and Damian's Basketball. The stolen things can only be restored by beating them. Normal
004: Pokechu Pokechuu Half Rodent, Half Electricity enemies created by the Witch Gypsy. They are then taken control by a new ruler and remodeled later in the game. Lightning
005: Snowman? Snowmann Is that a snowman? In the middle of the summer? I guess they're on vacation. They seem to be hot in this heat. They melt away after 5 turns. Ice
006: Squid Bird Mother Squidbirdd Half squid, half bird creatures created by the Witch Gypsy. They take care of the their babies and will only attack when it's child get's hurt. The most villainous villain gets a hold of them to reprogram them into stronger versions of themselves. Flying
007: Squid Bird Baby Squidbirdd Baby squid birds that are taken care by their mothers. If attacked their mother will attack whoever hurt the baby. Flying
008: Hot Rock Hotrockk Meteorites with faces that are crashing down into Utopia City. The great amount of speed during the fall to Earth caused them to light on fire. Fire
009: Angry Blob Blob2 The Angry Blob in the Blob trio. These guys are really mad and even produce fire because of their rage. The only thing that can defeat them is Ice. Fire
010: Happy Blob Blob3 The happiest blob in the Blob Trio. They are so happy they don't even mind the temperature. The only thing that can defeat them in Fire. Ice
011: Depressed Blob Blob1 The saddest member of the blob trio. They are so sad, that their tears can hurt you. The only thing that can defeat them is Ice.
012: Piranha Baba Piranhababaa Venus Fly Trap enemy's created by the Witch Gypsy. Their bite can pierce your party enough to One-Hit KO any party member.
013: Rocky Rockyy Hot Rock's after being cooled down. They are less aggressive and are even calmed down. Unlike their flaming counterparts, they are slow. Rock
014: Doom Shroom Doomm These mushrooms only come out at night. They are formed from the ground by planting Poison seeds in the ground. Some Doom Shrooms can even be used as helpful items in battle. Poison
015: Road Rodent Roadentt Rodent's that lurk around the streets of almost every city. They are very common enemies. They are all captured by the baddest new villain to be turned into mechanized slaves. Pest
016: Stray Dog Strayy These dogs are NOT cute. They will try to hurt you by biting and scratching. They can give you Rabies which is somewhat like Poison but less likely to happen. Normal
017: Minnow Minnoww Small fish that pop out of the water. Their more of a nuisance than an enemy.
018: Stormer Thunderr Thunder Clouds with faces that can strike you with lightning. They can turn into Rainers if damaged to 3 HP or Less. Lightning
019: Rainer Rainerr Sad rain clouds that can pour all over the party. Stormers can become Rainer's by depleting it's life to 3 or less.
020: Prancing Pansy Panserr Flower enemies that prance around until coming in contact with the player. They are very clueless making them easy to dodge.
021: Swine Swinee Pigs that reside in Utopia Farm. They escape the zoo in the game and go on a rampage. They have Pigmask tatoos on their rears. Normal
022: Pint-lot Pilott Pint-sized Pilots with no limbs. They can only be found in the sky making them rare enemies. They are capable of flying out of battles. Flying
023: Tick Tickk Bugs that hop off Stray Dogs to battle. They can only come in battle if your battling a Stray Dog for a long number of turns. Ticks must be destroyed for the battle to end, even if the Stray Dog is destroyed. Pest
024: Thwomping Stomper Thwompp Rock enemies that try to stomp you to death. They reside in Mountain sides. They are very strong enemies. Rock
025: Pozie Flowerr Flower's that reside in the Pozie Jungle. They are very rare enemies and coming into contact with one is good luck, however defeating one is even more good luck. Poison
026: Tiki Henchmen Tikii Tiki people that live in the Sacred Golden Temple. They hate trespassers and try to set as many traps as possible. Normal
027: Fiery Tiki Henchmen Firetikii Tiki Hechmen with Wooden Fire Masks. They attack by grabbing hot coal from their hats and throwing it at you. Fire
028: Abominable Snowmite Aboniblehoweveryouspellit Mini versions of the legendary Abominable Snowman that lurk around Mountains. They must be destroyed before revealing the real Abominable Snowman. Ice
029: Octobot Octobott Robotic Octipi that shoot rocks through their mouth. This makes them unique as they are steel enemies who's attacked are rock types attacks. Metal
030: John Jerome Clone1 Is that John? Why is he fighting your team? Somehing seems a little fishy about him. Lightning
031: Damian Escobar Clone2 Damian is working with the enemy? Makes no sense. Something's not right. Fire
032: Joey McBoo Clone3 Joey McBoo too! Sheesh, how our heroes today fall. Will good ever prevail over these dopplegangers? Ice

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