Double Dee's Monsterpedia (Eddo no Monsutāpedia エッドのモンスターペディア?) is Double Dee's monster hunting book that the player hunt, catch or defeat any monsters in Samuel: Change Awakening series. This book was first appearance when Double Dee made the monster hunting book. With this, using Gamecube Button Start button to pause the game and press the Gamecube Button R button to turn the Monsterpedia page. When the Monsterpedia page was selected, press the Gamecube Button Z button to view the monster models. When the monsters was created or custom monsters evolved, Double Dee creating CustomizMonsterpedia in the backside of itself by pressing the Gamecube CStick Right button.

Monsters List

Power Rangers: The Winds Awakening

These are 150 monsters to build the collection.

  1. Seeduo
  2. Leafuro
  3. Leafusor
  4. Magtail
  5. Magcoon
  6. Magmagohma

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