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Double Decked
is a crossover game between the Worlds of Doodleland and Disney. An enemy called the Deckers has decided to try and take over both worlds, and now it's up to the three worlds to work together to stop the Deckers.


The gameplay is similar to Legend of Zelda, with more focus on platforming. Players can switch out from the multiple characters available. There are a total of 48 characters, 12 each for each alignment.

Playable Characters

Heart Alignment

Heart characters have bigger weapons and are generally more powerful. However, without their weapon, they can barely put up a fight. They can also open up Heart Doors.

Image Name Universe Info
None Donald Duck Disney Donald is one of Mickey's best friends and has quite the temper! He carries around a bazooka, blowing walls and Deckers up.
Kippa Kippa Doodleland Kippa is a stick firgure who works in Portalguru. She has a really big sword with lots of spikes on it.

Spade Alignment

Spade characters are generally better without weapons, and have a higher life meter. They are generally very straight forward and can open Spade Doors.

Image Name Universe Info
Mickey Mickey Mouse Disney Mickey leaps and bounds similar to Mario is some what mischievous. He can be seen as leader and uses a paintbrush of thinner to attack enemies.
DoctorOnce Doctor Once Doodleland Doctor Once can heal characters and himself with apples, as well as chucking them at enemies. He also has a floaty jump.
ZakNew2013 Zak Doodleland Zak has stretchy arms and a gunblade. He also can wall-jump.

Ace Alignment

Ace excel in nearly everything and thus are very well rounded. They may have a simple weapon and can open Ace Doors.

Image Name Universe Info
OSWALDTHELUCKYWABBIT Oswald the Rabbit Disney Like his brother, he is mischievous. He is also fast and has a remote that can shoot electricity.
Megahov Megahov Doodleland Megahov was a robot that was found by the group during their travels and was built by the Deckers. He has two acid shooters on his back and can open Decker Doors.

Diamond Alignment

Diamonds are the strongest characters. They can lift up heavy objects and have huge weapons. They are terrible at jumping and are pretty slow. They can also open Diamond Doors.

Image Name Universe Info
None Pete Disney Mickey's arch nemesis and friend (sometimes). He is a strong character who uses a crane part. This is handy in water areas where he can reel in a large fish.
None Zeta-999 Doodleland Zeta-999 was built by another company under the control of the Deckers. He later turned against the Deckers and decided the join the good guys. He has a heavy atom blaster fused in his arms which will give him more power.
None Wreck-It Ralph Disney A arcade simulation that somehow got out of the Surge Protector. He has massive strength and can lift anything with ease.


Image Name Universe Info
None Beetlebot Doodleland A purple colored Decker-bot. He is strong but not very fast. A extremely easy boss.
None Decker Mickey Doodleland/Disney A Decker clone of Mickey. He has Mickey's skills, thus his arena is made of paint and thinner.
None Decker Oswald Doodleland/Disney A Decker clone of Oswald. He has Mickey's skills, thus his arena is made of computers and electrical wires.


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