Double Date: The Movie
Director Yumiko-san
Producer(s) Locked Arts
Studio(s) Paramount Pictures
Distributor(s) Paramount Pictures
Type Romance
Genre(s) Drama
Johnny Depp as the boy/Romeo.
Megan Fox as the boy's crush/Juliet.
Theatrical Release Date(s)
November 2014
Home Edition Release Date(s)
TBA 2015

Double Date: The Movie is a dramatic romance movie based on the hit game Rhythm Heaven Fever, more specifficaly, the minigame inside of it, Double Date. It has been directed by Japanese writer Yumiko-san and produced by Locked Arts and it will be published by Paramount Pictures. It will be released in theaters in November 2014, while the home edition has been confirmed to be at least released in 2015.

This movie stars Johnny Depp as Romeo, a shy college student who meets Juliet, portrayed by Megan Fox, who becomes his crush. When he invites her to a date, he tries everything to the date be perfect, however things won't be easy as it appears, since there is some people playing sports close to them and kicking/throwing balls at them, Romeo tries to kick the balls away so it doesn't takes Juliet's attention away from the weasels.



The movie's development has started in 2011, along with the release of Rhythm Heaven Fever on Japan, and it was meant to be a short OVA to promote the game. However, with the announcement of the release of the game on the USA, Paramount Pictures picked the project and decided to publish on the West.

The movie was originally going to be about all the games within Rhythm Heaven Fever, however Paramount Pictures wanted to make a romantic/drama movie, so they decided to pick only one minigame, so they picked Double Date. They contacted Japanese/French writer, Yumiko-san, to write the movie.



  1. Linkin Park In the End
  2. Soccer Girls Futebol Crazy
  3. Space Jam I Believe I Can Fly
  4. Dragonforce Between Fire and Flames
  5. Dead or Alive You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record)
  6. The Black Eyed Peas Let's Get Retarded


The movie has recieved one of the highest scores on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, 97% in Metacritic and 99% in Rotten Tomatoes.


A movie sequel based on the Double Date's sequel on Rhythm Heaven Fever, Double Date 2 has been announced to be released in 2017, with the cast returning to do the papers again, but there is going to be new characters not introduced in that minigame.