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Double Cherry
The current appearance of the Double Cherry.
Item Type Status
Kind of Item Fruit
First Appearance Super Mario 3D World
Adds a clone of the player character

The Double Cherry is an item in the Super Mario series. The cherries can be found inside question blocks or crates as well as being found floating above the ground.

The Double Cherry creates a duplicate of the current character also known as Double Mario. The duplicate will copy the exact same movements as the original character. It is only possible to create five duplicates and a clone will disintegrate if harmed or the flagpole is reached.

The Double Cherry consists of two red cherries, with two eyes on each cherry. The cherries are connected by a blue stem which has one leaf on it.


Super Mario 3D World

The Double Cherry made it's debut in Super Mario 3D World. It is uncommonly found however some levels, notably Double Cherry Pass, feature much use of the item. The developers of the game said that the Double Cherry was created by mistake when a staff member accidentally made two Mario's with the placement tool and the staff liked the idea.

Super Mario Galaxy Odyssey

The Double Cherry once again appears in Super Mario Galaxy Odyssey, serving a similar purpose to the one it did before. They usually appear in ? Boxes and require Mario to keep his clone to the end of a segment in order to unlock a secret or get additionally Coins or Star Bits, although sometimes they appear soley to be helpful to the player. The player can never get more than 2 clones and the ability is never required, appearing after a clone is hit or whenever the player uses a launch star.


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