Doshin is a minor charecter in Yoshi Story 2. He is found in every level. When found, he heals all of Yoshi's health, and gives Yoshi a Doshin Medal. He is secretly hidden except in 2 levels, where he is seen manually. When seeing all of him in a world, the last one, he will reward Yoshi with 5 lives, and the usual full health and Doshin Medal.

Manual appearances

He is first seen manualy in the first level, Lets Start This. He tells the Yoshi that he will give them somethign if they find him in all of the levels. Doshin rewards the Yoshi for buying the game with a Doshin Medal and 5 extra lives.

He is then seen manualy in the level Doshin's Big Break at the beggining, where he is fighting Kamek, when Kamek turns him into Jashin. Yoshi must kill him to recieve the Doshin Medal, and he even appeared as the boss at the level. In the final level, The Final Show Down, when the castle is destroyed, Jashin is seen falling out, and into crocodile infested waters.

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