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Gender Female
Species Shark Dragon
Align Chaotic Evil
Current Status Alive
Class Creature
Element(s) Aqua, dragonic
Ability/ies Grabbing creatures, powerful bite, slow and painful digestion, very fast swimming speed
Vulnerable To Snout, inside of mouth
Height 44 feet
Weight approx 30 tons
Series Sekaiju Legends
Family and Relations
Inonedn (enemy), Crumble, Merlin (victim)

Dorsal is an antagonist of the Sekaiju Legends series, and one of the most evil ones at that. She rarely appears but when she does, it’s not funny. She has eaten hundreds of creatures over the last 6 decades.


Dorsal is an extremely huge shark with legs. She has opposable thumbs, allowing her to grab creatures. She has small wings, that are useless for the moment. She has red eyes, which seems to come from a lack of sleep. She has a row of sharp teeth and a long tongue. She has rather long arms with small fins on the elbows.


Dorsal is known to be very hostile and greedy. She is extremely gluttonous and attacks Cavernos’s creatures once every month. She enslaves creatures that she cannot eat, or ones that are willing to work for her or be evil in general. She never sleeps unless she’s KO’d in battle.


Dorsal is extremely massive, and thus has large defenses and energy, making her hard to defeat in battle. She also has a bite force of 38400, triple of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. She eats her prey whole most of the time. However, she has a weak and slow digestion system, but that makes those inside of her feel pain much longer, It satisfies her more though of her meal. She has powerful muscles allowing her to swim at 200 miles per hour, while other creatures such as a Fishdog can only swim 50 mph, which makes them extremely outclassed in terms of speed. Like fishdogs, She has opposable thumbs allowing her to grab prey. She has insomnia, but this makes her immune to sleeping. However, she can easily be stunned by hitting her sensitive areas, like her snout and the inside of her mouth.


  • She is one of the largest creatures shown in the series.
  • Dorsal could’ve ended the series early by eating Inonedn in the first episode. Thankfully, Mr. Goggles distracted her.
  • Dorsal has very similar aspects to a real life shark. Sharks never stop moving or they’ll die, She doesn’t use her teeth to chew. Instead, she uses it to tear chunks off of large prey.
  • She is the one responsible for the supposed death of a main character in the first episode.

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