Dorm Service is the 2nd episode of Skip and Sqak XD. It aired on August 31 2013. The story is when the SSFF, WASP and GIRL Teams have to switch members to sleep for the night by the staff.



The show begins in the lobby where everyone goes for recess. The SSFF are all sitting in a table having lunch, where Stingo asks them to join him and his team over at their table. Croco, Skip and Tubby is delighted, but Sqak and the others refuse because of Stinky's stink (while trying to be honest) but Stingo quickly finds out. As Stingo and the SSFF get into an argument, Stinky comes to see what all the commotion is about and Stingo tells her the story.

Stinky becomes upset that the SSFF are offended to her, which causes the entire WASP and SSFF to begin squabbling. Coo Koo Klux and Captian Salt watch them from the office, and they begin to find a solution for the WASP and SSFF to get along nicer. While trying to find a solution, both Klux and Salt begin to get on each other's nerves (as Klux mentioned Salt's secret ice cream stash and Salt annoyed that Klux asks him to get coffee since he is in his chair) but before they brawl, Aleena and Kaida suggest they let the SSFF sleep with the WASP's dorm for the night.

The two teachers agree with the two girl's plan, and later during class the SSFF and WASP to go to the office. When both teams go there, Salt says that the SSFF will sleepover with the WASP tonight, much to the SSFF's dismay except for Skip, Tubby and Croco. Dib was the only one who didn't fight with the WASP, but instead Peachy do to her snoring (since she is an elephant) keeping him awake at night.

The plans are changed, the teachers decide to split the SSFF Team in half with Skip, Sqak, Croco, Imp and Tubby sleeping with WASP; and Cynder, Robin, Roshan, Oswald and Dib sleeping with GIRL. In WASP dorm, Croco, Tubby and Skip have a great time but Sqak and Imp can't take Stinky's strong stink. In GIRL dorm, Dib is forced to sleep with Peachy in a room by themselves, while the others sleep in the living room. Peachy's loud snoring pushes Dib over the edge as he clogs up her trunk with a giant cork bottle.

Imp and Sqak finally get used to Stinky's smell, and slept well tonight. The next morning, Dib realized that Peachy's trunk has inflated and she demands him to get it off her. Dib feared the trunk will explode, but instead Peachy belched in his face. The SSFF and WASP go down to breakfest togethor, with Sqak and Imp sitting next to Stinky.


  • In the episode The Reveal, Melvin mentioned he installed Spy Bugs in Galaxian High to learn it's weakness's. This episode has some Spy Bugs secretly hidden:
  • 1. Outside through the cafeteria window
  • 2. Under the closet in Salt's office
  • 3. Behind the bucket in Salt's office
  • 4. Beside Klux's desk in the classroom
  • 5. On the classroom ceiling
  • 6. Under Stingo's bed
  • 7. Hidden in the garden in GIRL's dorm
  • 8. In the droor of Aleena's desk
  • 9. Inside Sqak's locker
  • 10. Under the cafeteria table Sqak, Imp and Stinky were eating at.

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