Dopple is one of two optional partners in Paper Mario: The Lemon Kingdom. He is a duplinghost who is somewhat rude who joins Mario after Mario beats him in Crystal Falls after Chapter 6 until the beginning of Chapter 8. As stated before, he is rude and sometimes tries too hard to be funny. To get him to join Mario, one must accept the offer in the trouble center titled "Looking for a Challenger!", which appears after Chapter 6, and it can be done until the beginning of Chapter 8. If you choose to do it, Mario must go to Crystal Falls in the Ninji Lands, behind the Castle of the Ninjis. In there, Mario must pass a sub-dungeon, then defeat Dopple. After being defeated, he will talk about how he doesn't have much adventure in his life and join Mario for more adventure. If the challenge is not taken on, his trouble will vanish and he cannot be seen again, though when it shows Ninji Lands in Chapter 8 he is visible in the background if not obtained.


Dopple is a black duplighost.


Goombarry's Tattle: "This guy is Dopple. He's some duplighost that has apparently been training under some guy named The Master for like 5 years. I guess he wants to prove his skills. Maybe this Master guy thought he was a terrible fighter so he set out on a quest to prove to his friends and family he's strong, like in some certain movies and games? Anyway, HP is 45, Attack is 5, and defense is zero. Oh yeah, he can also transform into you or us and use our attacks! I wonder what would happen if he tattled me...?"



  • FP: 0
  • Effect: Jumps in the air and dives headfirst into the enemy.
  • To attack: Press A right before landing.
  • Power: 4/5/6
  • Initial


  • FP: 3
  • Effect: May scare enemies so they run from battle. Never works on bosses. Does not give out star points.
  • To attack: Tap A repeatedly to fill the gauge, but don't let it overflow.
  • Power: None/none/none
  • Initial

Meteor Dive

  • FP: 5
  • Effect: Jumps in the air and dives like doing his dive attack, but hits all enemies.
  • To attack: Hold down A until the meter is full.
  • Power: 4/5
  • Super Rank


  • FP: 6
  • Effect: Transforms into enemy. As an enemy, you cannot defend or appeal or switch partners, and get the exact same stats as the enemy, including HP. Once your HP as the enemy is drained, you turn back to Dopple. You also don't need to do action commands, but you only have one attack. Never works on bosses.
  • To attack: Press A when the cursor passes through the circle around the enemy.
  • Power: Varies
  • Ultra Rank

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