Full Name Doormat
Gender Male AI
Species Robot
Current Status Alive
Fighting, racing, action
Closing doors, staying still
Main Weapon(s) Claws
Ability/ies Slashing, dashing, changing modes
Vulnerable To Anything that can hurt
Sexuality Robot
First Appearance Sparkplug
Series Sparkplug
Doormat is one of the mascots of Sparkplug and a playable character for that game. He is a robot presumately built for opening doors, who was later modified for battling. Doormat was actually built for brain extraction, which was revealed in Sparkplug's final chapter. Now he just breaks doors down, much to the annoyance of some of the other characters. He was created by Operative.


Doormat is a robot, and has a grey color scheme. He is a bit blue-ish, but this appears to be caused by the lighting. He has two big black circles for eyes. His head is rectangular, with triangular edges, and has two dark grey trapezoid "ears" on the sides of his head. His neck is composed of two cylinders that lead into a body with similar trapezoids near the waist. He has three "buttons" on his chest, with the top one being bigger and the bottom one beign smaller; these are labelled "Unlock Buttons" in the reference sheet. There is also a button on his back, which can be considered a "tail"; this one is labelled an "Open Button". These were later revealed to be used in order to activate Doormat's brain extraction mechanisms. Cylinders connect his body with his arm and legs. He seems to have claws on his arms and legs, replacing his hand and feet.


Doormat a is upbeat robot, and that he seems to love the battle competition the robots are in. He likes going at high speed and breaking things quickly. He really hates having to stand still. Being originally made to open doors, he also hates closing them. He seems to have a strong sense of justice and will not hesitate to rush at any enemy that may be attacking one of his friends. Doormat's intelligence is average; although he does break down doors a lot, he shows a certain amount of common sense, and it isn't hard for him to make logical conclusions. He does have trouble thinking outside the box, however.


Doormat is a very frail robot, despite his bulky-looking torso, because most of his limbs are easy to cut off and the armor he wears is pretty light. However, he is incredibly fast, beign the fastest Sparkplug robot, and his strength is not negligible. He can dash forwards quickly and while he has no projectiles, his contact attacks hurt. He is able to become stronger when more damaged. He can switch between a "Power Mode" and a "Rush Mode" along with his "Standard Mode". These modes boost his attack and his speed respectively, but lower his other strong aspect.



  • Doormat's model was the first model built for Sparkplug. He was also one of the first characters designed for the game, and is canonically the first playable robot made by Operative (excluding CeROBral because he's a cyborg).
  • Doormat's name is a nod to his original version. It is a slang word for someone who lets themselves be dominated easily; a minion, in other words.