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Doomulus Rise
Doomulus Rise, the harvester.
Full Name Dooumulus Rise
Current Age 29 (mentally)
Date of Birth Nezzogis 55, 4444 (homeplanet birth)

March 1st, 1098 (closest Earth date)

Gender Male
Species Doomuli
Location Doomuli Homeworld
Align Doomuli
Current Status Alive
Class Doomuli
Family and Relations
Doomuli (member of)
Blood, Sharp Stuff, Blumps
People calling him edgy, water
Main Weapon(s) Claws
Ability/ies Blood Drainage, Enhanced Speed
Vulnerable To Lack of blood
Height 4'04
Weight 204
First Appearance  ???
Latest Appearance  ???

Doomulus Rise is a member of the Doomuli. He has currently not appeared in any Fantendoverse material.


Doomulus Rise looks similar to Doomulus Grime but with red eyes and longer ears. He wears a black jacket with the Doomuli sigil on it and wears a pack on his back, usually filled with blood. He has a long tail made of many sections. He has three glowing, floating claws for his hands and his feet only have two claws.


Doomulus Rise is obsessed with death and blood, likely because he requires it to live. As such, he conquers planets to grind the inhabitants on it. He is also a go-getter and doesn't let much stand in his way, aside from commands from Doomulus Prime.



Powers and Abilities

Doomulus Rise has claws that drain blood while fighting, draining into the pack on his back. The pack fuels him with blood, which would be similar to how cars use gasoline except he is constantly on the verge of passing out during fights. Despite this, as long as he can drain blood, he can keep fighting.


He has made no current appearances in any Fantendoverse material.


The Doomuli



  • He dislikes people calling him edgy.

Trophy Information


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