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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 3
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Visus Sphere, Nintendo NX, PC
Single-Player, Co-Op Two-Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D-Platformer, Action-Adventure, Puzzle, First-Person Shooter
Series Doom


Predecessor Doom (2016) (Doom Series)

Metroid Fluxuation (Metroid Series)

Doomtroid is an upcoming 3D-Platformer, Action-Adventure, Puzzle, First-Person Shooter game for the Nintendo NX, Visus Sphere & PC. It is a crossover of Doom & Metroid and allows the players to play as either Doom Slayer or Samus with a massive assortment of weapons, enemies and locations from both franchises. It borrows elements from both franchises as well with Metroid's Puzzle aspects and Doom's heavier Platforming-Shooter aspects.


An monstrous agreement is struck between the Space Pirates and the Hell Demons to stop two of the greatest warriros in the galaxy. With their combined might, the two armies captured the Bounty Hunter, Samus and Gun for Hire, Doom Slayer and had them locked away within a combination of Space Pirate & Hell Demon Security. However it seems that there is no rest for the wicked as soon after they awoke, the duo began turning the Security Facility into a bloodbath in an attempt to escape and stop the forces from making Ultimatums upon the Galactic Federation.


Gameplay-wise, Doomtroid takes many aspects from both Metroid and Doom. The very alien environments and hellish architecture of both games are retained and there are some segments which take place in industrial areas that appear to meld both games. The game's gun play is taken mostly from Doom with the player able to use a variety of weapons (some with secondary functions) to destroy the vast waves of enemies that challenge the player/s along their path. The Glory Kills also return as well as the new Bounty Kills which drop Hell Phazon a new item to both franchises that effectively works as experience points allowing Samus or Doom Slayer to upgrade their weapons and armour to become better equipped with what they go up against.

In addition many secrets can be found which can warrant the player unlocking some new armour colourations for both characters. Furthermore the heavy platforming of the Doom Games comes into play while exploring with the player often navigating long and twisting areas of a map, however the puzzle aspect of Metroid also plays a heavy role as to fully explore said maps, a variety of simplistic puzzles must be solved to progress. The story is about as complex as a Doom Game although has some backstory, similar to Doom (2016) and the Metroid Games. In addition the game is canonical in both universes, taking place before Metroid: Fluxuation and After Doom 2 (20XX).

Playable Characters

Character Name Gender Description
Samus Aran
Female A legendary Bounty Hunter, known for her general dislike of corrupt authority. Samus has become extremely proficient thanks to her training by the Chozo, an ancient race of Bird-like Aliens who gifted her with the now infamous Varia Suit. Samus has a large array of advanced alien technological weapons to aid her in combat although doesn't shy away from a few conventional hand weapons.
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer
Male A silent but brutally aggressive individual, Doom Slayer was a marine who was betrayed by his clients and sent to Hell to fight off droves of Demons and monstrosities alike. He has an extreme hatred for large corporations and especially Demons whom he seems to make almost an art out of killing. Doom Slayer has a passion for the hulking guns like Rocket Launchers and Heavy Artillery guns but doesn't shy away from a Pistol or a Shotgun either.


Weapon Doom Slayer Variant Samus Aran Variant
Pistol - A low Power, Manual weapon that initially helps with early game and can obtain the infinite Ammo Upgrade later on Handgun Plasma Pistol
Charging Gun - A powerful Manual weapon, Charging Guns have low ammo per round although have a relatively high damage Pulse Cannon Charge Beam
Rifle - A powerful, long range, Manual weapon, it must be reloaded after each shot although is highly accurate as a trade off Heavy Rifle Plasma Beam
Burst Rifle - a moderately powered, low ammo, low range but extremely high spread rifle, Burst Rifles deal more damage the closer they are to their target Burst Rifle Spazer Beam
Shotgun - A high power but rather inaccurate weapon, the Shotguns deal huge knockback on smaller enemies and can stagger larger enemies for a more close shot Super Shotgun Ballistic Cannon
Assault Rifle - A moderately powerful and extremely fast firing automatic weapon, the Assault Rifle weapons are best used with the Iron Sights instead of Hip Fire as they lose a lot of accuracy from the latter Heavy Assault Rifle Wave Beam
Sprayer Blaster - A large area of affect and powerful weapon, Sprayer Blasters are capable of slowly taking down multiple enemies at once although have slow firing and reload rates Scatter Shotgun Annihilator Beam
Minigun - Capable of holding extremely large cases of Ammo and firing off said ammo faster than any other weapon, the Minigun is great for tearing down waves of enemies if the user doesn't care for Ammo Chain Gun Pulsar Beam
Sniper Weapon - With the greatest range for a conventional weapon the Sniper Weapons have incredible accuracy to assist although are incredibly slow at reloading and can only carry one round of ammo per clip Vortex Rifle Sharpshot Cannon
Heat Seeker Weapons - Powerful and rather dangerous weapons, the Heat Seeker Weapons can lock onto targets and hit with incredible accuracy, rarely missing, they do take a while to reload however Hell Cannon Nova Beam
Rocket Launcher - Incredibly powerful although having a slow firing speed, the Rocket Launchers deal explosive damage upon impact and are incredibly efficient at blowing an enemy to pieces Rocket Launcher Missiles
Heavy Energy Cannon - Incredibly powerful cannons, these weapons deal high damage although leave their user vulnerable due to their slow firing rate Gauss Cannon Ice Beam
BFG9000 - The incredibly powerful cannon-like weapon, BFG9000s use very rare ammo and deal the most damage of any ranged weapon in the game, they are manual loading and relatively accurate BFG Demon Slayer BFG Ion Cannon
OHKO Melee - Incredibly powerful although limited use, the OHKO Melee weapons require the individual to be right next to enemy to attack although it will kill the enemy leaving more ammo and health than usual Chainsaw Plasma Whip


Beetle Doomtroid
Geemer Doomtroid
Sentry Drone Doomtroid
Sentry Drone
The Possessed Doomtroid
The Possessed
Imp Doomtroid
Lost Soul Doomtroid
Lost Soul
Unwilling Doomtroid
Possessed Soldier Doomtroid
Possessed Soldier
Possessed Security Doomtroid
Possessed Security
Space Pirate Doomtroid
Space Pirate
Pirate Captain Doomtroid
Pirate Captain
Flying Pirate Doomtroid
Flying Pirate
Cloaked Drone Doomtroid
Cloaked Drone
Incinerator Drone Doomtroid
Incinerator Drone
Auto-Defense Turret Doomtroid
Auto Defense Turret
Mega Turret Doomtroid
Mega Turret
Trooper Pirate Doomtroid
Trooper Pirate
Elite Pirate Doomtroid
Elite Pirate
Hell Razer Doomtroid
Hell Razer
Hell Knight Doomtroid
Hell Knight
Summoner Doomtroid
Metroid Doomtroid
Alpha Metroid Doomtroid
Alpha Metroid
Gamma Metroid Doomtroid
Gamma Metroid
Zeta Metroid Doomtroid
Zeta Metroid
Baby Sheegoth Doomtroid
Baby Sheegoth
Sheegoth Doomtroid
Revenant Doomtroid
Cacodemon Doomtroid
Pinky Doomtroid
Spectre Doomtroid
Mancubus Doomtroid
Cyber Mancubus Doomtroid
Phazon Elite Doomtroid
Phazon Elite
Hell Guard Doomtroid
Hell Guard
Omega Pirate Doomtroid
Omega Pirate
Baron of Hell Doomtroid
Baron of Hell


Chapter Description Boss Levels
1 - Hogar Perdido Asteroid After breaking out of their confinement, Samus & Doom Slayer form an uneasy trust as they team up to escape the Security Facility on Hogar Perdido Asteroid. Without much option for escape methods, the two opt to use Samus' heavily damaged ship to descend to a nearby planet to recover and repair the ship.
Hunter Doomtroid
2 - Savaged Mines Seeking the necessary time to make repairs to Samus' Ship, the duo make a temporary landing on the unknown planet. However due to an attack from the Space Pirates the ship crashes causing its the duo to forcible have to abandon the ship. After crashing into a nearby abandoned Mining Facility, Samus and Doom Slayer attempt to find a new ship to escape the planet.
King Worm Doomtroid
King Worm
3 - Dreadnaught Ship Having successfully escaped the unknown Planet, Samus and Doom Slayer's hijacked ship finds its true escape is halted by the mysterious Dreadnaught Ship orbiting the Unknown Planet. Without any other options, the duo decide to investigate and attempt to disable the ship but find its mysterious architecture and haunted appearance to prove to be a significantly greater challenge.
Phantoon Doomtroid
4 - Space Pirate Fortress After discovering a plan to take over the galaxy between the Space Pirates and the Hell Demons, Samus and Doom Slayer land at a Space Pirate Fortress, said to be the main connection point between the two armies. Upon arriving they notice the impacts the Hell Portal within the Fortress has had on the area and the dramatic increase in Hell Demons in this particular area. Seeing no other choice the duo plan to head into Hell to destroy the Hell Portal.
Guardian of Hell Doomtroid
Guardian of Hell
5 - Hell Ruins Upon entering hell, the duo find themselves in a massive labyrinth filled with various hellish monsters whom seem to be guarding a large dome structure at the center of the ruins. In hopes to find a way to deactivate the hell portal, the unearthly roar from within the ruins leaves Samus and Doom Slayer on edge.
Kraid Doomtroid
6 - Spire of Black Lightning Finding what seems to be the cause of the Hell Portal, Samus and Doom Slayer ascend a massive stone structure with ominous machinery attached to it, somehow channeling the hellish energy within into the various batteries around the Spire. At the top a mysterious Red glow appears to be emanating from the cracks, its cause, unknown.
Cyberdemon Doomtroid
7 - Casil Inferon Having successfully initiated the shut down procedure for the Spire of Black Lightning, Samus and Doom Slayer prepare to use the Hell Portal to return to, a mysterious figure crashes into the Spire causing it to collapse, after the rubble settles, Samus and Doom Slayer look around to see the mysterious figure flying towards a large structure in the distance that looks like a Castle of Lava.
Cyber Ridley Doomtroid
Cyber Ridley
8 - Torn Core Upond finding a massive reconstruction effort by the Space Pirates and Hell Demons, Samus Aran and Doom Slayer make a march on the core of the combined operations of the two armies to take them down once and for all. Navigtating through the complex maze of tunnels, corridors and various ruins they soon arrive in the Torn Core to find a huge facility generating power from hell in preperation to create a giant Hell Portal. Mother Mastermind 5
9 - Crashed Research Station After seemingly destroying the Hell Portal project and escaping back through the partially completed Hell Portal, Samus and Doom Slayer find themselves in an area all too familiar to Samus, the BSL Station. Although mostly in ruins, they find the place has a small Hell Demon & Space Pirate outpost and likely contains a ship to escape the heavily damaged remains of SR388. Surprising to Samus they find Metroids have heavily re-colonized the small planetoids encountering everything up to Zeta Metroids as they explore the ruined planet.
Omega Metroid Doomtroid
Omega Metroid
10 - Ancient Hell Labyrinth After a surprise encounter with an Omega Metroid, the duo and the beast fall into a third Hell Portal this time landing in the secret base of the Hell Demons whom had revealed to be manipulating the Space Pirates under the pretense of gaining Metroid DNA necessary to create the ultimate Hell Demon. Upon impact the Omega Metroid dies from its wounds while Samus and Doom Slayer use its body to have a semi-safe landing. Exploring around they find they're trapped in a huge Labyrinth created by the Hell Demons to whittle away at the duo until they are killed. Maledict Metroid 6



Alternate Armour

Alt Costume Title Requirement Doom Slayer Alt. Costume Samus Aran Alt. Costume
Brimstone Kill every Hell Demon in every Chapter (There is a counter for each level so the player doesn't have to repeat levels)
Doom Slayer Hellfire
Doom Slayer Hellfire
Samus Aran Volcanic
Samus Aran Volcanic
Life Giver Complete the Dreadnaught Ship Chapter without killing any monster (except the Boss of the Chapter)
Doom Slayer Neon Green
Doom Slayer Mossy
Samus Aran Golden
Samus Aran Golden
Oceanic Complete every Secret Mission in every Level
Doom Slayer Arctic
Doom Slayer Arctic
Samus Aran Aqua
Samus Aran Aquatic
Starlight Kill every Space Pirate in every Chapter (There is a counter for each level so the player doesn't have to repeat levels)
Doom Slayer Midnight
Doom Slayer Midnight
Samus Aran Stellar
Samus Aran Stellar


  • This is the first Doom Game created for the Visus Sphere that a port of a previous entry
  • Samus' BFG9000 has a noticeably more sci-fi appearance than Doom Slayer's which seems to have some Demonic Runes carved into it
  • The starting scene is somewhat simlar to both Doom (2016) and Metroid Prime as after escaping an enclosed facility the duo must beat a Self-Destruct Timer to escape the Security Facility
  • Magmoor's were also going to appear in the game however it was decided to remove them as they would ruin the duality between the theme of Technology (Metroid) vs. Mythology (Doom)

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