Doomsday Core
Full Name Doomsday Core
Current Age Billions of years old.
Zodiac Sign All of them.
Gender Non-binary
Species  ???
Location Some Random Pocket Dimension
Current Status Alive?
Class Doomsday Bringer
Main Weapon(s) Itself
Vulnerable To Nothing (?)
Sexuality Aromantic
Doomsday Core is a 'character' who appears in PROJECT PLASMA, not much being known about what part it plays currently. The Doomsday Core is a being of darkness and cataclysmic disaster formed into an orb, which is contained in a pocket dimension. The Doomsday Core was formed upon the creation of the 'New Fantendoverse', though, dissapearing into its pocket dimension soon after creation.


Doomsday Core is represented as a circular object with black matter surging around it, forming a ring of sorts. The ring is insanely toxic, killing anyone in a large radius. The core has an 'eye' which can dilate and move around, serving as the 'control' center. It has an inside, but not much is known about it...


It has no true personality, the only thing it wants is to wipe out the universe and claim it as its own, and then build itself with more dark matter.