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Violet Snow is a playable character in Doom Dome Battle and its sequel.


Violet Snow is a girl who was born as a mutant. Her parents were afraid of her having ice powers for unknown reasons. One day her parents suddenly didn't return home, making Violet automatically an orphan. Violet fell into a depression and started living at the top of Mt. Frostpeak in a little cabin, so she wouldn't have to be bothered by any humans. Eventually because of some visitors she comes out of her shell. She finally allowed herself to go to school and decided to go out and discover whether her parents are still alive or not and who she really is.


As a mutant Violet has the ability to hover in the air, which gives her an advantage in avoiding characters lower to the ground easily and grants her a slight boost in speed. She is a long range attacker, mostly relying on her ice powers. She can shoot blasts of ice, conjure icicles at any place and surround herself with a blizzard.

Her Doom Attack is "Let It Go" in which she hovers high into the air and traps the opponent in a huge blizzard. While inside of the blizzard they are rapidly hit with icicles shot from everywhere, piercing through their body. When it's a KO a larger icicle is shot throught their body and pieces them to the ground.


Doom Dome Battle

Violet is inside of her cottage on top of a snowy mountain for the majority of the story, until Fat French Penguin cimbs the mountain in order to board the spaceship. Violet however sees her as an intruder and challenges her. She apologizes to FFP after being defeated by her and says that she has been challenged multiple times already for her powers. She helps FFP to the spaceship by creating a bridge of ice towards it. She asks FFP what she has to do there, which is to save a friend, thus Violet decides to help her.

Violet searches the spaceship and finds the smaller penguin down below, but is attacked by Gorge. She wins the fight and freezes Gorge, but other extraterrestrials march in and pin Violet to the ground. Gorge gets unfrozen and he places her inside of a pod to transfer her powers into Lil'Pengu. She was freed by Justin and FFP but had to rest while they fought Gorge and Lil'Pengu, followed by the ship's crash.

Violet awakened in the wreckage of the ship and teamed up with FFP and Justin to fight Vexok, Gorge and Mama Kitty with Almighty. Afterwards Violet tried to get away but she and the others were stopped by another extraterestrial, Zorks, whom they all fought. After defeating it Justin mentioned her crashed ship on Earth and how it would take some time to fix it, thus Violet offered her residence inside of her cabin instead, which Justin gladly accepted. At the end of the story Violet met with Joshua, Amaya, Prince and Mai, enrolling in high school on suggestion of Justin.

Doom Dome Battle 2

Now as regular high school student, she tries to find out where her powers came from and who her real parents are.

Mission Alpha

In this alternate future, Violet never left the cabin atop of the mountain, and she slowly descended in insanity and lost control over her powers. Her whole body got frostbite and the entire mountain, plus surrounding areas, were engulfed in snow and ice, making it an eternal winter. She has lost touch with her humane side and is a mindless mutant now. Alpha climbed the mountain and engaged in combat with her and killed her at the end. Alpha took out her heart which was completely frozen, and the core of her powers and installed it into her system, letting Alpha gain ice powers.


  • Based on a character in a story a friend of the developer once wrote.
  • Her powers are inspired by many other characters who use ice powers.
  • Violet is a pure mutant but was born as one as opposed to the other mutants. Her case is similar to the mutants in X-Men.
  • Her Doom Attack, 'Let It Go' is a direct reference to the 2013 Disney film, Frozen.
    • Her alternate costume also is the dress Elsa wears in the beginning of the film.


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