This is the story of Doom Dome Battle. It tells a long story from the aspects of different characters.

Chapter 1: The Catastrophe

Joshua and Amaya were walking through the school building, ready to get on to their next class.

Prince: Seems like you two are getting along well.

Joshua: Shut up Prince. Go do something useful or something.

Amaya: Joshua, calm down.

Prince: No worries my sweet Amaya. I was about to go home catch you later stud.

Prince winked at Joshua and hurried through the halls. However suddenly a heavy earthquake occurred, Prince fell through the ground followed by some pieces of concrete. Amaya gasped and wanted to go after him when suddenly Joshua fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

Amaya: Open your eyes.

Joshua's eyes slowly begin to open

Amaya: Joshua, open your eyes.

Joshua opens his eyes completely and sees Amaya standing in front of him.

Joshua: Amaya? Is that you? 

As he looked at her he saw a beautiful angel standing in front of him equipped with sword and shield.

Joshua: Are we dead?

Amaya: No Joshua. I have been keeping a secret from you, I'm your guardian angel, here to protect you in times of need, send from above.

Joshua: What happened?!

Amaya: No time to explain, grab onto me. 

Joshua slowly reaches his hand out of Amaya who firmly grabs it, making Joshua blush. She widens her wings and takes off through a hole in the roof of the school building. However from behind a corner a girl with pink hair is watching.

Girl: Joshua is mine, you're not getting him without a fight.

She pulls out a rather large knife and proceeds to walk through the building. Joshua and Amaya land in the middle of town which seems to be completely in ruins. Buildings have broken down, fires are scattered.

Amaya: Downtown doesn't look that well...

Joshua: Can you please explain what is happening?

Amaya: Ow yeah, I'm sorry. The earthquake that made you lose conscious was actually the ground collapsing... the highway to Hell has opened. I need to stop it.

Joshua: Let me help! If we just could run by my place and get my gun.

Amaya: Don't be so reckless, we're dealing with demonic forces here, ones beyond your comprehension.

Joshua: I'm not just going to stand by idly doing nothing, so you either take me there, or I'll go alone.

Amaya sighs

Amaya: Okay, I'll guide you. But stay behind me, I'll fight off anyone in the way.

Objective: Make your way to Joshua's house

Meanwhile somewhere in the Underworld, the throne room to be specific, was a tall devil with long blonde hair sitting on his throne. A devil known by many names, but most famously known as simply, Lucifer. Another devil was approaching him, a female one. She kneels down in front of him.

Mephistopheles: Thou has't summoned me master?

Lucifer: Indeed I have. It's about my son, he has wandered to the surface, I would be pleased if you were to retrieve him for me.

Mephistopheles: What art thee going to master? 

Lucifer: I obviously opened the gates for something, I need to settle some deals. You are dismissed.

Mephistopheles nodded and stood up again. She left the throne room and headed out for the search of Rokukai.

Objective: Meet with Tyrant at the gates

Mephistopheles arrived at the gates where Tyrant was on guard.

Mephistopheles: Seemeth thee art doing a lousy job again.

Tyrant gave her a snarky look, not saying a word.

Mephistopheles: Concluded, be it, I needeth young master's scent. I needeth to track that gent down. 

Tyrant held his hand out and a blue orb of fire gathered in the palm of his hand. He fed the ball to his pet dog, Cerberus, who after a brief moment spit it out again, now red. The ball moved to the surface on its own. Tyrant pointed to the ball indicating Mephistopheles to follow it.

Mephistopheles: Thou art in mine debt.

Objective: Follow the orb of fire to Rokukai's location

Joshua and Amaya arrive at the Tamashii household, which to their surprise is partly in ruins.

Joshua: Uncle!

He ran inside, followed by Amaya close behind. Inside Joshua saw a devil towering over a man on the ground. The devil extended her claws and cut right through him.

Joshua: Uncle!!! You pesky demon!

Joshua quickly ran towards the cabinet and grabbed a gun out of it and aimed it at the devil. The devil turned around and revealed herself to be Mephistopheles.

Mephistopheles: That gent wast a damned soul concluded, be it, and because of that gent I hath lost mine tracking spell. And if 't be true thee wanteth to receiveth in mine way as well, thee shalt meeteth thy demise right now. 

Joshua: I only got half of that, but you're going to pay for killing my uncle!

JoshuaTamashiiSlot vs. MephistophelesSlot

Suddenly a knife flew into the direction of Mephistopheles and almost hit her.

Mephistopheles: What wast that?

The girl with pink hair was standing in front of the hole in the wall.

Joshua & Amaya: Mai?

Mai: Nobody touches my man.

Mephistopheles: Lest I out of hither.

The devil quickly made her escape.

Joshua: What are you doing here?

Mai: I'm here to save you of course!

Joshua: Please Mai, get somewhere safe, because it ain't in here.

Mai: I want to protect you! I really love you, and she doesn't, let me protect you!

Joshua: Mai, you're crazy! You need to get-

Suddenly a shadow appeared above them, it wasn't a shadow of a cloud. No, this one was much bigger and more oval shaped, it was an UFO.

Chapter 2: The Invasion

An UFO rushed towards Earth, a space ship appears and follows the UFO. Inside of the UFO...

Tall Alien: It seems we have finally reached Earth, my almighty.

Almighty: Yes, yes, yes, Vexok so it seems, yes. I will be preparing to step onto this wretched planet, yes.

Vexok: I will announce to the others our mission starts shortly, my almighty.

The almighty, a floating five-tentacles being with one eye, floated out of the room.

Vexok (intercom): All soldiers please move to the transportation pods and prepare for assault on Earth.

The UFO flew within the perimeters of Wildefort and came to a half in mid-air. Shortly after the extraterrestrials were shot with a beam onto the ground among the humans and demons already at war. The almighty also appeared and floated away as it cloaked itself.

Vexok: It seems everything is going according to plans. But what are those horned humanoids... I had no reports on them being on this planet. How peculiar.

Meanwhile on another part of the UFO, a regular extraterrestrial was running through the corridors towards the pods. It found one and beamed itself to the ground landing right into a house. It stood up with a hat now on his head.

Alien: Okay, Xar safe, Xar safe.

It stood up.

Xar: Xar now look for breeder.

Xar sniffs an amazing smell

Objective: Follow the scent

Xar arrives at a restaurant and looks inside to see a beautiful woman defending the place from demons with her kitchen supplies. Xar is shocked and hurried inside in an attempt to save her.

Objective: Defeat all the demons

Woman: Thanks for saving me... but what are you, an extraterrestrial?

Xar: Me is Xar, Xar is from another planet, Xar came to safe you.

Xar pointed with his finger to the chest of the woman

Jamila: How nice of you, my name is Jamila Sahota, pleasure to meet such a friendly alien.

Xar: We breed now?

Jamila: What?!

Xar: We create powerful baby for Xar!

Xar approaches her, ready to have intercourse with her, despite not having any visible genitals making Jamila even more unconfortable.

Jamila: No Xar, go away, I don't want to have your babies.

Xar: But Xar must!!

Jamila: You've crossed a line, mister!

XarSlot vs. JamilaSahotaSlot

Jamila lastly delivers quite the punch to knock Xar to the ground. She quickly departs from her restaurant when she suddenly sees a space ship speeding towards the town on high speed.

Inside of the space ship is Justin Bailey, a bounty hunter, who followed the UFO to Earth. The monitors beep and light up showing that they ship cannot handle the current gravitation of Earth, it having been slightly changed. She quickly hurries to her escape pod and shoots herself out of it. The ship crashes into an industrial area which let's chemical flood into the lake next to it which creates a big wave that floods the restaurant of Jamila.

Justin lands on the ground near Jamila, who in turn rushes towards the pod to see who's inside.

Jamila: Are you okay?

The pod opens and Justin falls out of it. She chuckles and stands up.

Justin: I'm fine. My ship, not so much.

Jamila: I'm sorry your ship broke down. Are you an alien as well?

Justin: Another alien? No I'm a human who happens to be an outer space bounty hunter. But what did you say about an alien, is there one near?

Jamila: Thank God you don't want to breed with me, that alien wanted to. He's in my restaurant... but it's flooded now...

Justin: I'll take a look, thank you.

Justin was took off.

Jamila: Wait! What is your name?

Justin: Justin Bailey.

Jamila: Mine's Jamila Sahota.... I hope to see you again.

Justin: Me too.

As Justin goes towards the restaurant, small little things are seen running out of them. They looks like tiny pieces of food having been brought to life.

Jamila: What is this all about?

Cupcake: We are alive now!

Sushi: The chemical waste did it!

Samosa: Now we're here to help you!

Meatball: Yay!

Jamila: How kind of you. Let's explore the industrial area... I feel like there's something off there.

She picks up the little snacks and puts them in her pockets.

Objective: Go to the industrial area

Jamila arrives at the industrial area. Chemicals are dripping everywhere, which she has to be wary of. She suddenly sees something black in the distance, a small creature. She approaches it when it suddenly begins to attack her.

JamilaSahotaSlot vs.

Jamila gets cornered by the unknown things when it suddenly receives a blast of plasma, scaring it awayA boy with blonde hair dressed in green approaches Jamila.

Lucius: Hi, my name is Lucius, seems like you were in a bit of a situation there.

Jamila: Jamila, nice to meet you. Thanks for saving me back there.

Lucius: What are you doing here?

Jamila: Just looking around for any peculiar things... I didn't find anything. What about you?

Lucius: That's unfortunate. I'm from space... and I accidentally followed that space ship here. chuckles Anyway, we could look around some more together?

Jamila: I'm already glad you're not trying to breed with me... Gosh it really left an impact on me. But yeah, let's explore together.

Chapter 3: The Dome

Two men are walking down a corridor with a fast pace, anoter man catches up behind them, all of them wearing suits.

Agent: Mayor, the extraterrestrials have landed and the demons keep flooding in. We need to protect the outside world.

Mayor Wildefort: Don't you think I know that! We're doing everything we can.

They walked into a laboratory

Mayor Wildefort: Professor Pyrotic and I have prepared for various situations... now this one is quite different than we expected but prepared are we nonetheless.

Agent: What is the plan?

Professor Pyrotic: Allow me to explain! A dome, we lower a dome surrounding Wildefort and its unhabitated areas so no one can get in or out. Afterwards we'll send out the robots to eliminate the opposing threats.

Mayor Wildefort: See, we got everything handled.

Professor Pyrotic: Then I'll activate the dome.

The professor presses a few buttons on a control panel and the dome is activated. A large dome rises up from the ground, all the sides reaching each other in the center, trapping the low hovering UFO's in Wildefort and thus also the extraterrestrials and demons.

Professor Pyrotic: Then up next are the robots.

Mayor Wildefort: Good. I'll be back in my office. Jameson, stay with the professor.

The mayor left along with his silent bodyguard while the professor remained with Jameson. Pyrotic immediately continued activating the robots, all different kind of robots activated around town including NEO and Maria Justice. From behind a humanoid robot appeared who summoned a gun in his hand.

Jameson: Is this safe?

Professor Pyrotic: It is totally safe. I'm glad you're here, this way I can test out if they all function well, you know, responding to my commands.

Jameson: What are you implying professor?

Professor Pyrotic: Terminus X9? Kill this man.

The robot, Terminust X9, aimed his gun at Jameson and killed him.

Professor Pyrotic: Good, good. Now kill the mayor, my precious robot.

Terminus X9: Your wish is my command.

Objective: Go to the mayor's office

Terminus arrives at the office where he encounters major Wildefort.

Mayor Wildefort: And what are you going to do now, robot?

Terminus X9: I have to destroy you for my master.

Mayor Wildefort: I expected that professor to be up to something... luckily I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty.

Wildefort grabs two dual guns from behind and points at Terminus X9.

Mayor Wildefort: Try me.

Mayor Wildefort
Objective: Defeat Mayor Wildefort

Wildefort kneels to the ground, soaked in blood,

Mayor Wildefort: This won't be the last you've seen of me.

Terminus X9 aims his gun at the mayor to deliver the final shot when suddenly he throws a machine to the ground which on impact explodes and freezes the entire body of Wildefort in thick ice. Terminus X9 leaves the scene.

A tall man was running towards the exit, trying to slide underneath the dome but quickly came to a halt when he saw he wouldn't make it.

Anton: Shit, shit, shit. Damn, there has to be another way to get out of here.

He looked in the distance to the water next to the carnival on the pier.

Anton (mumbling): There might be a way to get out through the water.

A few demons rushed towards Anton' who in panic didn't know what to do'. Luckily for him a strong man wearing a yellow and red wrestling suit and mask slammed them away.

Wrestler: It's not safe to be here alone.

Anton: You're the Jersey Devil! I'm a great fan of you.

Jersey Devil: Always nice to meet fans, but you'll be toast if you stay here. Where do you need to go senior...?

Anton: Anton is the name. I need to get to the pier, from that point I can handle it on my own.

Jersey Devil: Wonderful senior Anton. That is the direction I am headed in as well.

Objective: Make your way to the pier

Jersey Devil: This is as far as I will go hombre, you better watch out, I hear mutants are more active here.

Anton: Thank you Jersey Devil. Good luck on your journey as well.

Jersey Devil: Gracias. Adios Anton.

Jersey Devil waved goodbye as he headed off while Anton continued forwards, he walked across the pier when he suddenly saw a little girl getting attacked by a fluffy pink monster. He rushed to save her. He kicked the thing away and the girl looked up.

Girl: Are you... here to safe me?

Anton: Yes I am, climb on my back.

The girl nodded. The pink fluffball recovered from the kick and engaged in battle with the two.

Anton&MilliSlot vs. FluffyBuffySlot

After the fight ended Anton kicked the thing off the pier into the water.

Girl: Fluffy Buffy will come back... he did so the first time as well.

Anton: Is it's name Fluffy Buffy... interesting. What is your name girl?

Milli: My name is Millie.

Anton: What are you doing here, all alone?

Milli: I was here with my parents... but they got eaten by other mutants after they hid me. I crawled out and was attack by Fluffy Buffy. The first time I was saved by someone else... who didn't look human anymore.

Anton: Well don't worry, I'll take care of you. We stick together, okay?

Milli nodded with determination in her eyes.

Anton: My plan was to dive into the water to swim underneath the dome.

Milli: Noooooo

Anton: What?

Milli: That water isn't safe... when you jump in... it turns you into something horrible... a mutant.

Anton: I see. Then we'll have to find another way out.

Milli: As long as I am with you I know I'm safe.

Anton smiled.

Chapter 4: The Time

64 years later...

Somewhere underground there seems to be some kind of resistance, an army. At the head is mayor Wildefort, who is their commander. Decapitated and now controls a mech-cat suit. Next to him is a gynoid with blonde hair and an emotionless expression.

Commander Wildefort: I has been 64 years since the world became as it is now. Cyberno.α, our greatest warrior is going to travel back to those fateful days to stop the calamity from happenening.

The crowd cheers.

Commanders Wildefort: Of course I will accompany her. Any motivational words Alpha?

Cyberno.α: I will do everything in my power to stop this. Führer Pyrotic is not going to get away with this.

Crowd cheers even more.

Commander Wildefort: Then it is time.

Wildefort nods to Cyberno.α who then shoots a sepia colored energy ball forwards which develops into a portal. The two step through it while waving goodbye to their people, the portal closing immediately after.

-Present day-

Commander Wildefort: I see, we're at this point in time. Alpha, go to my office in the west. I can't go along as I cannot encounter my past self even though he might already be frozen at this point, I won't take the risk.

Cyberno.α: Yes sir. Any other details?

Commander Wildefort: Look out for Terminus X9, he isn't as strong as he is in the future... but still a menacing foe.

Cyberno.α: Of course sir. I won't let you down.

Objective: Head to Wildefort's office

Once Cyberno.α arrives at the office she sees the frozen body of Wildefort on the ground, this one being still young as opposed to his version of appearance in 2080. Also in the room was Terminus X9.

Cyberno.α: Terminus, I have come to stop you.

Terminus X9: Who might you be little robot?

Cyberno.α: Of course you cannot recall someone you have not meet yet.

Terminus X9: You're from the future missy? You're here to ruin the professor's plan, aren't you?

Cyberno.α: For a dead beat robot you sure catch up pretty quick.

Terminus X9: Fight me!

Cyberno.αSlot vs. TerminusX9Slot

Terminus got hit by a fatal attack which ended the fight.

Cyberno.α: You're pretty weak in this period of time.

Cyberno.α contacted Wildefort through a communication device.

Cyberno.α: I have taken down Terminus X9. What now sir?

Commander Wildefort: Take the metal box out of my desk and report back to me immediately.

Cyberno.α: Yes sir.

As requested Cyberno.α grabbed the metal box out of the desk of Wildefort and headed back. A shadow loomed over Terminus X9 after Cyberno.α left and picked him up.

The scene switches to a different area in Wildefort city. It was at the zoo in the outskirts of the cityA fat French penguin was running through the zoo, looking around her in panic.

Fat French Penguin: Butler Noot! Butler Noot! Why is he nowhere to be found?

She then ran into a girl wearing primarily black but most notably had blue glowing eyes, blue dust bunny ears and some parts of her skin was replaced with that dust as well.

Woman: What are you!?

Fat French Penguin: I could say the same for you. Don't get in my way!

Woman: I'm not moving till you tell me what you are.

Fat French Penguin: I'll show you what I am!

FatFrenchPenguinSlot vs. MelissaDustSlot

The fight comes to a draw when the girls realize fighting has no use.

Melissa: Sorry, my name is Melissa Dust. I'm on a special mission in this city. And I thought you were the strange creature I was hunting down.

Fat French Penguin: That's okay, mademoiselle. It is not every day you see an overweight French penguin walk around.

Melissa: You're French?

Fat French Penguin: Imported from France. I don't speak much French. But I need to hurry and find my friend.

Melissa: Is that why you're in a hurry? What is his name?

Fat French Penguin: It's Butler Noot. He's a small butler penguin.

Melissa: I'll keep an eye out, good luck!

Fat French Penguin: Same for you as well!

Objective: Make your way to the Asian district.

Fat French Penguin arrives at the Asian district and enters the dojo of Samurai Koh. Inside a samurai was meditating.

Fat French Penguin: Sensei! Butler Noot is missing!

Koh: Noot is gone? I will halt my meditation for now. With all the strange happenings as of late it is to no surprise.

Fat French Penguin (crying): Please tell me what to do...

Koh: I heard of the presence of extrater... uhm... aliens. Perhaps he was abducted. Or a devil wanted his soul.

Fat French Penguin: I will find him. Accompany me sensei!

Koh: Of course my young pupil. Let's head to the mother ship floating in the air.

Fat French Penguin: The fastest way to come there is to go through the graveyard and up the snowy mountain.

Koh: Yes indeed. We've trained your agility so much, we could reach the mothership from its peak. Let's go.

Objective: Go through the graveyard to the top of the mountain.

As the two made their way through the graveyard, Samurai Koh suddenly came to a halt. He sensed something was off.

Koh: My pupil, please continue without me. There are other things that call me.

Fat French Penguin: Of course sensei.

The penguins wiggled further on a rapid pace. Koh walked around the cemetary when he suddenly got confronted by a mysterious ghost that popped right in front of him. However it also was scared of Koh and quikly left, Koh chasing it immediately.

Chapter 5: The Runaway

Some concrete moved at the school building as they were thrown away. Prince Bucksalot stood up, now with his mecha suit on.

Prince: I'm lucky I activated my suit so quickly, I would be dead otherwise.

He looked around and saw that the school was half collapsed, right around the place where he fell down. There were several demons crawling around the building, probably looting for damned souls. Prince made sure he got out of here, but unfortunately had to go through the building as the other way was blocked off by the concrete.

Objective: Safely get out of the school building.

Prince made his way out of the building when he suddenly saw a young devil run around the corner of the walls surrounding the school as the gate was open.

Prince: What are you doing here little one?

Devil (startled): Aah, a human! Don't hurt me!

Prince: Oh excuuuse me. Do I really look that threatening?

Devil: ...yes

Prince: My name is Prince Bucksalot, just call me Prince. What's yours?

Rokukai: Rokukai... uhm call me...

Prince: I like Kai, I'll call you Kai.

Rokukai: Okay.

Prince: Thank God. I really thought you would attack me.

Rokukai: Same here Prince!

Valefar: Well, I can change that for you. The prince comes with me! There's a huge bounty on your head.

Rokukai: Valefar!

Prince: What!? I don't even know you?

Rokukai: ...uhm... he's talking about me...

Prince: What? We'll talk about it later. I'll kill this baddie for you.

Defeat Valefar

Valefar falls to the ground and grunts

Valefar: You think you've beaten the almighty Valefar? You're wrong!

Suddenly chains appear from the ground and attach themselves to Valefar and drag him into the ground through a glowing pentagram.

Prince: Woah! What the heck happened there!?

Rokukai: He got dragged back to Hell's prison. Once a demon is defeated on the surface that is their fate, except for my father and me.

Prince: Care to explain, prince Kai?

Rokukai: I am the son of Lucifer, thus the Prince of Hell.

Prince: What are you doing here then?

Rokukai: I am looking for my mother... she must be here on the surface.

Prince: As a fellow prince I understand you and will join you on your quest, cute lovely thing.

Rokukai blushes.

Prince: Let's go.

As Prince and Rokukai headed off the scene switches back to the graveyard where Samurai Koh started following the spirit that ran away from him.

Objective: Follow the ghost to it's destination

Spook stops and turns around, making Koh come to a halt as well.

Spook: Okay, now I've had it!

SamuraiKohSlot vs. SpookSlot

Spook: Why are you following me?

He had a rather low voice for its cute appearance.

Koh: I don't know... something in me feels like I should follow you, like there is something that connects us.

Spook inspects Koh.

Spook: You're a samurai aren't you?

Koh: I... am.

Spook: Are you perhaps from the Shinrin warrior clan?

Koh widens his eyes

Koh: Are they still alive in this era?

Spook: Not anymore. I wasn't fortunate enough to have children. But from what I hear you are from the clan... and perhaps not from this time?

Koh: That is because I am from the past. I stranded into this era, so you must be a descendant of my younger brother.

Spook: My name is Jin. I thought there was no hope for our clan anymore, but now that one of its founders has resurfaced I have hope again. Please honor our name and stop what trouble here. I know you can do it.

Koh: Thank you Samurai Jin. I will honor our family name. Might I suggest that you find the unfinished business that has awakened you?

Spook: I think I have my suspisions. Good luck sensei.

Koh: Also good luck to you, young warrior.

They both laugh.

The scene switches back to the surburban area where the Almighty is floating around through all the chaos. The alien king sees a safe house and approaches it, however right at that moment the door opens and an old woman steps out and looks as the Almighty.

Mama Kitty: Ow isn't this a cute little dog. What a beautiful eye.

She grabs a leash from the cabnet next to her and puts it around the Almighty.

Almighty: No, no, no! Human female, what are you doing, no!

Mama Kitty: Aw, why don't we go for a walk. It seems cloudy outside, but I don't think it is going to rain.

Almighty: Nooooo!!!

Mama Kitty: C'mon. Then I can think about giving you a cute name.

Almighty: Nooooooo!!!

Objective: Go down to the park

Mama Kitty with the Almighty on her leash arrive at the park where they sit down when suddenly a statue comes running towards them. Mama Kitty looks up and sees the statue of justice standing in front of her.

Mama Kitty: I haven't walked to the courthouse again, haven't I?

Almighty: Oh Glob.

Statue of Justice: No ma'am. I am the Statue of Justice that usually is in front of the courthouse. However truly I am a robot by the name of Maria Justice. Remember it well as I am activated to bring justice on those who need it.

Mama Kitty: How interesting. And do you have any other hobbies?

Maria: Ma'am I need you to ask to step away from that extraterrestrial. It is dangerous and needs to be eliminated.

Almighty: What! No, no, no I can--

Mama Kitty: Sorry missy but I found this stray dog and I am keeping it. It is not evil, so just hurry along.

Almighty: Is this woman for real, yes?

Maria: Then I have no other choice to slay you as well ma'am for not cooperating with the law.

MamaKittySlot vs. MariaJusticeSlot

Maria Justice is malfunctioned by Mama Kitty and Almighty.

Almighty: Yes, yes, yes, that was awesome!

Mama Kitty: Follow me doggy, we're gonna find another place to get some peace.

Almighty: She still thinks I'm a dog.

Chapter 6: The Treasure

A demon wearing a lute outfit, wielding a trumpet shotgun as weapons on his back and having two smaller ones floating next to him, floated through the corridors of Hell when he passed some demons.

Demon #1: That's what I'm saying, there's a huge price to collect when returning Rokukai.

Demon #2: Where did you hear that?

Demon #1: Valefar said so.

Demon #3: So we just go up to the surface? Just like that?

Demon #1: The gates are open to leave for the search.

Demon #2: Barbatos! Are you going to the surface? You always say you want to go there again.

Barbatos: So the gates are open? I guess I can deceive some humans... I mean search for our precious prince.

Objective: Make your way to the Gates of Hell

When he arrived at t'he gates of Hell, passing Tyrant and Cerberus in the process. Cerberus barked at the demon and Tyrant held his hand outwards.

Barbatos: What's the big idea Tyrant? I'm just heading up to the surface to... get... the prince back... yeah. I believe that is what the others were doing.

Tyrant stepped in front of him, not allowing him to pass.

Barbatos: Why are you being so stubborn Tyrant? You know you and your pet are no match for me.

Tyrant refuses to move.

Barbatos: Then I'll guess we'll do it the hard way.

BarbatosSlot vs. TyrantSlot

Tyrant fell down to his knees as Cerberus sat down beside him worried.

Barbatos: Choose your opponents more wisely.

Barbatos arrived at the surface and looked around in amazement.

Barbatos: Now off to find some humans.

Meanwhile Joshua, Amaya and Mai are still at the collapsed house of Joshua.

Mai: That is a huge UFO.

Joshua: Seems that not only demons have wandered inside this dome.

Amaya: Joshua, we need to make haste. Who knows how many deaths have fallen.

Mai: You stay away from Joshua. He'll only end up dead because of you!

Amaya: I'm his guardian angel. It will be I who will fall before he will.

Mai: I'm not going to take that as an answer!

Mai throws several throwing knives at Amaya, who deflects them with her shield.

Amaya: Mai, be reasonable.

Mai: Stay away from my man!

AmayaHavensSlot vs. MaiWaifuSlot

Mai is stunned by an attack of Amaya, who then immediately grabs Joshua and flees from the scene. After Mai awakens she suddenly sees Barbatos towering her.

Mai: Who are you? Where is Joshua?

Barbatos: I don't know who Joshua is, but I can bring you to your treasure.

Mai: Treasure?

Barbatos: My name is Barbatos, I'm a demon. Unlike others I find pleasure in leading humans to a sacred treasure. And I sense there being several here. 

Mai is silent for a few seconds

Barbatos: Maybe you can get Joshua back with that treasure.

Mai: I'll do it!</span>

Barbatos: That's the spirit! What was your name again?</span>

Mai: Mai, Mai Waifu. Soon to be known as Mai Tamashii, the wife of Joshua Tamashii.

Barbatos: Excellent Mai. Now follow me, my powers already lead me to a treasure befitting you!

Somewhere else Melissa Dust is walking the streets all alone. She is heading out to the desert area of Wildefort where there was rumored to be the creature she had to hunt down.

Melissa (mumbling): If only Aran was here, he might be incompetent... and would probably even flirt with that penguin, but he sure makes things more fun.

Suddenly she saw a small black creature with piercing blank eyes staring at her.

Melissa: That must be it.

She ran towards the thing and stuck it with her dust ability. However, unlike its given description, it dissolved immediately with one attack and didn't have suc ha strong defense.

Melissa: Wait... what is...

She saw little pixelated things when she slayed the things. It was then that Pixel revealed herself.

Pixel: So it seems we meet again, Melissa.

Melissa: Pixel! But weren't you brainwashed by White Goddess at the resort?

Pixel: I was. Such a pesky Virus. However I still despise humanity, including you.

Melissa: That... makes sense?

Pixel: When I was taken to the resort, I was seperated from Glitch... I thought he might be here, but he's not. And now I'm trapped. Luckily I have you and all the others humans to entertain me.

Pixel suddenly summoned a huge amount of throughout the whole desert area.

Melissa: How did you...?

Pixel: Copy and paste, bitch! If you want to know where that creature really is you better go to that place.

She pointed at a structure, a building, in the distance. Pixel gave her a peace sign and headed into that direction.

Objective: Eliminate all the copies and follow Pixel to her destination

Melissa had entered the building, fought through the copies and arrived at a completely white chamber' where a tiny robot was located

Melissa: Pixel! This is not what I was looking for!

Pixel!NEO: I know, but does it really matter?

MelissaDustSlot vs. NEOSlot

Pixel was driven out of the robot. She snarled at Melissa and quickly disappeared from the scene. Melissa ran to the little robot and kneeled down next to it.

Melissa: Are you okay?

NEO: I... am... who are you miss?

Melissa: Melissa is the name. What can I call you little buddy?

NEO: My name is NEO. I was supposed to defeat the aliens and demons in Wildefort... but I failed.

Melissa: You can join up with me. I'm looking for the experiment that was located here.

NEO: I... don't know of it... sorry.

Melissa: It's okay.

She helped the robot get up and the two left the building.

Chapter 7: The Immortal

In the outskirts of Wildefort was a mansion standing top of a hill surrounded by a thick dark forest which most people didn't dare to enter because of its dangerous wildlife... at least they thought it was wildlife. Footsteps echoed through the corridors of the mansion.

Male voice: Igor! What is all that noise outside, it is disturbing my sleep!

Igor: Count Hendrick! Sorry that your sleep got interrupted. There is quite some things going on outside. Something to do with demons and aliens, so I've heard.

Hendrick: I see. Hand me my suncream, I'm heading outside.

Igor: What should I tell Sue Mary?

Sue Mary: Yeah count, what should you tell me?

Hendrick: To stay out of this. You are to remain inside of the mansion.

Sue Mary: I'm not a little girl... I'm 41 years old. That you still see me as a child of 11 bothers me a lot.

Hendrick: As long as you live under my roof you follow my rules. I'll be heading off now ta-ta.

Objective: Eliminate all the demons in the forest

Hendrick kills some demons in the forest when he suddenly spots something red in the distance and heads towards it. However on closer inspection he sees it's a girl.

Hendrick: What is a little girl like you doing alone in the forest?

Girl: I'm not a little girl and I'm not alone.

A wolf reveals itself next to the girl.

Red: The name is Red. And I can manage myself, I don't need a creep like you here.

Hendrick: I'm not a creep little Red. So where might you be headed.

Red: To my grandmother. There are rumors she lives here and I wanted to meet her.

Hendrick (comes close): Maybe I should go along.

Red: Stay away. Creep!

CountHendrickSlot vs. RedRidingHoodSlot

Hendrick: You're a tough one. I just was intrigued of what you were doing in my forest.

Red: You just want to suck me dry.

Hendrick: Oh come on. You're a little girl, I would never do that. I just wanted a little taste.

Red: I'm heading off.

Red jumps on her wolf and quickly flees into the distance.

Hendrick: Grumpy.

The vampire continued with his demon elimination. Meanwhile a long snake tail was dragging through Hell towards the gates. It was Ladilika, the lover and current girlfriend of Lucifer.

Ladilika: Where is Tyrant? Is he slacking off?

She continued and arrived on the surface where she saw everything in ruins. A smile appeared on her face. Mephistopeheles landed in front of her.

Ladilika: What are you doing here?

Mephistopheles: I am on a quest for mine master. Ladilika: You mean my man? You better stay away from him, I know you lust for him. I'm gonna find my stepson and bring him back. Lucifer will love me so much.

Mephistopheles: Doth what thee wanteth Ladilika, thee knoweth thou art just a replacement.

Mephistopheles takes off.

Ladilika: That man praying bitch.

Objective: Follow Mephistopheles' trail

Mephistopheles heads into the distance and gets out of sight.

Ladilika: Damn that bitch is fast. At times like these I hate being a gorgon.

Hendrick: So you were hunting down one of your fellow demons?

Ladilika: Who might you be handsome? Not a demon I suppose.

Hendrick: Not exactly.

Ladilika: Ow?

Hendrick: Let's just say I'm a descendant of a powerful being who relates to your master.

Ladilika: To my sweet husband?

Hendrick: But yeah. You people are distrubing my sleep. So like all those other demons, it is time to say goodbye to your immortality.

Ladilika: You know that when a demon is slain on the surface they just descend to the lowest layer of Hell?

Hendrick: Of course I know. But I also know that the lowest layer is no fun. Especially not for someone like you.

Ladilika: You wouldn't dare.

Hendrick: Come at me.

LadilikaSlot vs. CountHendrickSlot

Ladilika slams Hendrick against a tree with her snake tail.

Ladilika: How dare you to engage in combat with the strongest woman in the Underworld.

Hendrick chuckles. Ladilka looks behind her and suddenly sees Hendrick is gone, she however is quickly attacked by Hendrick. She is too slow to react but somehow Hendrick is stopped in mid-air and then thrown away. Ladilika looks around in confusion. She then sees a woman approaching her.

Ladilika: And who might you be?

Woman: That's not a nice way to greet your savior. Of course my next action excuses you.

The woman summons triangular shackles around Ladilika's arms and her tail.

Woman: You're coming with me.

Ladilika: What!?

Giselle: The name is Giselle by the way. You'll be of so much use to me.

Chapter 8: The Ship

Jamila and Lucius entered the crashed space ship belonging to Justin Bailey.

Jamila: Kinda creepy inside of here.

Lucius: No worries, I'm here with you, so you don't have to be frightened.

Jamila: I can take quite well of myself. You might have plasma powers, but I'm a Khadgavidya expert. Most people know of it as Indian Swordmanship. I was trained in India with these techniques and later applied them to my cooking, but I can still use this cleaver as weapon as well.

Lucius: That sounded intimidating...

Jamila giggles

???: Bzzzlood.... bzzloood

Lucius: Wait, what is that noise?

Jamila: Sounds like a mosquito... I don't have a fly-flap with me though.

Objective: Find the source of the sound

Jamila and Lucius arrive in the lower parts of the space ship where they see a gigantic mosquito covered in chemical waste, it's voice echoing through the entire ship.

Jamila: Oh jeez...

Lucius: Are mosquites supposed to be that big on this planet?

Jamila: Usually you can squeeze them between your fingers...

Lucius: Then I guess we're dealing with a pretty dangerous thing here.

The mutant mosquito turns its head and spots the two.

Mutant Mosquito: Bzzloood!! Finally I haz bzzlood!

Lucius: Get out Jamila. It probably is out for human blood, maybe it doesn't want mine, I'll battle it!

Jamila: I just said I could fend for myself!

Lucius: Then find some kind of communicator in the ship!

Jamila nods and leaves

LuciusSlot vs. MutantMosquitoSlot

Jamila runs outside of the space ship with a device in her hand resembling a phone. She holds it to her ear, calling someone. Then she sees the Mutant Mosquito bursting through the roof of the ship with Lucius in its claws. The two fight in mid-air. Jamila gets angered and drops the phone. She grabs a giant knife and throws it, hitting the mosquito in its back. Lucius is released and safely lands on the ground while the mosquito flees.

Jamila: Lucius! Are you okay?

Lucius: I'm fine. Almost had him though. All this chemical waste is pretty dangerous.

Phone: Hello? Pyrotic Inc. speaking?

Jamila picks up the phone.

Jamila: Sorry. Hello, I'm Jamila Sahota. I'm at the industrial area at the moment, researching the chemical waste that now has flooded my restaurant. Is there a way to analyze it at your laboratory?

Phone: We would much appreciate you bringing a specimen to our labs. We will pick you up at the industrial area, please hang on.

Jamila: Thank you.

Lucius: You're going to a laboratory?

Jamila: Yes...

Lucius: That's okay. But as an alien I think I don't want to go there. 

Jamila: Why not?

Lucius: I'll stay here with you until they come to pick you up. Okay?

Jamila: Okay... just be safe.

A few moments later a helicopter lands in the area and Jamila steps in and waves goodbye to Lucius. The alien boy takes off while Jamila goes into the sky. The owner of the space ship, Justin Bailey, was still on her hunt for the aliens however. She had gone through the restaurant without success.

Justin: Seems like that extraterrestrial managed to get away. I guess I'll just have to head towards the headquesters, the core, the mothership.

Justin looks up in the sky to the gigiantic mothership hovering above the city.

Objective: Make your way to the invading mothership

Justin arrives below the mothership and looks up, raising an eyebrow. She then shoots a plasma string that attached itself ot the ship and pulls herself up. At the bottom she creates a hole and enters the ship.

Justin: That was easy.

Objective: Find the leader.

Justin enters the control room where Lieutenant Vexok is staring out of the window.

Justin: Gotcha.

Vexok turns around in surprise and sees Justin.

Vexok: How did you get on this ship! I didn't hear an alarm go off!

Justin: It's not the first extraterrestrial ship I've entered.

Vexok: Wait... are you that Justin Bailey, intergalatic alien hunter?

Justin: That's me.

Vexok: Well you won't get past me!

JustinBaileySlot vs. LieutenantVexokSlot

Vexok is pushed back and cornered by Justin.

Justin: This will make a new nice ship.

Vexok: You can't!

Justin kicks Vexok out of the window who then falls down to the ground.

Justin: I just did.

Lieutenant Vexok landed on the ground with a huge headache. She stood up and looked around her, fightened by the battlefield.

Vexok: It's been too long ago for me to even recall fighting on the battlefield... how will I even survive?

Xar: Xar can help! Lieutenant on battlefield, Xar on battlefield too!

Vexok: Sorry, who are you?

Xar: Xar is fellow soldier, although Xar sneaked on board for mission.

Vexok: Nothing to do about that now... uhm... yeah I guess you can tag along. But I'm not responsible for your death.

Xar: Yay!

Chapter 9: The Deal

After parting ways with Anton and Milli, the infamous Jersey Devil continued his quest which led to the gates of Hell.

Lucifer: Changed your mind?

Jersey Devil is startled and turns around to see Lucifer standing there.

Jersey Devil: Nice of you to come to me. Then we can settle the deal.

Lucifer: Don't be deceived. This is but one of my many powers. I projected myself here before you, however I am already somewhere else on this wretched surface.

Jersey Devil: I see. Then I guess you can't stop me from entering your palace, finding the contract and ripping it into shreds.

Lucifer: If a death wish is what you want, one you shall get. However why is it that you want to give up your life as a human... isn't this what your heart longed for?

Jersey Devil: You know why I don't want this. My anger releases the beast sleeping inside of me...

Lucifer: It is all in the contract.

Jersey Devil: Fuck your contract. If I can't be completely human, then I don't want to be human at all.

Lucifer: You'll die in there.

The Jersey Devil ignored Lucfer and continues down the highway anyways. Lucifer shakes his head as his projection disappears in flames.

Objective: Find your way to Lucifer's throne

Jersey Devil arrived at the throne room where he was greeted by a blue demon wearing nothing but a pink apron. It had three horns that seemed to represent three different elements.

Jersey Devil: Who might you be, señorita?

Paimon: The name is Paimon, and how cute of you to call me a female, but in fact I am male.

Jersey Devil: Mis disculpas.

Paimon: It's okay. I heard you were here for your contract?

Jersey Devil: Si.

Paimon: Well, I have it right here.

Paimon held up a papyrus on which the contract was written in exact detail and signed by both parties.

Jersey Devil: That's it! Give it to me!

Paimon: Uh-uh-uh

Paimon waved no with her finger.

Paimon: You'll have to play fair and go through the layers of Hell first. See you in... an eon?

Jersey Devil: Wait! Wha-?!

A trapdoor opened underneath Jersey Devil and he fell down into the lowest layer of Hell, where it was completely dark. A tall figure stepped out of the darkness, it was Valefar.

Valefar: What is a human like you doing here?

Jersey Devil: I'm a Jersey Devil under the contract of Lucifer so I could live my life as a human... but yeah... the

Valefar: The deal backfired. That are Lucifer's deals yes.

Jersey Devil: Si. Experience?

Valefar: Not exactly. But I do know that I won't let you get out of this layer before me, so you'll have to go right through me!

Jersey Devil: If that's my only choice. Peleemos!

Defeat Valefar

Valefar was defeated by Jersey Devil and poofed into a floating soul. Annoyed and humiliated it retreated into the darkness.

Jersey Devil: And so the journey continues.

As Jersey Devil was making his way up in the layers of Hell, the actual gatekeeper of Hell had another schedual. Tyrant was roaming the streets on the surface in search for Barbatos, wanting revenge for what had been done to him. He was approached by Maria Justice, who had recovered from her previous battle.

Maria: Halt!

Tyrant stopped and faced the robot statue.

Maria: I see. You are but a keeper, a protector, fufilling their job to protect their realm. No justice has to be brought upon you, nor the dog.

Tyant opened his hand in front of Maria, who surprisingly immediately got why he did so. She laid her sword in his hand and could feel his objective.

Maria: I see. You are looking for an entity who deceives people for treasure. I shall join you on your quest to deliver justice to said person.

Objective: Follow Maria to the destination

They arrived somewhere in the downtown of Wildefort and saw Barbatos standing there along with Mai.

Maria: You may invoke the deserved justice on him as you please.

Tyrant pointed to Mai.

Maria: That girl has no good intentions as well. She has killed her parents for the abuse they brought her and is stalking a certain young lad and till this day already killed several people to get closer to him. That girl needs justice.

Tyrant and Maria approached Barbatos and Mai.

Barbatos: Pleasure to see you here again Tyrant. No hard feelings after that incident at the gates, alright?

Mai: Who are these people?

Barbatos: They're bad and in the way of you getting Joshua.

Mai: Then they are going down.

Maria: I shall bring justice upon you!

TyrantSlotMariaJusticeSlot vs. BarbatosSlotMaiWaifuSlot

Barbatos: They are quite powerful together. Seems like a good time to use the escape plan!

Mai: Escape plan?

Barbatos played a tune on his floating trumpets which put Tyrant to sleep. Mai noticed that Maria wasn't effected and quickly threw a knife in her knee, making her fall down to the ground.

Barbatos: Nice.

Mai: Let's go already! Who knows in what trouble Joshua is by now!

The two flee the scene leaving Tyrant and Maria behind. Close to them however was the secret hideout of the Illuminati of which inside was Ladilika, as a prisoner. Giselle approached her cage.

Giselle: Getting used to this?

Ladilika: You'll pay you know, you'll pay.

Giselle: Don't be so silly. All I need is Lucifer to come here, take a lock of his hair and start summoning him.

Ladilika: Who is him?

Giselle: My God of course, Bavarian, the founder of the Illuminati who transended to a deity status. And I know it is my destiny to let him roam this planet once again!

Ladilika: Crazy bitch. There's only Heaven and Hell. Nothing more!

Giselle: That is what one would like to think. But there are so many planes above. But as vermin demon in the dephts of Hell, one could never know. I can't help it that the Underworld is a messed up collection of realms while the Heavens are neatly organized.

Ladilika: You're talking to the, soon to be, queen of Hell!

Giselle: Think you're a little bit wrong there. But nonetheless it's funny. I need to retrieve one little thing for the summoning. If your husband arrives early, please entertain him.

Ladilika hisses.

Objective: Head to the Asian District

Giselle arrives as the Asian District, the Chinese section, and enters the dojo of Sumo Simon. There she sees the overweight man standing in the middle of the room.

Giselle: Oh, have you been expecting me?

Simon: No, but I'm always ready for intruders. Never imagined it would be a fancy dressed woman.

Giselle: Well, let's see how prepared you really are.

PindarSlot vs. SumoSumonSlot

Giselle defeats Simon.

Giselle: I already thought you couldn't reach my amazing level.

Simon: What is your purpose here. You did not only come for a fight I suppose.

Giselle: If you take your family heirlone with you, then we'll discuss it at my place.

Chapter 10: The Hunt

A mysterious figure approaches the mansion of the count and looks up upon reaching the entrance. His name is Gaz, a vampire hunter who usually keeps things low key.

Gaz: This must be his place.

The hunter pushes the gate open and enters the mansion. He is quickly greeted.

Sue Mary: Hello kind sir, how can I help you.

Gaz gazes down on her, letting out a sigh.

Gaz: Where can I find Count Hendrick?

Sue Mary: Ow! He just went out to... to eliminate some demons! But I couldn't come.

Gaz: Okay. Then I'm leaving again.

Sue Mary: You can't just do that! I'm bored.

Gaz: And I don't care, bye.

Gaz quickly leaves the scene and heads back into the forest.

Objective: Search for Count Hendrick

Gaz approaches the unconscious Hendrick and gently kicks his side

Gaz: Wake up old man.

Hendrick (yawns): Just five more minutes mom.

Gaz: She is dead.

Hendrick: Gaz...? Is that you?

Hendrick opens his eyes and sees Gaz looming over him. He is startled and jumps up.

Hendrick: So are you finally here to put an end to me? How did you actually find me... brother?

Gaz: You're not hard to track down. You leave a trail of blood behind you... and the ones you don't devour you turn.

Hendrick: When are you finally going to accept your vampire side?

Gaz: I don't want to make a big dramatic reveal on me being a human/vampire hybrid. I just think your way of living is wrong, there are other ways to obtain blood.

Hendrick: It doesn't satisfy me. How long do you want to keep this feud lasting? We have been in each other's hairs for the past decades. Isn't it time to bury the hatchet.

Gaz: Not as long as you're burding people with our curse and take innocent lives.

Hendrick: It's not a curse, it's a gift.

Gaz: In your eyes only.

Hendrick: You're just jealous that my mother didn't die while giving brith to me.

Gaz: Leave my mother out of this.

Hendrick: Ugh... such a mommy's boy.

Gaz: Enough!

GazSlot vs. CountHendrickSlot

Gaz pushes Hendrick against a tree with his sword against it's throat. They however are interrupted by a demon descending from the sky.

Mephistopheles: Cease this square immediately.

Gaz lowers his sword

Gaz: Who are you to interfere.

Hendrick: It's just a harmless sibling fight.

Mephistopheles: Which one of thee is Gaz? 

Gaz raises his hand

Hendrick: Welp, that's a sign for me to leave!

Hendrick turns into a bat and flees back to his mansion.

Gaz: Thanks, now he got away.

Mephistopheles: Deal with that gent anon. I require thy excellent hunting skills. 

Gaz: For what cause.

Mephistopheles: I needeth to findeth the prince of Hell. A small demon wielding a trident, lest I on a quest to retrieve that gent for his father. 

Gaz: Is that the reason why there are so many demons roaming the surface as of now?

Mephistopheles: Partly, aye.

Gaz: Then I will accompany you.

The two head out of the forest. Mephistopheles flies into the air while Gaz spawns his bat wings and joins her in flight. They happens to fly past the laboratory where the helicopter containing Jamila just had landed. Jamila was being escorted to the laboratorium where she met with a peculiar woman.

Woman: You must be Jamila Sahota. Pleasure to meet you.

Jamila: Pleasure is all mine.

Vespa: My name is Vespa Agalma.

Pyrotic: Ah I see you have met my intern. Vespa is a wonderful addition to the crew.

Vespa: Don't flatter me. I'm just an ordinary street fighter.

Adam (fake cough): And ex-scientist at A22.

Jamila: Where did that voice come from?

Vespa: That is my boyfriend. A cruel incident has turned him into my robotic backpack.

Pyrotic: Wonderful, isn't it?!

Jamila: It is what one would call wonderful.

Adam: At least I'm always with Vespa now.

Vespa: Right. So Jamila, can you hand me the sample of the chemical waste?

Jamila nods and hands over the small bottle with the green fluids.

Vespa: Interesting.

Pyrotic: We certainly can create an amazing robot with this!

Vespa: Or create an anti-virus against the mutated people.

Pyrotic: That is a possibility as well. Although not better than mine.

Vespa: Professor, with all due respect, we need to focus on helping people get better. If you are serious about building an all destroying robot, then you're no better than those at A22.

Jamila: Should I leave?

Pyrotic: No, it's okay. My son works at A22, so I know the things being done there in every detail. From 3.14, to Pixel, to little Adam here. Jamila, thank you for contributing to this cause. It will certainly help us progress.

Jamila: Then I shall take my leave. Thank you for having me.

Jamila exits the laboratory. As she walks out of the building she bumps into a giant metallic cat-like robot. She looks at its stomach and recognizes her own major's head in it.

Jamila: Mayor Wildefort?

Wildefort: Jamila? Oh God. It has been a long time since I've seen you. The future wasn't so fortunate for you.

Jamila: The future? What are you talking about?

Wildefort: Sorry. I am not the mayor you know from this time. I am from the future and am here to stop things from escalating.

Jamila: Well, it's not the weirdest thing I've heard today. What happened to me in the future?

Wildefort: It is a bad future we are trying to fix. But you died at the hands of the Jersey Devil.

Jamila: The Mexican wrestler?

Wildefort: Yes and no. He was different than now... although this change happened during this time.

Jamila: I have to get to the bottom of this. What are you doing here now?

Wildefort: My perfect soldier headed into the building, to stop Pyrotic from making his robot, Ragnorok.

Jamila: Oh no, I just handed him the chemical waste fluids.

Wildefort: That is bad. I hope he isn't far with the robot yet.

Cyberno.α was skating through the hallways making her way to the top floor.

Objective: Make your way through the building and confront Professor Pyrotic

Cyberno.α arrived on the highest floor and saw Pyrotic and Vespa standing there.

Pyrotic: What is this gynoid doing here?

Alpha: I'm here to stop you from the future.

Pyrotic: I'm working on a cure for the mutants! Vespa please protect me.

Vespa: Yes, get working on that cure professor!

Cyberno.αSlot vs. VespaAlgamaSlot

Pyrotic (insane laugh): Finally one step closer to completing Ragnorok!

Vespa: What are you doing Pyrotic?! That was meant for the cure!

Pyrotic: Don't be such a party-pooper.

Noises are heard

Pyrotic: It seems you're in bad luck gynoid!

Terminus X9 appears on the scene and starts shooting at Alpha. Vespa howevers protects her by letting Adam use his arms to deflect the bullets.

Vespa: Let's get out of here!

Alpha: B-but...

Vespa: Now!

Vespa breaks through the window and drags Alpha with her

Vespa: Activate your flight!

Alpha: I'm a pure combat robot....

Vespa: You've gotta be kidding me.

Suddenly a strong man passes by and catches both of them and safely lands them on top of a building, save from the terror on the ground.

Vespa: Oh thank you...

Alpha: Uhm... what are you?

Before them is standing a big muscular man with an orange and blue suit on.

Ultra-Man: I. AM. ULTRA-MAN!

Chapter 11: The Boarding

The Fat French Penguin stood in front of the mountain after parting with Samurai Koh.

Fat French Penguin: This is going to quite the hike.

Objective: Get to the top of the mountain.

At the top Fat French Penguin sees a cottage at the top and approaches it. However before she can knock someone flies out of the chimney and hovers in the air. 

Girl: Are you here to challenge me warrior? Violet Snow.

Fat French Penguin: No, I'm here to boar-

Violet: Stop right there!

FatFrenchPenguinSlot vs. VioletSnowSlot

Fat French Penguin holds her katana against Violet's throat, but puts it back into her sheath afterwards. Violet recovers herself.

Violet: I'm terribly sorry for attacking you. I'm just usually used to people coming here to fight me... 

Fat French Penguin: Why?

Violet: There's been an ancient samurai warrior, a killer robot, a mutant cotton candy... and they all seem to want my ice powers.

Fat French Penguin: Is that why you live here?

Violet: Basically. But it feels like I'm just running from my problems and who I am.

Fat French Penguin: And then you choose to live as a hermit in this cold peak.

Violet: Pff, the cold never bothered me anyway. But you wanted to board the mothership I suppose.

Fat French Penguin: Please.

Violet: I'll create a bridge so can easily trespass.

Violet created a bridge made out of thick strong ice towards the mothership's roof. The two girls walked the bridge and entered the mothership.

Violet: So... what did you have to do here?

Fat French Penguin: I have to find my friend... he's a penguin like me... smaller though... and he wears a tie.

Violet: Noted. I'll help, let's split up.

Fat French Penguin nodded and the two headed into seperate directions.

Objective: Explore the ship and find Fat French Penguin's friend.

Violet makes her way down to the ship's basement and finds a secret room and enters it. There she finds herself in a laboratory where she sees the smaller penguin frozen in a pod in the background. She the notices an obese alien walking by, he turns around and reveals the giant mouth on its bellyViolet enters and immediately blasts a beam of ice at the alien. He notices it and sucks in the beam and sends it back, Violet evades the reflected beam.

Violet: What are you?!

Alien: I could ask the same. But I am the great Gorge! One of the strongest invaders!

Violet: I see.

Gorge: You seem like an interesting subject. You'll make quite the catch!

Violet: As if.

VioletSnowSlot vs. GorgeSlot

Violet releases a giant wave of ice which freezes Gorge in place. However many of the extraterrestrials storm in and pin Violet to the ground. Gorge gets unfrozen and towers above Violet and puts here in the other pod and smiles. Meanwhile Fat French Penguin arrives in the control room where she sees Justin Bailey looking at the control system.

Fat French Penguin: Stop there kidnapper!

Justin: Huh? Ow, sorry you are mistaken.

Fat French Penguin: What is there to be mistaken?! You kidnapped my friend!

Justin: No, no, no. I just took over the ship, I'm a bounty hunter... the ship is still crowded with all these extraterrestrials though.

Fat French Penguin: Ow sorry. 

Justin: It's okay.

Fat French Penguin: Care to join my on the search?

Justin: I think I could use a break from all this research.

The two headed back into the mothership. Meanwhile Anton and Milli were walking across the pier, trying to find another way to get out of the dome. Suddenly the ground shook heavily which caused half of the pier to collapse. They had nowhere to go now.

Milli: Anton, I'm scared.

Anton: We'll find a way out... there must be something nearby to cross the water.

Milli: Look! There! A boat!

Anton looked and spotted the boat as well. 

Objective: Get close to the boat

Anton: Hold on tight.

Milli got a firm grip on Anton who proceeded to jump off the pier and landed on the boat. He put Milli safe on the boat as he tried to figure out how to start it, and luckily got it to work. They sailed over the lake next to the industrial area when suddenly the water started to heavily shake. Suddenly the Lake Lucas Monster emerged from the water, being infected by the chemical waste. It started to attack the boat!

Lake Lucas Monster

Defeat the Lake Lucas Monster

The Lake Lucas Monster cried out and fell into the water. It's body floated to the surface and it's long neck created a brdige to the surface.

Anton: It think we can safely get to shore without touching the water now.

Milli: You're so strong Anton.

Anton: Hehe, let's go sweetie.

Chapter 12: The Traveller

After parting with Jamila, Lucius had made his way through Wildefort and arrived in a desolated place where seemingly no one was. However he quickly saw a man walking in the distance and approached him.

Lucius: Hello sir, are you lost?

Fakir: No, my child. I am here only to get out again.

Lucius: I see. Well let me join you in your quest.

Fakir: I don't think that is rather clever young one. I have been trailed by a strange mysterious creature for quite some time.

Lucius: Strange creature? Not something like a giant mosquito I hope...

Fakir: No. Something much more sinister and terrifying. Black and rotten at it's core. Words cannot describe this creature's existance.

Lucius: That sounds rather serious.

Fakir: Follow me boy, I think my djinn has found a trail to get out of this place.

Lucius: Sure.

Objective: Follow the djinn's trail

(character switch possible)

Fakir and Lucius arrive at the border of the dome which leads them to a dead end.

Fakir: Not again djinn... I thought you would be of use to me.

Lucius: Don't take it out on him, there is just no way of getting out of here.

Fakir: You are wise young boy. But there has to be a loophole.

Suddenly they notice they are being sneaked up on. They turn around and see standing right before them. It begins to shake heavily and splits into two.

Lucius: Prepare for trouble...

Fakir: And make it double.

FakirSlotLuciusSlot vs.

After the battle Fakir summoned his complete djinn out of his lamp. The viper grows large in size and gets a hold of the creature and tosses it somewhere far away.

Lucius: Amazing.

Fakir: Let's continue my boy, there must be others who are trying to find a way out of this place.

As Fakir and Lucius continue, lands in a forest on a completely other side of the town. In the distance he sees a red blur walking and follows it.

Objective: Follow the red blur

Once it had caught up, it was revealed to be Red along with her wolf.

Red: What cure thing might you be? was silent.

Red: Hmm... not much talking I suppose. Well, I'm on my way to find my grandmother, bye bye. passes her and blocks her way.

Red: Sorry, I have no time for this.

She wishes to continue but is blocked by the creature again and again until she grows tired of it.

Red: Then the hard way I guess. vs. RedRidingHoodSlot

After an intense fight Red seems to grow tired. grows its hand in size and wants to crush Red when he suddenly hits a balloon instead which explodes in its face. The creature is startled and takes off.

Man: That's how you get rid of that thing.

Red: You had an encounter with it before? But wait... uhm... who are you and why are you wearing a clown outfit?

Bibo: I am Bibo, Bibo the clown. And I'm wearing this because, I am a clown!

Red: Aha...

Bibo: That creature seems to be everywhere and nowhere... but it seems I'm lucky to run into you. You mind coming over to my place and drink something? My home is still intact.

Red: I'm not supposed to tag along with strangers...

Bibo: I'm a little strange yeah. But you got your wolf... I could never stand up against a wolf.

Red: Good point... and I got an ax.

Objective: Follow Bibo to his home

When they arrived home, Red took a seat in his colorful circus tent.

Red: Why do you live in an abandoned circus?

Bibo: Well... uhm... this happened after the extraterrestrials attacked... hehe. It was a blooming place before.

Red: Ow I see. I'm not from here, so I wouldn't know.

Bibo: Phew.

Red saw a tiny box standing on the dressoir which was decorated in a very fancy way.

Red: What's that?

Bibo: Ow, I meant to put that away somewhere safe. He can't find that, or we'll be doomed.

Red: You're confusing me. What is the box and who is 'he'?

Bibo: Let's just say that box contains something very evil... and that 'he' is evil.

There was a moment of silence where Bibo and Red both drank their thee when suddenly Bibo started to act rather strange.

Red: Uhm... are you alright Mr. Clown?

!Bibo: Hehehe, Bibo is not here anymore!

Bibo pulled a giant knife out of the tiny hat on his head and threatened Red with it.

!Bibo: Where is the box!

Red: Box!? What? Ow... you're the evil one. I'm not telling anything.

!Bibo: Then you'll just be another helpless victim.

RedRidingHoodSlot vs. BibotheClownSlot

Red managed to push Bibo over allowing her to make her escape. She jumped on her wolf and disappeared into the distance with the overweight clown chasing after her.

!Bibo: I'll get you! I'll get you! I'll get you!

Chapter 13: The Prince

Prince and Rokukai were strolling through the outskirts of Wildefort. The grass plains were rather quiet, although indication of something having gone on was very clear. There were holes in the ground and some trees had fallen down. 

Prince: We're not even close to civilization anymore... you sure we're heading into the right direction?

Rokukai: Uhm... 50%, I have a feeling that it's this way... but I'm beginning to doubt myself as ell.

Prince: So, why are you looking for your mother?

Rokukai: I just really want to meet her. My father never tells me about her and I just find it strange. Ladilika, my father's current girlfriend, told she was locked up on the surface.

Prince: I see. Didn't your father love her?

Rokukai: I think he did, I just want answers. I can't spend another decennia without knowing it.

Prince: Wait, how old are you!

Rokukai: Probably older than you, but I have yet to get a grow spurt. I'm almost in that part of 'life' that you call 'teen'.

Prince: I'm not even going to ask how aging works in the Underworld.

Rokukai: Good, don't.

They suddenly see two persons approaching them in the distance, they look human, but at the same time don't.

Rokukai: What are those?

Prince: I hope they aren't-

The two are now so close they are easy to indentify.

Prince: Aliens...

Vexok: What are you humans doing here?

Rokukai: I'm a demon.

Xar: He's a demon.

Vexok: Xar, stay out of this or I'm really going to kill you.

Xar: Xar is sorry.

Prince: We are trying to find his mother. So please let us pass. I know you're invaders and all, but you're really doing a bad job.

Vexok: I wasn't made for field battle okay. I'm just here looking for my Almighty. But now that you insulted us... me as invader, you're going to pay the price.

PrinceMaxSlotRokukaiSlot vs. LieutenantVexokSlotXarSlot

Prince and Rokukai claimed victory.

Prince: I can see you're not made for field battle alright. 

Rokukai: Yeah, that Xar dude was better than you!

Xar: Xar thanks you!

Vexok: Am I... really this weak?

Prince and Rokukai continued their journey.

Objective: Follow the path of destruction

(switchable characters)

Prince and Rokukai arrive at a shrine, which they reached by walking the bridge and walking the long stairs. The entered the shrine only to find nothing of importance.

Rokukai: Sorry, I thought this could be the place.

Prince: Don't worry. We'll find your mother.

Spook: What might you two be looking for?

Prince: Eeck! A ghost!

Rokukai: I'll fight it!

RokukaiSlot vs. SpookSlot

Spook quickly hid from Rokukai's reach

Spook: I come in peace, please don't hurt me!

Rokukai: Ow, uhm Prince, I think he isn't an evil spirit.

Prince: Sorry!

Spook descends to the ground again.

Spook: It's okay. This shrine used to be from my family but it is now a tourist attraction I see. I was hoping to find something here that would help me pass to the next life.

Prince: I'm sorry you didn't find it.

Spook: What brings you here?

Rokukai: I'm looking for my mother. She is locked up somewhere, and I thought it could be here.

Spook: How unfortunate. I could join you on your quest. Maybe I'll find what I'm looking for as well along the way.

Rokukai: Sounds like a good idea.

Spook: I know a place where many artifacts are kept. The national museum of Wildefort. If she is locked up, she might be in one of the artifacts there. However with all the disturbance as of late that awakened me, there might be someone else there who has been awakened.

Rokukai: I'm willing to take that chance.

Prince: Okay let's go guys!

The three headed off, meanwhile Lucifer is standing somewhere in the intersection of Wildefort.

Lucifer: Rokukai, why do you cause me so much trouble. Look what happened to the surface... sigh So Giselle where are you?

Objective: Make your way to Illuminati HQ

Lucifer stands at the gates of the Illuminati HQ and opens it with his powers and enters the building.

Chapter 14: The Hell

Amaya and Joshua meet with Jamila and Koh meet at the Gates of Hell. All four of them get locked by Paimon however. Jersey Devil makes his way up and fights and defeats Paimon freeing the others. Jamila vs. Jersey Devil because of contract. Mai and Barbatos make their way to the circus to retrieve the box of Bibo but have to fight him first.

Chapter 15: The Blood

Mutant Mosquito is flying through the city thirsty for blood and makes his way to Hendrick's manor to get the blood he so desires and ends up fighting and killing Sue Mary and turns into Mosquito Man before getting locked away by Hendrick. Justin Bailey and Fat French Penguin make their way to the bottom of the mothership where they encounter Gorge who used Violet's blood to transform Lil'Pengu. Justin fights Gorge, FFP fights Pengu. Pengu falls into a coma, ship crashes on the ground.

Chapter 16: The Artifact

Simon and Giselle head back to HQ. Lucifer awaits them. Lucifer notices Giselle has no soul to sell and they engage in combat along with Ladilika and Simon. Giselle manages to summon Bavarian with the lock and the Egyptian Eye of Simon. Meanwhile Kai, Prince and Spook arrive at the museum where they didn't find Kai's mom but did battle with King Hapmon. When they leave the museum they are encountered by Mephistopheles and Gaz and battle them. Mephistopheles says she'd help with the search for Lilith, Gaz says that he will accompany Spook.

Chapter 17: The Protection

Tyrant and Maria are in heavy search for injustice when suddenly Yggdrasil appears on the scene and drives Maria to commit suicide when telling her about true justice. Tyrant fights Yggdrasil and afterwards comes to realization to head back to the gates because of the intruders of Hell. Ultra-Man gets informed about Terminus X9 and goes back to fight him. Pyrotic however initiates Ragnorok which gets a hold of Ultra-Man. Terminus is ordered to finish off Wildefort for good this time to make Alpha disappear. Terminus encounters Melissa and NEO and fights NEO as Melissa heads off when she spots NEO is defeated, but Ragnorok suddenly begins to move.

Chapter 18: The Ragnorok

Melissa follows and battles the creature. After defeating it she wants to capture it but is stopped by Vespa who asks why she needs the creature. Melissa comments that it was for a mission from A22. Vespa warns her that she shouldn't collect the creature for them as terrible things might follow. Professor Pyrotic appears again and takes the creature instead. Ultra-Man lands next to them and says he requires their help to defeat Ragnorok. And thus the three of them battle the giant robot and defeat it. As Pyrotic heads back into his lab he is confronted by Commander Wildefort who says he will stop him. Pyrotic only laughs and battles him, defeating him in the end. Wildefort comments that if things go downhill he will come back once again, but he trusts Alpha will do her job just fine.

Chapter 19: The Box

Barbatos and Mai quickly flee from the circus but are stopped by Mephistopheles, Rokukai and Prince. They say that the box contains Lilith and they have to free her for Rokukai. Barbatos declines and says this will make him ruler of Hell. Mai gets angered saying it would grant her the power to safe Joshua. Prince shoots the box out of Barbatos hands and a battle engages between them. In the meantime Rokukai manages to open the box and free his mother, Lilith who looks down upon all of them. Meanwhile Mama Kitty is still strolling around with the Almighty. They finally encounter Vexok and Xar and Kitty engages in battle with them to protect Almighty. Afterwards Vexok takes Kitty to the mothership only to discover it has crashed. Xar on the other hand is left alone and decides to make Kitty's home his.

Chapter 20: The Pause

Lucius and Fakir meet up with Anton & Milli. Fakir battles them in distrust but afterwards sees he was wrong. They are shortly joined by Red who says she has been running from a clown. Lucius says that they should all stay here to be safe while he goes out on patrol. Bibo the Clown in his normal state remembers the box's placement and sees it has been taken. He goes on a search but when he encounters Lucius his other personality takes over and he battles him. Bibo explains his condition afterwards and Lucius decides it is safer for him to be locked away from now. In the meantime Fluffy Buffy is still wandering the city and makes it way into Pyrotic's lab. Fluffy Buffy attacks Pyrotic but is locked away after that. Pixel is searching through town and finds the group of human survivors and begins to fight them. After defeating all of them, Lucius returns with Bibo and take her down. Pixel takes her depart but promises this isn't the end of her war against the humans. Alpha enters Pyrotic's lab and engages battle with him once again and this time kills him for good. She returns back to Wildefort's office and unfreezes him and tell him the future has been saved. Wildefort then asks her to stay in this time, and she accepts.

Chapter 21: The Contract

After Lilith was freed they all engage in battle with her, but in the end lose to her. Lilith takes Rokukai to the base of the Illuminati where Lucifer is. Mai and Prince follow her. Mephistopheles and Barbatos return to the gates of Hell however. Once they arrive there they meet up with Tyrant who tells about the intruders. They head inside and encounter Amaya, Joshua, Jamila, Koh and Jersey Devil. Joshua fights Tyrant, Amaya fights Mephistopheles and Koh fights Barbatos. Jamila and Jersey Devil look for a way to rewrite the contract, as they don't want him to lose his human form. After the battles are fought Paimon gains consciousness. They all are kicked out of Hell along with the contract. But Jersey Devil decides to stay as he is now.

Chapter 22: The Extraterrestrials

Vexok, Kitty and Almighty enter the crashed ship. They quickly encountered Gorge, Justin Bailey, Fat French Penguin and Violet Snow who tried to get out of the ship. Almighty ordered Gorge to come back to them and defeat the intruders. Thus it became a three vs three battle. In the end FFP and Violet quickly escaped. Justin said Kitty to come with them, but Kitty said she liked it here and told her to go without her. As they wanted to head back another extraterrestrial emerged from the ruins. It was Zorks who had been waiting to take over command. He restored the ship with his powers and trapped them all up high. A battle against Zorks emerged only for him to be defeated. Gorge threw him in a cooler pod for further experimenting and the others were beamed down to the surface. FFP said she'd take Lil'Pengu home now and Violet also departed. Justin said it would take some time to restore her ship so she would probably hang on Earth for some time. Violet offered her to stay in her cabin and she agreed. Kitty was crowned as the leader of the extraterrestrials afterwards.

Chapter 23: The Illumination

Bavarian appeard just as Lilith, Rokukai, Mai and Prince all entered the building. Lucifer was surprised to see Lilith and was rather shocked. Ladilika became furious but she was immediately killed by Lilith. She looked down on the others with a sinister grin. Rokukai said he had to free his mother. Lucifer understood and took Lilith outside. Bavarian was completely summoned and Giselle pleaded him to grant him power. Mai then interrupted and said she desired it as well. Bavaian said he had to be defeated first which would never happen. He demonstrated this by turning Simon into a small shrunken head. Giselle said she wanted the illumination inside her as Bavarian could never rule this world. Giselle and Mai engaged in battle and defeated Bavarian and took his power inside of them. Giselle offered Mai a place among her ranks. But Mai declined saying she needed to safe Joshua. Mai and Prince went to Joshua and the others and found out they were okay. 

Chapter 24: The End

Lucifer and Lilith faced off against each other outside in the most fierce battle ever. It however resulted in a tie and Lucifer asked her to rule again at his side. Lilith was skeptical but accepted, saying that her power was to be feared, and Lucifer certainly knew that. Rokukai joined them and was happy his family was back together. However the ground suddenly started to shake heavily. A deity entered the dome by the name of Soluna. She took all the warriors inside of the dome up into space, the dome (without the city) coming along. She said that they all had to be eliminated for bringing Earth in danger. Six character can be chosen to battle her. After Soluna is defeated she admits they are all very strong and decides to put Earth in their hands and will continue to observe them. She restores all of Wildefort and removes the dome. Everything seems back to normal. The invaders left, the gates of Hell closed and Ragnorok is gone.


Chapter B: The Others

The chapter starts with a cat strolling through the city until it gets captured by Gorge and wakes up in the laboratory in the mothership after its crash. It notices it is a cyborg now and gives itself the name CatBot. It makes its way out of the mothership and roams the streets seeing how badly it has been ruined. In the end he encounters the Grim Reaper who sees that the cat doesn't want to live like this in this world. And as a gift he battles CatBot and reaps its soul.

It switches to Chupacabra who was in the backyard of Count Hendrick's manor. He woke up very late, only being disturbed by Sue Mary being killed by the Mutant Mosquito. He looked up and saw the mothership going back online. He hurried over to it, knowing that is where his original home is. However once he reached it, it departed. Chupacabra heads back home battling Gaz in the process, but unfortunately Hendrick is nowhere to be found and thus instead he waits for him to return, no matter how long it takes.

In the dojo of Samurai Koh lingers the spirit of Hanakatoba, a young girl who once was a student of Koh, but commited suicide when she discovered that Koh couldn't return her romantic feelings for him. When Koh left the dojo in a hurry she was determined to follow him. She however was being plagued by strange shadows. She tries to fight them off and in the end realizes it are the creatures in the dojo that keep pulling her chains. She frees herself from the demons by fighting them and gets set free from being rooted to the dojo.

In another story there is a man... completely dark, the Shadow Man standing in a child's room. But quickly leaves again. His inner monologue tells that he is looking for a woman to make love to, to create a baby that will call upon the end of times. He looks around the city, it being in complete chaos. He finds a woman, Justin Bailey, and tells her the plan, only to get rejected and get into a fight with her. Shadow Man leaves afterwards grinning, saying he will get his child.

We switch to an old man sitting in a boat on lake Lucas, before everything went down. However the spaceship of Justin Bailey crashed into the industrial area and the lake became intoxicated and in an incident the boat broke and the old man fell in. He walked out of the lake as a gruesome monster incapable of speech, except for being able to say 'Kitty'. He now wanders through the city looking for his wife, but encounters Anton and Milli who fight him, only to realize that he doesn't mean any harm. They decide to take him to a secure place.

Lastly we arrive at Mūsā. An angel being send from above to fight the demons. When he arrives in Wildefort he notices the destruction but immediately heads to the gates of Hell. He continues and continues until he reaches the throne where he finds Lucifer. The demon lord comments that this war is soon to end, without a victor. Mūsā comments that he has to prevent from anything like this happening ever again. Lucifer says another war will be commenced in the future, as predicted by Barbatos. Mūsā battles Lucifer, but couldn't defeat him as he got back-up from his minions. Mūsā retreats and locks the gates of Hell behind him.

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