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Samurai Koh

Doom Dome Battle
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Samurai Koh is a playable character in Doom Dome Battle and its sequel.


A legendary samurai warrior who hails from another time. He comes from the ancient dynasty of Japan, but was warped forwards in time due to a slip in time. His latest descendant, Samurai Jin, is buried in Wildefort and he is told by him that the samurai clan is over. Now Koh is its only survivor so he tries to keep the honor of the clan intact and make sure it lives on. He started a dojo where he trains several people who might eventually even join his clan. Other than that he sees it as his task to protect Wildefort, while also trying to find out how he got into this time period.


Samurai Koh is a quick combatant wielding a powerful ancient katana. His attacks are quick and swift, but only have average range. His defense is low but makes it up for his excelling speed and decent strength. His moves mainly consists out of sword slashes, and the occasional use of shurikens and smoke bombs.

His Doom Attack is the Flying Heaven Govern Sword-Style which places them in a cinematic where they are facing Samurai Koh who does a quick and flashy draw which brings them down to their knees. When the move KO's they are sliced in half instead.


Doom Dome Battle

At the start of the game he is still inside of his dojo but is approached by Fat French Penguin who alarms him about that Lil'Pengu has been abducted by extraterrestrials. Samurai Koh joins Fat French Penguin in the search for Lil'Pengu. When they arrive at the graveyard however, Koh feels a presence calling for him. He follows the call, letting Fat French Penguin. A ghost appears and Koh follows it until the ghost has enough and battles it. After the battle the ghost, named Spook, saw Koh's samurai skills and asks if he is a member of the Shinrin clan to which Koh is surprised and asks if they still are alive in this age. Spook reveals they are not and draws the conclusion that Koh is not from this time, and Koh says he is from the past. Spook asks him to keep the honor of the clan alive, and Koh suggests Spook to seek his unfinished business so he can rest in peace.

As he heads back to the dojo, at the beginning of the Asian District he is stopped by yet another spirit, this one being Hanakatoba. He recognized her as his former student, and she tells she has been in love with him and still is, but that demons are shrouding the district and the dojo right now. Koh fights his way through to eliminate them. Hanakatoba pleads for him to stay, but he decides that those demons need to be dealt with.

Koh sees all the demons that are shrouding the place and decides to go to the place they hail from, as he has dealt with demons before and certainly can now. He travels to the Gates of Hell and underway bumps into Jamila, who admires Koh for what he is going to do and wants to assist him. They continue and meet with Joshua and Amaya at the gates. However once inside Koh, along with the others gets locked up by Paimon. He gets freed by Jersey Devil after he fights Jamila, and they want to find a way to break Jersey's contract. Mephistopheles, Tyrant and Barbatos enter Hell again and engage in battle with the intruders, Koh fighting Barbatos. Koh defeats Barbatos but Paimon regains consciousness and kicks everyone out of Hell.

Samurai Koh decides to head back to his dojo to rest in peace and sees there the true spirit form of Spook, in reality Samurai Jin, who thanks Koh for making a path to finish his business on Earth and hopes that Koh can revive the clan once more.

Doom Dome Battle 2

Samurai Koh tries to rebuild the Shinrin clan in honour of Samurai Jin and the rest of his clan, but has trouble finding suitable warriors.

Mission Alpha

In this alternate future, Samurai Koh didn't aim to rebuild his clan but instead married a beautiful woman with whom he got a child named Mirai. His wife was slaughtered by vampires for blood, which made Koh set out to eliminate them, but he never returned. Koh was turned into a vampire himself, but appeared more like a puppet of Dracula instead, without a mind of his own. He is eventually killed by Alpha and Mirai to restore his honor.


  • His main appearance is based on Takamaru from The Mysterious Murasame Castle, with a mix of Samurai Jack from his titular series.
  • His backstory closely resembles that of Jack, being a person who traveled forwards in time. However this time he simply lives there and works as a kendo teacher. This is similar to Jack's role in Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi.


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