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Doom Dome Battle
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Rokukai (sometimes called Kai) is a playable character in Doom Dome Battle and its sequel.



Rokukai, nicknamed Kai by some people, is the son of Lucifer and Lilith. He is a little devil who knows nothing from the surface or his mother who was locked away immediately after his birth. At his arrival on the surface he tries to find friends to help him search his mother and finds this friend in Prince Bucksalot. Rokukai has a personal pitchfork which he uses as staff for his demonic magic to summon gigantic limbs from the Underworld. He eventually manages to free his mother and reunite his family.


After meeting with his mother for the first time, Rokukai finally managed to close off a period of his life which resulted in him entering his teen period. He realized that the friendship with Prince was more that that and that he had developed feelings for him. Now he rebels against his parents who forbid him from dating a human. Kai once again runs from home, feeling that his parents don't even have an idea how love works. He keeps his pitchfork, holding the ability to summon the gigantic limbs from Hell.


In both the games he plays very similar, although there are small differences. Rokukai attacks with his trident which lets him summon giant demonic limbs out of pentagram circles. In the first game Rokukai is significantly smaller than the other characters and has more speed and less strength. In the second game he is a teen who has less speed and more power.

Rokukai's Doom Attack is Nine Circles of Hell. Rokukai summons nine pentagram circles around the opponent in a 360 degree radius. Out of every circle comes a giant fist which stomps the opponent.

If it KO's them the circles will gather above the opponent and release one giant fist and completely crushes the opponent.


Doom Dome Battle

Doom Dome Battle 2


  • Based on the usualy depiction of Satan, but chibi-fied.
  • His powers are similar to that of Bayonetta from her titular series, summoning arms and legs from portals.


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