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Professor Pyrotic


Doom Dome Battle
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Playable Boss
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Dimension of Carnage

Professor Pyrotic, also called Pyrotic Bot and currently, Pyrotic EX, is a playable character in Doom Dome Battle and its sequel of which in the latter he also is a boss.


Professor Pyrotic

Professor Pyrotic, the mad scientist, as claimed by many, who lives in Wildefort. He is the one who build the dome to trap everyone, but aside from that also a murderous robot, Terminus X9, and a giant killing bot, Ragnorok. He had plans to backstab Mayor Wildefort and take over the world with Ragnorok, but was stopped by Alpha and Wildefort from the future, killing him. He mostly operated from behind the scenes but when it came down to fighting, he had a lot of gadgets at his disposal.

Pyrotic Bot

After his death, Professor Pyrotic's brain and several other organs were cut out of his body by Terminus X9, as it was his master after all and called his son Denzel Pyrotic. Denzel build a super advanced robot with the organs of his father, but made him in such a way that he had to follow every command from Denzel. His son didn't like his father as he was quite abusive and now has the chance to control his father and didn't let that pass. Now Pyrotic finds himself in his own Hell, wanting to be freed from the prison he is kept in, slowly realizing how he messed up his son.

Pyrotic EX




Doom Dome Battle

Doom Dome Battle 2


  • Based on various characters. His overall appearance is based on Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. The cuts in his hair however are inspired by his nemesis Mandark.
  • The drool coming out of his mouth is similar to that of Rick from Rick and Morty.
  • He has a Scientific Parasyte inside of his pocket, a recurring gag with smart people in Adventure Time.
  • The fingers on his robotic arm are similar to Peridot's from Steven Universe. This design returns in other Fantendoverse characters like Alcyone and Aran Leverletto.
  • His personality is similar to that of Professor Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Pyrotic EX's design is inspired by Mettaton EX from Undertale.
  • Pyrotic is the only character to receive 3 character profiles.


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