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Professor Nikolai Pyrotic, also called Pyrotic Bot and currently, Pyrotic EX, is a playable character in Doom Dome Battle and its sequel of which in the latter he also is a boss.


Professor Pyrotic

Professor Pyrotic, the mad scientist, as claimed by many, who lives in Wildefort. He is the one who build the dome to trap everyone, but aside from that also a murderous robot, Terminus X9, and a giant killing bot, Ragnorok. He had plans to backstab Mayor Wildefort and take over the world with Ragnorok, but was stopped by Alpha and Wildefort from the future, killing him. He mostly operated from behind the scenes but when it came down to fighting, he had a lot of gadgets at his disposal.

Pyrotic Bot

After his death, Professor Pyrotic's brain and several other organs were cut out of his body by Terminus X9, as it was his master after all and called his son Denzel Pyrotic. Denzel build a super advanced robot with the organs of his father, but made him in such a way that he had to follow every command from Denzel. His son didn't like his father as he was quite abusive and now has the chance to control his father and didn't let that pass. Now Pyrotic finds himself in his own Hell, wanting to be freed from the prison he is kept in, slowly realizing how he messed up his son.

Pyrotic EX

After being destroyed the remaining pieces of his old robotic body were picked up by Alpha and put together with parts of Ragnarok to build him a new body. In this reformed state he is willing to work alongside the ones who call themselves heroes, despite not wanting to affiliate with them. His personality still remains, but there is a guilt from how he treated his son and wants to make things good with him again, no matter what.


In Doom Dome Battle his gameplay involves the use of little gadgets. He doesn't rely on hand-to-hand combat as he is rather weak himself. He has a mechanical arm which is his only close range attack that deals good damage. His gadgets include tiny robots that sneak across the ground, small missiles, a laser, an explosive box, an extending punching glove and similar things. His defense and speed is weak, but it is hard to get close to him.

As Pyrotic EX in Doom Dome Battle 2 he has a whole different gamepaly. He is more mobile and can skate across the stage. He has laser fingers, swift dance moves, can emit a confusing spike from his eye and a beam from his other and similar things. While his speed is enhanced, the rest remains and he is easier to get close to and isn't such a projectile character anymore.

Despite having different gameplays in each game, his Doom Attack is the same in both games, Dimensional Carnage. Pyrotic throws a small box on the stage which then sucks in the opponent. Inside of the box they get carnaged by whatever is inside and then are thrown out. When it KO's their limbs are thrown out one by one instead. 


Doom Dome Battle

Professor Pyrotic is a foreign professor who came to Wildefort quite some time ago and worked together with Wildefort to make inventions that could be used in times of crisis. When the extraterrestrials landed, Wildefort headed to Pyrotic, who explained how the dome worked and that it would be activated now to prevent the aliens to attack the rest of the world. He then activated the robots to eliminate the aliens. Terminus X9 was one of the robots activated and Pyrotic commanded him to kill Wildefort in his office after killing one of the agents who kept an eye on Pyrotic.

Jamila was brought into Pyrotic Labs with her chemical specimen where Pyrotic wanted to make a robot out of. His assistant, Vespa, disagreed however as this was more like how A22 would do it. Pyrotic said he knew everything of them as his son was working there as well. Jamila left shortly after handing over the sample. It didn't take long after for Alpha to break into the laboratory to kill Pyrotic. Vespa protects him thinking he is making a cure for the mutants, Pyrotic however uses the chemicals as the last ingredient for Ragnarok, and thus activates it. Terminus attacks Vespa and Alpha, who flee the scene.

Some time later Pyrotic goes out to collect and puts it in a cage in his laboratory, when he has done that it appears that Wildefort from the future has broken in to kill him. Pyrotic engages battle with him, killing him in the end. He soon is visited by Fluffy Buffy who also ends up being one of his cages animals. Lastly Alpha enters his laboratory and fights him. Unfortunately for Pyrotic this battle leads to his death, and shortly after Ragnarok is deactivated as well.

Doom Dome Battle 2

After his supposed death in the first game, Terminus X9 cut out his most important organs, including his brains and heart, and contacted Denzel Pyrotic, his son. Denzel restored his father by building him a robotic body, but with the same memories and personality his father had. However Pyrotic now has become a slave to his son and had to obey his every command, Denzel explaining it is because how he was treated when he was young. Pyrotic Bot was used to protect Denzel, but got destroyed by the opponents.

Alpha found his remaining pieces and put him back together using parts of Ragnarok. He was now reborn as Pyrotic EX and had a mission for himself to make things okay again between him and his son, wanting to apologize for the bad things he has done in the past to him.

Mission Alpha

In this alternate future, Professor Pyrotic managed to let Ragnarok destroy most of Wildefort, allowing him to take control over it. He now is a dictator who rules the land with a strict hand. He has banished Wildefort from the city and made Dolan Flump its new mayor in exchange for his finances to build a wall around the good part of the city and other things. During the course of the game he mainly resides inside of his laboratory but people in the story often mention him and how he made things so bad for them. Near the end of the story he kidnaps Wildefort, luring Alpha to his lab. There he battles Alpha in a last hope to keep his empire, but is killed in the end, allowing Alpha to travel back into time with Wildefort.


  • His first name, Nikolai, is the same as scientist Nikolai Tesla. The name was not revealed until Warriors of Babylon.
  • Based on various characters. His overall appearance is based on Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory. The cuts in his hair however are inspired by his nemesis Mandark.
  • The drool coming out of his mouth is similar to that of Rick from Rick and Morty.
  • He has a Scientific Parasyte inside of his pocket, a recurring gag with smart people in Adventure Time.
  • The fingers on his robotic arm are similar to Peridot's from Steven Universe. This design returns in other Fantendoverse characters like Alcyone and Aran Leverletto.
  • His personality is similar to that of Professor Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Pyrotic EX's design is inspired by Mettaton EX from Undertale.
  • Pyrotic is the only character to receive 3 character profiles.


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