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Mutant Mosquito

Mosquito Man

Doom Dome Battle
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Playable Boss
Doom Attack
A Sucker for Blood

Mutant Mosquito (called Mosquito Man in the second game) is a playable character in Doom Dome Battle and a boss in its sequel.



Mosquitoes are small, midge-like flies that constitute the family Culicidae. One of these happened to get hit by a blob of chemicals when Justin's space ship crashed into the industrial area. The creature grew very large in size and gained poisonous powers. Chemicals still dropping everywhere from its body. The creature now seeks for blood that can sustain its big body and eventually ends up in the vampire manor where it kills and drinks Sue Mary. It however is to remain in the manor by Count Hendrick as one of his lackeys for the deed it has done.


After being locked away in the manor of Hendrick for quite some time, the mosquito creature developed a higher intelligence, resulting in a better speech and a more human posture. Due to hanging out with Count Hendrick he gained a more refined taste and mimics the behavior of a vampire. He however still has to remain locked up in the manor as Hendrick doesn't want his creation to be exposed to the world. Mosquito Man slowly begins to relate to how Sue Mary did when she said she was glad to be freed from her prison.



Doom Dome Battle

Doom Dome Battle 2


  • Initially based on the abnomally large bugs that reside in the jungles.
  • His alternate costume is based on killer bees, perhaps those from the 1987 film, The Swam.
  • His appearance as the Mosquito Man is based on the urban legend of the Moth Man.


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