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Mai Waifu is a playable character in Doom Dome Battle and its sequel.



Mai Waifu is a regular high school student at first sight. But in reality she is an insane girl with a troubled home situation that causes her to not understand the true concept of love. She stalks a boy on her school, Joshua Tamashii, and wants to make him her husband only because he was nice to her. She is a typical Yandere girl who somehow managed to be a self-taught swordswoman. She uses small weapons like daggers to fight, and all for the sake of love. Always doing anything with Joshua in the back of her mind.


While on a quest to get more power to be able to beat Amaya and save Joshua, Mai came into contact with Bavarian, the God of the Illuminati. Mai pleaded for power that Barbatos couldn't grant her and got so after defeating Bavarian. She was turned into a witch, who completely focused on dark magic as opposed to Giselle who was granted Illumination magic. Mai now wants to use her newfound powers to save Joshua from Amaya and make Joshua her husband as he should be. Our Yandere still uses her daggers, but embodied with magic.


In the first game Mai is a quick fighter wielding a large knife as weapon. She is agile and quick in dodging and attacking. She deals quite some damage as she can pull off long combo's that can keep the opponent staggering inside of them. She does counter stabs, throws daggers, hack with an axe and ocasioanlly even dropping a bomb for total chaos.

When she was turned into a witch, certain things changed for Mai. Because of her chaotic nature she obtained dark magic, but still holds dear to her knives. She now also throws her daggers with dark magic, stun opponents a second and summoning dark hands out of the shadows from the ground. When she hacks down her axe she now instead breaks the ground and darkness erupts from the crack in the ground.

Her Doom Attack is Yandere Mode which actually differs in the games, but retains the same name. In the first game she gets a real psycho look in her eyes and rushes at the opponent with a hatchet and slices them multiple times. When it KO's them she grabs another knife which she stabs through their head and continues stabbing when their body is still on the ground, afterwards looking up covered with blood on her face.

In the second game she levitates in the air and levitates chunks of concrete with dark magic and throws them at the opponent. When it KO's them she summons a large sphere of darkness which she drops down on the opponent, their body splattered across the ground and blood on her face as a manical grin appears on her face.


Doom Dome Battle

Mai was inside of the school when suddenly a part of it collapsed, after that had happened she got out and tried to find Joshua to make sure he was safe. She eventually caught up with him at his uncle's house where she interrupted the fight between Joshua and Mephistopheles to keep Joshua safe. Mephistopheles got away and they saw a large UFO appear. Amaya wanted to take Joshua away, but Mai wanted to protect Joshua and began fighting Amaya. 

Amaya stuns Mai who then blacks out. When she comes to she sees a demon lurking above her, Barbatos who says he can bring Mai to a treasure that will help her protect Joshua. Together they travelled through Wildefort until they encountered Tyrant and Maria Justice, Tyrant wanted to kill Barbatos and Maria allowed it as Barbatos and Mai are injustice. They managed to overpower Barbatos and Mai, which led to them making an escape.

The two make their way to the circus of Bibo the Clown where Barbatos alerts Mai that this is the place the treasure is. They go inside and retrieve the box, but as they leave they encounter Bibo and fight him, after which they escape. They flee and encounter Rokukai, Mephistopeheles and Prince Bucksalot. It is revealed the box contains Lilith and Barbatos reveals it will make him the ruler of Hell. Mai feels betrayed and a battle starts between Prince and Barbatos while Rokukai opens the box. Lilith appears and takes Rokukai to the Illuminati HQ, Mai and Prince follow them. 

When Mai entered the building she saw that the Illuminati God, Bavarian, had appeared. Giselle wanted to have the powers of Bavarian, but Mai interrupted she desired them as well. Bavarian would grant it to them if he was defeated in combat. Giselle and Mai teamed up and defeated Bavarian, and becoming witches. Giselle offered Mai a place in her coven, which she declined. She said she needed to go to Joshua, thus her and Prince went to meet up with him and the others and found out he was okay. She joined everyone in the battle against Soluna.

Doom Dome Battle 2

Mai reappears as a playable character in the second game, trying to win the heart of Joshua, but gets involved in some pretty dark magic.


  • She is based on Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki, in terms of her obsessive stalking and yandere behavior.
  • The name Mai Waifu is based on an NPC who appears in Yandere-Simulator.


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