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Doom Dome Battle
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Doom Attack
Seven Deadly Sins
Angelic Descend (Young)

Lucifer is a playable character in Doom Dome Battle and its sequel.



Lucifer is the Lord of Hell, a demon known by many names but most commonly goes by the name Lucifer. When he arrived in Hell he quickly was noticed by Solomon who appointed him as Hell's next ruler. Over the years he had many lover and out of one of these lover came a son, named Rokukai. Throughout the years he collected a great army of demons who are loyal to him, but also have their own agendas. But despite that Lucifer is still feared as the most powerful in Hell.

Young Lucifer

Before being the Ruler of Hell, Lucifer was an angel in the heavens, being named for enlightenment. An angel who represented knowledge. His pride however took the best of him. He wanted to ascend to the throne, be the ruler. Unfortunately this sin caused him to be cast down from the heavens. It shocked everyone but Michael who was always suspicious of him. During his time in the heavens he impregnated an angel, Lailah, who, after Lucifer had became a fallen angel, gave birth to Amaya.


Lucifer is a strong character with balanced stats. The one thing he is most lacking in is speed, as he usually walks around, but he uses his wing as shield instead of having a quick dodge move. He is a rather heavy character and primarily fights by using hellish magic like fire and other demonic spells.

In Doom Dome Battle 2 the young version of Lucifer is playable from when he still was an angel. In this state he is a much lighter character who has more health and speed but less strength. He now has holy attacks which are similar to his demonic spells yet completely different.


Doom Dome Battle

Doom Dome Battle 2


  • Based on the lord of Hell in most religions, Lucifer who also may be known as Satan, Beelzebub etc.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins are the ones from Christianity which are featured in his Doom Attack.
    • The characters who appear in his Doom Attack are the humanoid versions Seven Princes of Hell, featured in other content of Dark Heart Games.


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