Joshua Tamashii

Joshua Tamashii

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Joshua Tamashii is a playable character in Doom Dome Battle and its sequel.


Your standard hero of the story, you relatable main protagonist. Joshua is a regular high school student who lives with his uncle after his parents' tragic death. His uncle taught him how to wield a gun, and practized it with him. Amaya is his best friend and crush who turns out to be his guardian angel. He also has a stalker, Mai. Of course he holds a dark secret about his past, that he only reveals when the plot demands for it that traumatized him badly. He has a carefree personality but is ready to fight for and protect the ones he holds he holds dear.


Joshua is a rather average character, not only in terms of design, but also in stats. He deals average damage, has average speed, defense etc. However what makes him an annoying opponent is the use of his handgun. He is mainly a long range character who keeps his opponents at bay with his gun, or stuns them momentarily to rush into them and deliver some combo's.

His Doom Attack is Touched by an Angel. When used Joshua's hair suddenly turns gold and spiky. The clothing on his upper body disappears revealing his muscles. He then rushes into the opponent with a giant sphere in his hand which he pushes into the stomach of the opponent sending them backwards while spinning with force. When KO'd the sphere has gone through their stomach and reveals a giant hole inside of them after they are send backwards.


Doom Dome Battle

Joshua appears in the first scene of the game where he is walking with Prince and Amaya through the corridors of their school. Prince continues on while he stays with Amaya. It was then that an earthquake occurred and made the building collapse. Joshua's sight goes black only to wake up with Amaya, now appearing as an angel standing above him. She explains that she is his guardian angels and that she has to keep him safe.

When they get out of the building and go into the main streets he sees the damage done and Amaya explains what happened. Joshua wants to assist her and pressures her into letting him going to grab his handgun, so she goes along with him.

They arrive at the house of Joshua where he sees Mephistopheles kill his uncle in front of his eyes. Triggered by this he quickly charges at her and engages combat with her. The battle however is interrupted by Mai who throws a knife at Mephistopheles, who dodges it. Mai saying that she won't attack her man, which allows her to make her escape. Joshua tries to reason with Mai when suddenly an UFO flies over them.

Amaya wants to take Joshua to a safe place but Mai tries to stop her and the two engage in battle over Joshua. Amaya stuns Mai, quickly takes Joshua, and flies off. They make their way to the Gates of Hell where they encounter Jamila and Koh who join them down below, however when they encounter Paimon they are locked up by him. Luckily for them Jersey Devil appears, defeats Paimon and frees them.

After they are freed several other demons storm into the room and begin to fight the humans. Joshua engages in combat against Tyrant, and conquers. Paimon however awakens again and makes sure that all the humans disappear from the Underworld. Back on the Surface, Mai and Prince join Joshua and the others, as well as Yggdrasil, and they see that they're all okay. This is however shortly followed by a fight against Soluna.

Joshua and Amaya officially start dating after this, much to Mai's dismay.

Doom Dome Battle 2

Joshua returns as a playable character in Doom Dome Battle, having joined the Wildefort Police Department as his part-time job and struggles with not being able to see Amaya through the course of the game.

Rokukai's Demon Bounty

Joshua appears as a supporting character in Rokukai's Demon Bounty. He first appears in the first level of the game where he is chilling with Amaya and Prince at the Wildefort high school.

He makes his first supporting appearance in the Stage 5 level: Little Asia. He helps Rokukai and Seben in trying to catch Valefar, and asks them to help him defeat all the stray demons in the area. Afterwards he asks them to come with him to the Wildefort City Hall where apparently some strange things are going on. He also appears at the end of Hendrick's Manor where he meets Prince outside and waits for Rokukai and Seben to come outside to lead them to the Wildefort City Hall.

At the Wildefort City Hall, a Stage 6 level, he tags along with them until the entrance of the city hall watches the outside along with Prince, both of them defeating the stray demons in that area. He appears in the ending of the hero path where is chilling with Rokukai and the others. He does a similar thing in the true ending where he walks off into the distance with them.

Mission Alpha

Despite not appearing in the game, his son Ephraim does appear who she has together with Amaya. His status in this alternate universe is unknown.


  • He is based on the trope of male anime protagonists being very plain and boring, to make them feel relatable. He is an average joe who nobody really praises or despises but like most main characters has a dark past.
  • His dark past only will come up when truly necessary.
  • His Doom Attack is a special ability that he has kept a secret for his whole life and even though he has been in danger before he only used it when it was truly necessary, which is similar to most anime protagonists.
    • The transformation is similar to that of Goku from the anime series Dragon Ball series.
    • The attack however is reminiscent of Naruto's Rasengan from the anime series Naruto.


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