Jamila Sahota

Jamila Sahota

Doom Dome Battle
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Jamila Sahota is a playable character in Doom Dome Battle and its sequel.


Jamila Sahota, the name of a great chef who owns a restaurant in the city of Wildefort. Her restaurant specializes in various kitchens such as; Indonesian, Japanese, Italian and French. She practiced the Indian swordsmanship, Khadgavidya, which she carried over in her cooking. She is quite skilled in fighting with cookery materials as a result. She is a honest person who tries to help everyone. She is proud of her restaurant and will do anything to protect it and to keep her customers satisfied.


Most of Jamila's attacks involve using kitchen equipment. Her primary weapon is a butcher's knife and a large cutting knife. She dual wields this weapons in battle. With her Indian swordmanship, Khadgavidya, which usually involves circling the weapons around her. She is a very quick fighter, but has poor defense because of her swords. Also aiding her are sentient snacks from her restaurant that were brought to live because of the mutation.

Her Doom Attack is Today's Special. She rushes at the opponent with her knives and slashes them across their entire body. When it KO's them their body will literally fall apart in pieces and Jamila will catch a few pieces with a plate and serves it with a some rucola.


Doom Dome Battle

While Jamila was doing her normal thing when demons suddenly invaded her restaurant, she however was saved by Xar. She thanked him and introduced herself to him to what Xar's response was to immediately make babies with her. Jamila declined him which made them burst out into battle. She knocks Xar to the ground and escapes. Outside she sees a ship crash and an escape pod landing somewhere else, she heads to the pod and discovers Justin Bailey inside. She tells Justin about the alien inside of her restaurant after they introduced each other. Jamila on the other hand wants to explore the industrial area to search for Justin's spaceship.

While examining the area she is attacked by She was helped by Lucius who scared it away. After introductionaries the two decide to explore the place together. The find Jamila's ship and enter it, there they hear a weird sound and try to find its origin. In the lower parts of the ship they find Mutant Mosquito. Lucius fights it while Jamila goes outside to call for help. She sees the mosquito escape and throws a knife in it, making it flee. Lucius comes out and she asks if he is okay. Then someone answers the phone and says they will pick her up and keep her safe in the laboratory. She gets picked up and parts ways with Lucius.

She lands on the rooftop of the laboratory where she gets escorted by Vespa Agalma and discovers about her and her boyfriend Adam. Jamila hands her over the tube of chemical waste that Jamila collected in the industrial area. She stands with Vespa and Pyrotic discussing things about what is gonna happen with the chemicals. Jamila then shows herself out and outside encounters Mayor Wildefort from the future in his cat armor. From him he learned that the future was a bad one ruled by Pyrotic and that she was killed by the Jersey Devil. Jamila says she handed the chemicals to Pyrotic already to the shock of Wildefort.

She goes out to search the Jersey Devil and meets up Koh, Joshua and Amaya at the Gates of Hell. She goes inside where she confronts Jersey Devil on his deeds in the future and battles him to force him to not continue what he is trying to do. After doing so Tyrant, Mephistopheles and Barbatos enter, fighting the remaining three as Jamila and Jersey find a way to rewrite the contract so he'll retain his human half. They all get kicked out by Paimon and shortly after fight Soluna after which everything returns to normal and Jamila makes plans to restore her restaurant again.

Doom Dome Battle 2

She appears in Doom Dome Battle 2 where she has reopened the restaurant and invited some people there to celebrate, until another catastrophe happens.


  • Although she is not really based off a specific person, she does have tendencies to act like Gordon Ramsey, often criticzing people for their idiotic behavior.


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