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Giselle Pindar

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Giselle Pindar is a playable character in Doom Dome Battle and its sequel.



Giselle Pindar is the current head of the Illuminati. She is the first female to ever be so, and takes pride in it. She is in close contact with their God, Bavarian, and wishes to bring him to the surface in order to obtain unspeakable power. Thought various rituals she already acquired a kind magic called Illumination, which is similar to light manipulation. She is a very dominant person and likes to be the one in lead and feared by her subordinates, even having the nerve to engage in affairs with Lucifer and his family to get what she wants.


Giselle is the current head of the Illuminati, being the first female to be that as well. After she managed to summon their God, Bavarian, she fought him in order to obtain unspeakable powers. Her wish was granted and she turned into a witch, having control of Illumination which includes light manipulation and other types of magic as well. She set up her own coven to build an army so she could eventually get the whole world to get on their knees for her so she can finally bathe in the glory like she so desires.


Giselle attacks with magic attacks, even though she isn't a witch yet in the first game. She has illuminating magic with which she can send triangles at the opponents like shurikens, or make a huge triangle as shield or send it forwards as wall and many more applications of that kind of magic.

Her Doom Attack is Illuminati Confirmed in which she summons Bavarian who attacks the opponent with a barrage of attacks including: fire, poison, darkness and illuminating. When it KO's them Giselle walks up to them and rips their heart out and crushes it.


Doom Dome Battle

Giselle first appears after the battle between Ladilika and Count Hendrick where she helps Ladilika defeat Hendrick. However she only does this to capture Ladilika to her lair to lead Lucifer to her place. She explains she needs Lucifer to summon Bavarian, the God of Illuminati. She however needs another artifact and heads to the Asian District for that. 

There she meets Sumo Simon in his dojo who is ready to fight her. After she defeats him Simon asks why she really is here. Giselle wants to take his hierlone but can elaborate about it at her place. When they arrive there Lucifer awaits them and sees Giselle has no soul and engages in battle with Lucifer and Ladilika along with Simon. However the battle triggers the summoning of Bavarian to whom Giselle pleaded to give her immense power. Mai however had joined as well and also pleaded for it. Bavarian first displayed his power by turning Simon into a shrunken head and that he first has to be battled for some of his power. Giselle and Mai do so and are granted witch powers from Bavarian. Giselle wanted to make a coven of herself and offered Mai a place in it which she rejected.

Doom Dome Battle 2

Giselle made her own coven with many witches from all over the place, but over time there begin to play tensions in the organisation.

Mission Alpha

Giselle granted the power of the witches but her idea to make a coven didn't work out as she wanted. Scarlet ascended to deity status and all the other witches left after Giselle turned Shaniqua into a voodoo doll. When Alpha enters the temple Giselle says that the only way to recharge her powers is to make contact with the Illuminati Goddess, but she is not on good terms with her and says she needs to find someone who can. She hands out a quest to place her magic triangles in Wildefort. When done she hopes it can power her magic again, but fails and instead restores an ancient drone which Alpha can have and she returns to her throne.


  • Her first name is takes from singer Beyoncé, who's second name is Giselle. Her appearance was also slightly inspired by her.
  • Her second name, Pindar, is the title that the ruler of the Illuminati holds. It happens to be a title that only can be held by a male.
  • In Giselle's Doom Attack she turns into a being that looks similar to Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls.
  • Her alternate costume is based on the Egyptian clothing style of Isis, Amunet and Neith.


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