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Chupacabra is a playable character in Doom Dome Battle acquired by time release and a default character in its sequel.


A creature who only has been seen by few on this planet. The Chupacabra is an extraterrestrial being that was dropped on this planet for unknown reasons. It started hunting for goats and suck them dry, but never really attacked any humans. The creature was eventually taken in by Count Hendrick, who would take care of it as his pet. Chupacabra is still confused about who he actually is and hopes to find his true origins eventually, and where he belongs.


A fast and strong character who might be one of the strongest character in the entire game. It is the only one to have three species types to choose from, making it an excellent combatant. He is pretty much a balanced character, being equally fast and strong. But has a somewhat weaker defense.

His Doom Attack is Rampage Mode in whcih it will release a loud roar and rush at the opponent. He will swallow and chew on them, spitting them out afterwards. If they KO the opponent only the bones will be burped out.


Doom Dome Battle

Doom Dome Battle 2


  • Based on the mysterious urban legend that is rumored to roam Earth.
  • It is the only character with three species based on it possibly being a deformed animal (animal), it sucking the blood of animals (vampire) and rumors of it being send to Earth from outer space (extraterrestrial).
  • The ending of the Chupacabra's story is based on the real life events of Hachi in which the owner dies and the dog keeps waiting. In this version Hendrick doesn't return while Chupacabra keeps waiting.


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