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Bibo the Clown

Bibo the Clown

Doom Dome Battle
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Bibo the Clown is a playable character in Doom Dome Battle and its sequel.


Bibo the Clown is someone on first sight is a jolly, happy-go-lucky person. He also is until his other personality emerges, Bibo suffers from multiple-personality-disorder and can't recall what his other side his done and vice-versa. His other side was born during his childhood where he was traumatized by a certain clown which apparently carried over to adulthood. He is at constant war with himself and tries to seek a way to get rid of his evil side, so people can enjoy him for who he really is.


A wacky character to play as. He focuses on close combat. He wields several clown objects to attack with including, but not limited to; juggle sticks, water flower, electric handshake and the infinite tissues. The projectile moves like the water flower don't have a long range, the only one having long range being the juggle sticks. He may not do as much damage but has lots of health. He may also switch to his other personality at times which deals a lot more damage, but also takes some of his health in the process.

His Doom Attack is F.U.N. Bibo's homicidal part takes over so bad that he almost looks demonic. Many balloons start falling from the ceiling making the player unable to see Bibo. The balloons all explode releasing blood from them and Bibo is behind his opponent and stabs them in the back all the way through their body.

If it KO's them their organs will fall out when Bibo stabs through them.


Doom Dome Battle

Bibo appears late in the story while Red is fighting with and saves her from the creature by using one of his exploding balloons. He hinted towards her he had an encounter with the creature earlier. He invites Red to his home, promising no harm as she still got her wolf with her. Inside of his home Red notices a tiny box standing on the cabinet which Bibo was just going to put away. After he put it away there seems a weird shift inside of him and his serial killer personality comes out who threatens Red, demanding her to reveal where the box is. Red fights off Bibo and quickly makes her escape. Bibo tries to follow her but eventually turns back home.

When he arrives home he sees that Mai and Barbatos have entered his home and found where the box was locked away. His serial killer side battles them for the box, but they manage to get away from him, leaving Bibo angered. He quickly reforms into his normal state again. Bibo sees the box is gone and roams outside to find it and encounters Lucius who had been warned by Red that he was dangerous. Bibo however promises that only his other form has those killer instincts. Lucius brings him along to the others where he sees Pixel attacking them. Bibo's serial killer resurfaces and fights Pixel off gaining the trust of the other humans.

After fighting Soluna, Bibo decides for himself that he wants to get rid of his serial killer side and goes to an institute where he hopes that they can supress his serial killer side.

Doom Dome Battle 2

Bibo tries to struggles with supressing his serial killer side, which bring him trouble when things of the past begin to haunt him.


  • His inspirtion in terms of design and regular personality are based on Pipo the Clown from his titular series and Bassie from Bassie en Adriaan.
  • His split-personality is based on Pennywise from Stephen King's horror, IT.


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