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Doom Dome Battle
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Bavarian is a boss character in Doom Dome Battle and its sequel.


The God of the Illuminati, Bavarian. A deity that has been banished to the lanes between when the Illuminati was founded. He wishes to return to Earth in order to rule it on his own accord and does so by communicating with his cult, the Illuminati. The lanes between allow him to look into our world but not being able to make change in it. He is said to be a powerful being, capable of feats greater than most demons and angels and his status as species can't even be determined because of this.


Bavarian is a strong boss, one of the last ones as well. He has several attacks which include; a tiger claw in which his tiger arm grows immense claws and he makes a powerful slash. In one attack he uses his scorpion tail to stab forwards, intending to inflict poison. He can shoot lasers from his staff, fly to the other side of the stage with his wings and bash into opponents with his horn while doing so. He constantly attacking, so it is best to wait for him to use one of his more powerful moves, dodge those and then land a combo.


Doom Dome Battle

Throughout the first game Giselle Pindar is busy summoning Bavarian, the God of the Illuminati. At the start she almost has all the ingredients for completion, and only needs an Egyptian Eye and a lock of Lucifer's hair. She collects the Egyptian Eye from Sumo Simon and lures Lucifer to her lair and takes the lock of hair. Bavarian is summoned finally being freed from being stuck in the lane inbetween. He swears to make Earth his kingdom.

Giselle, and later Mai as well, want his power to become all powerful. Bavarian refuses to give it to them, despite Giselle being the one who summoned him. He then allows it if he gets beaten in battle. After being beaten by them he admits defeat and sticks with his deal. He transfers his powers into Giselle and Mai which turns them into witches.

Doom Dome Battle 2

Bavarian is confirmed to return, but unknown in what form as he is basically locked inside of Giselle and Mai.


  • His name refers to Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on 1 May 1776.
  • The third eye on his face refers to the All-Seeing Eye.
  • His appearance is inspired by the 1700's wardrobe and how Finn appears in the episode "Wizard" of Adventure Time.


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