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Amaya Havens

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Amaya Havens is a playable character in Doom Dome Battle and its sequel.


Amaya Havens is a young angel who is the guardian of a boy named Joshua Tamashii, and is undercover on Earth as a regular high school girl for that particular reason. When something bad might happen to Joshua she is there to protect him, showing that she might even have a little crush on him. She is part of the council of angels that protect the Earth. Unknown to herself she is actually the daughter of Lucifer from his time when he was still an angel, hence why she isn't a half-breed.


Amaya fights using her golden sword and her mirror shield. She is a fast and light character who due to her species typing, heals herself when using a holy attack. She can reflect projectiles with her shield and deflect physical attacks. Her sword has decent range. She has a few special attacks with holy properties.

Her Doom Attack is Divine Intervention. Amaya splits her sword in two pieces and forms them into nails. She shoots those at the opponent hitting them in the palm of their hands and sends them backwards. She then summons a giant crucifix from the sky to which the opponent is pinned to. Lastly light will shine down so bright that is massivly damages the opponent. If it KO's them their lifeless body keeps hanging there like Jesus did.


Doom Dome Battle

During a regular day on school the catastrophe happened. It knocked her human, Joshua Tamashii, unconscious and allowed Amaya to transform to her true form, that of an angel. She revealed to Joshua, when he was conscious again, that she was his guardian angel and that she would protect him from the dangers happening.

Amaya had to close the Gates of Hell, but Joshua wanted to help. Even though she didn't want it they went to Joshua's house to get his gun. There they encountered Mephistopheles who just killed Joshua's uncle. Joshua engaged in battle with her ordering Amaya to stay back. However the fight was interrupted by Mai who wanted to protect Joshua, causing Mephistopheles to flee. Mai got angered at Amaya when she tried to take Joshua away from the place and engaged in battle with her. Mai loses the fight allowing for Amaya to quickly grab Joshua and flee from the scene.

The two rush towards the Gates of Hell, when arriving there they meet up with Samurai Koh and Jamila Sahota who had come there for personal reasons. They entered but encountered Paimon at Lucifer's throne. Paimon locked them up in special cages from which even angels couldn't escape. Jersey Devil however made his way to the throne and battled Paimon and won. He freed the others afterwards. After a heated discussion between Jersey Devil and Jamila, other demons arrived.

Amaya was locked into battle with Mephistopheles and they talked about the heavens and hell, it both being terrible places. Mephistopheles however said she was bound and loyal to Lucifer, and always will be. Amaya says the same over Michael and they agree it is a shame as they could have been friends in another situation. Joshua suddenly entered a state of rage, him turning stronger and wilder, and uncontrollable. The demons were knocked away and Amaya tried to get a hold of him. Yggdrasil appeared and locked him in her whip and guided the humans to the surface.

Once they reached the surface they were quickly drawn into a battle with Soluna along with many other warriors. Afterwards Amaya embraced Joshua and turned into her human appearance, promising she will always protect him, Joshua returns the same words and they give each other a tiny kiss.

Doom Dome Battle 2

Amaya returns in the sequel as a playable character. Her story will revolve around her being the newest member in the Earth Brigade, tasked to protect the Earth.

Rokukai's Demon Bounty

Amaya is a supporting character in Rokukai's Demon Bounty who first appears at the start of the game at the Wildefort high school where she is with Joshua and Prince. She appears at the endings of the Stage 2 levels that lead to the good route in the Stage 3 level: Heaven Gardens.

She takes Rokukai to the Heavens because Seben is suspicious of Judas, who has been acting up ever since Yggdrasil was stationed on Earth. She requests Rokukai with the help of Seben to collect all the evidence which would lead to Judas apprehension. She has to help Yggdrasil escort Judas away to ths prison.

She doesn't appear until the Hero ending where she is seen chilling with Rokukai and the other teens. She does a similar thing in the true ending where she walks off into the distance along with them.

Mission Alpha

Despite not appearing in the game, her son Ephraim does appear who she has together with Joshua. Her status in this alternate universe is unknown.


  • She is based on the trope of the main female love interests in anime being someone with special abilities/a secret indentity.
  • Her name comes from a roleplay the developer once participated in.
  • Her appearance was based on a mixture of Panty Anarchy from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt and Naminé from Kingdom Hearts.


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