Doom Dome Battle logo by Solarrion
Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo Switch
Story, Arcade, Multiplayer, Online
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Doom Dome Battle
Successor Doom Dome Battle 2

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Doom Dome Battle (運命ドームの戦い Unmei dōmu notatakai) is a video game developed by Dark Heart Games and published by Fantendo. Doom Dome Battle is a fighting game featuring a wide variety of characters, with many in-game references to popular culture such as movies and games. It is a fighting game in the same fashion of Tekken and Dead or Alive.

Originally the game features a whole different cast of playable characters and was left unfinished. In June 2016 the game was picked up again after seemingly having been cancelled and introduced new characters, removed others and redisigned most others.

After the first game was completed, production for the second game already started, Doom Dome Battle 2.


Doom Dome Battle is a fighting game in which players control characters with different fighting styles and special attacks, engaging in one-on-one combat to deplete their opponent's life gauge. The game features 2.5D graphics; movement is restricted to a two-dimensional plane, while the characters and backgrounds are rendered in a three-dimensional fashion. Each match consists of a single round with each player bearing two life bars.

The stages, based on various locations that appear in the story mode and are all locations inside of the dome in which Wildefort is trapped. And although being a singular location it varies very much in environment. Some stages even feature interactive environments. If an opponent is hit with a heavy attack near a corner of the arena, it launches them, triggering a transition animation and taking the fight to a new section of the stage. Each section also contains objects that characters can interact. Players have the option to turn off interactive elements and stage transitions.

The Story mode is split into several chapters. As the narrative plays out, the player swaps between different characters. It is the single player campaign along with Arcade mode in which one can choose a character and fight a series of battles. The other two modes are Multiplayer and Online. Playing through any of the game modes, including online matches with optional goal objectives, will net the player experience points that may be used to unlock alternate costumes, music, concept art, and other rewards.

Each character has a set of button combo's for their special attacks, but of course their specials attacks work different. Each character also has a Doom Attack which is their most powerful attack which pulls the opponent into a cinematic and deals massive damage on them if the right action is performed. These actions vary from pressing the correct combination on the control pad, spinning the analog stick, tapping to fill up a bar and timing to press the correct button. The Doom Attack Gauge is filled up by successfully performing combo's.

There are different species in the game which give different advantages in the game. However for duo's consisting out of different species and characters with multiple species only one can be selected before entering a fight.

Species Advantage
AngelIcon Angels can heal by using holy attacks which are usually in their regular combo's.
AnimalIcon Animals can dodge much quicker than other species.
ComicIcon Cosmic Entities pull the opponent closer when they're facing them, but repulses them when not.
ComputerProgramIcon Computer Programs upgrade their defense over the course of the battle.
DemonIcon Demons have a higher chance of inflicting a critical hit, which with normal characters only happens occasionally.
ExtraterrestrialIcon Extraterrestrials take zero damage when they are shielding in contrary to other species.
DeceasedIcon Ghosts can easily break free from combo chains.
HumanIcon The Doom Attack Gauge of Human characters fills up quicker than other species.
MutantIcon Mutants always have 1 hp left after they receive damage which actually should KO them.
ReaperIcon A Reaper does more damage depending on how low their health is. The lower their health the more damage they do.
RobotIcon Robots are more resistant towards angelic and demonic attacks.
VampireIcon Vampires can resist negative statuses like burning, paralyze and poison.
UnknownIcon When a character's species is unknown they can claim any other advantage except for Cosmic and Reaper.


The full story can be read at: Doom Dome Battle/Story

The city of Wildefort. A huge city where there are always many people, whether it be a tourist, traveller or just inhabitant. People come here often for the sightseeing as Wildefort features a broad environmental appeal and lot's of things to explore. It varies from snow peaked mountains to a distant desert. Others may even come for work or better life oppertunities.

One day however, a day prophesized by many but never believed by anyone, a huge catastrophe happened. Extraterrestrials launched their attack on the city which led to the gouvernment immediately placing a dome over the whole area. At this same time the Gate to Hell opened and demons started to parade through the city as well along with the extraterrestrials. In response the gouvernment sent our their robots, only for them to turn against humanity. Now it is just a matter of surviving in this battle in this dome of doom.


The game takes place in a large city named Wildefort and its outskirts somewhere in the Fantendoverse. Once the portal to Hell opened and the aliens landed a huge dome was put around the area locking up anyone inside but also preventing the others to leave the place. The area is filled with many different landscapes and also is known as one of the biggest tourist locations because of this. The city has various cultures and regions inside of it.


There is a cast of 50 playable characters with five of these characters being special guest characters from other games!




Playable Characters



Time Release

Instead of Downloadable Content (DLC), Doom Dome Battle works with Time Release characters. Around a period of time there will be an update to the game in which a new character will be added to the game, as well as a new chapter in the Story Mode. The chapter can be placed anywhere in the story. When having bought the game when the updates are already released then they will automtically update them on the game as well.



All hazards can be turned off in the options menu.

Stage Description
Wildefort Downtown One fights in the streets that are in the center of Wildefort Downtown. The streets are in ruins, with some holes in the streets and fires scattered. The buildings in the background are partly broken down as well. One stats the fight on top of a highway bridge but can move the scenery by pushing the opponent off the bridge which will let the fight play further on the ground.
Suburban Homes The suburban area of Wildefort is somewhat more tranquil. Some of the houses have completely collapsed while others are still intact. One actually starts in front of a few houses but can either slam an opponent into a house, continueing the battle there or in a low water pound.
Wildefort Shopping Mall One of the larger stages in which one begins on the first floor of the shopping mall. One can throw the opponent down and on the base floor they can also slam an opponent into a nearby shop. In the background there are mostly fires and sometimes people ran by with stolen products. The Sahota Restaurant is one of the places you can throw an opponent into.
Asian District The Asian district which is a threeway street. The players always begin in the intersection and can throw each other into three seperate directions. There is the Chinese, Japanese and Korean part. The Chinese being more festive and features Simon's dojo. The Japanese one being filled with restaurants and Koh's dojo and the Korean part being filled with neon lights.
Carnival Pier A pier on which the carnival is located at all times. At this moment in time mutants are roaming the pier on the background. Players can throw each other into attractions to wreck up damage. The stage is very long with several attractions spread across the pier.
Circus An abandoned circus which is home to Bibo. It has a dark atmosphere and there are several attractions in the background. At one side is a carousel in which the opponent can be pushed into which wrecks up their damage. On the other side one can be pushed into the section where all the mini-game stalls are. The cartwheel in the background may move at occasionally.
Wildefort Zoo A zoo located in the outskirts of Wildefort. It features many cages of animals that have gone on a rampage. Some cages can be unlocked to let them run across the stage. The players can throw each other on monkey island which is a pit in the zoo where the monkey's reside.
Industrial Area The Industrial area consists out of a plain ground with chemical buildings on the background. Justin's spaceship crashed here causing many chemical waste to linger around which could be used to your advantage. One can throw the opponent into Justin's spaceship and continue their fight inside there as well, having multiple machinery to use as well.
Fishing Lake The fishing lake was a once tranquil place where one could go fish. However it now is filled with chemical waste. There are several washed up objects on the beach near the fishing lake to use as interactive weapons. Occasionally a dinosaur like creature surfaces from the water and starts attacking the stage, it being the only boss that appears on a stage.
Mayor's Office You fight in the mansion that is the mayor's office. You begin the fight in the foyer but can go to other rooms as well. Unlike most stages this one doesn't feature a lot of interaction stuff and is considered the most basic stage.
Pyortic's Laboratorium The laboratorium of Professor Pyrotic is rahter large and is a good place to slam opponents into machinery on the stage of use them to your advantage. They vary from a laser ray to a robot on stand-by to shoot and throw respectively.
Graveyard A spooky graveyard darkened by clouds lingering above it. It might suddenly even start to rain in this area. Spirits may arrise from the ground and start roaming the graveyard.
Dead Forest A thick forest with gray trees and a dark atmosphere. Strange creatures may crawl in the background, but otherwise not much is going on in this stage. The forest is adjescent to the manor of Hendrick.
Count Hendrick's Manor A giant manor, which almost looks like a fortress, which is owned by Count Hendrick. One starts fighting in the foyer of the manor but can be pushed into a small door on the right which lets them tumble down a stairs and continues the fight in the dungeon underneath.
Mt. Frostpeak You always start at the top of the mountain in front of Violet's cabin. The whole peak is frozen and covered with snow, making it kinda slippery. Opponents can throw each other down several times (3x) until they reach the ground. At each fall the snow begins to become less.
Area 64 A desloted place in the desert of Wildefort. It is a hard to enter place which on the inside is primarily white. There are freakish experiments locked away in the background.
Illuminati HQ The base of operations of the Illuminati.
Mothership Almighty The Mothership Almighty is as the name implies the mothership of the extraterrestrials. One starts fighting in the operating room but can go to other parts of the mothership, like the escape pods and the cafeteria. There are various alien machinery to use on this stage.
Highway to Hell Another name for this stage is the Gates of Hell as is sometimes appears as that as well. At random the player begins either at the gates of Hell or at the top of the highway leading to Hell. As expected players and throw each other to the two locations on this stage. There are fiery pits near the gates while there are wrecked cars on the highway.
Lucifer's Throne The throne room of Lucifer, with a single throne in the middle of the stage.
Ninth Layer The lowest layer in Hell where all the deceased demons linger. It is pitch black with ground made out of stone and a few orbs of light floating around providing light.



  • The game previously was called Let's Fight! and had a whole different set of characters and never finished completion.
  • Guest characters were included to make others be more interested in the game by seeing some familiar faces.
  • The game takes its main inspiration from Injustice: Gods Among Us, Dead or Alive and Heroforce.
    • A character of Heroforce is also included, Lucius.