Doom Boom
Darkey Koopa elekrtic
Doom Boom, the electric clone of Boom Boom.
Full Name Doom Boom
Current Age 23 (All-New Spursverse)
Unknown (Before reboot)
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Empire of Bow (as of reboot)
Main Weapon(s) Electrically charged fists
First Appearance Gumball and Mario

Doom Boom (or Darkey Koopa) is a clone of Boom Boom that was genetically modified with the DNA of an Amp (although the old version was the other way around). He first appeared in Gumball & Mario as one of Bowser's experiments with genetics.


Old Universe

Bowser attempts to transform an Amp into a Koopa Henchman using Boom Boom's DNA, but the project fails and the end result is a hybrid of both. Thus, Darky is created.

15 years later, Bowser betrays Darky "for his father's good". Therefore, Darky is determined to get revenge on his creator, and finally has a chance to do so in Gumball and Mario. At first, he is an anti-hero first discovered in World 10, but after you defeat him, he becomes playable and is replaced by a clone with a yellow left eye instead of a red one.

Darky returns in Super Mario Silver Spurs: Dimensional Duos as one of Mario's teammates, but he is more of a minor character.

Rebooted History

Darky Koopa appears in Multiversal Silver Spurs: Continuum Renegades, under the name Doom Boom. He is one of Lady Bow's top henchmen in this universe, and appears to have no memory of the old timeline whatsoever, even after it is fused with the new one.

Doom Boom returns in Silver Spurs Omicron: Echoes of Disaster as a major character.


Doom Boom is often extremely focused on the task at hand, and constantly pursues his goals at any cost. He is not very good at understanding sarcasm, metaphors, and the like, which means he is easily fooled sometimes. In a way, he is like a robot, and rarely shows any emotion whatsoever; when he does, it is usually because someone is irritating him and preventing him from accomplishing his task.