A Waddle Doo which is determined, strong willed and stands out from others.
Full Name Dooely
Current Age  ??
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Melee Combat, Beam Copy Ability
Latest Appearance Kirby D.I.Y

Dooely is a Waddle Doo from a future series Dooely Of PopStar, a 3D platformer set for 2011 by GamerAvenue Co.. He first appears in Kirby D.I.Y As a secret, DS-exclusive character who can be unlocked by saving an adventure from another DS via Local Wireless Connection. Little is known about Dooely, only that he uses intermediate melee combat and can use more advanced Beam Attacks than most Waddle Doos.


Kirby D.I.Y

In Kirby D.I.Y, he is a secret character unlocked by saving a game from a friend's DS, via Local Wireless.

Infomation on Dooely from Kirby D.I.Y

Name of Hero

Hero Image In-Game Description Abilities How to Unlock

Fight/Beam Hybrid

The Skills can be swapped by X/Y Buttons.

Save an adventure from a friend Via Local Wireless Connection