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Doodleland Wars 3 is the fourth in the spin-off series of Doodleland. The plot revolves around Dan's own morality, when a robot from the future comes into to kill him. Joined by another robot in the future named Cog, and a few other new characters, they must save the future and the present.


In the mall, Treena, Dan, Zak, Darkclaw, Bob, Propane, and Ramona are greeted by a robot from the future named John Walker. He attacks Dan by throwing him into a concrete wall, which happens to be by the dumpster, which is currently being taken out. Flies become attached to Dan, which constantly annoy him. Propane's new backpack breaks thanks to an new character named Eric, an lost child at the mall. Dan gets thrown into the garbage truck, and it begins a pursuit between Zak and John, when another robot from the future named Cog pummels John. Zak stops the truck and gets Dan out just in time to see it explode. As everyone is trying to hide from John, Ramona reveals she took a computer chip from John, which broke out when Cog attacked. Ramona believes her sister in Sweden might know what the chip is from, so they head off towards the airport, and Cog joins them to fight off John.

Meanwhile, in an alternative future, Mature Dan hires Hackerman, who is standing outside of the airport. John, on the other hand, finds out he can morph into other beings, and transforms into an a character inside the building. Zak goes into the bathroom, where the portal sphere he had earlier opens up, and a alternative Zak comes out, without the necklace. However, he has been trained by Mature Dan, and locks Zak in the bathroom.

The rest of the gang board the plane to Sweden, while Zak gets out, but find the plane has already left. An character named Zkip, who saw the whole thing, owns a plane, and offers Zak to catch up to his friends. After a plane chase that causes both planes to crash in Sweden, Dan, Bob, Fake Zak, and Ramona head for the aparement, with the real Zak trailing behind. A fight with Hackerman happens, but it turns out he doesn't want to fight, and joins Dan and the rest of the group. John and Slenderman meet, and decide to carry out John's plan. Ramona gets to the apartment only to find that John and Slenderman have gotten to her first. The flies from Dan causes him to start breaking away at the room, causing it to tilt and fall. The fight happens when the room is falling down, and John flies out and is smashed by the room. Slenderman is smashed into the deep ocean, and the assumption that he drowned happens. Zak fights the fake Zak, and they later get stopped by Cog, who tells them Treena and Darkclaw are missing.

They go to the elevator only to find out it was hijacked by Slenderman. Hackerman and Slenderman fight, and they both fall to their doom and get crushed by the elevator. Treena and Darkclaw are stuck inside the elevator, and Zak gets them out. Hackerman gets out from underneath, revealing he hadn't died, but his hands broke off. They go out to the nearby desert, and Dan destroys Cog due to Cog's request. Thristy, they head over to a propane camp to see if they have any water. Dan looses it with the flies and Mighty Dan. The propane camp explodes and kills everyone.


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