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HoolyDoodleland Hooly's Warning
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Doodleland Wars 3 is the third in the spin-off series of Doodleland. The plot revolves around floating parasites who have been extinct for centuries, that are brought back by Hooly's genetic professors who have cloned them, and causing the parasites to act strange. They attack, and make strange clones of everyone they can get their hands on.


Hooly is walking out of Hoolyland to sit back and relax at his floating island, and strange creatures follow him. The strange creatures turn out to be animal versions of Hooly, who want his fame and fortune. They are about to burn him to death when Captain Darkfang crashes the ship into the furnace, which causes his ship to burn up in flames, but saves Hooly.

Meanwhile, Ramona finds out she is wanted by the Space Police, and runs into Hooly, who finds out his parasites are being used for "evil". Teaming up, they get into Data Frogs fortress, who they think is behind everything. It turns out Data Frog was really trying to hold back the devil, and the devil begins takes everyone into his realm.

Meanwhile, Dizo, who finally is accepted into Heck, makes a deal with the devil, to kill Dan. However this plane easily back fires, as he is eaten by a giant Chinese worm.

Meanwhile, Hooly and Ramona are tied to gears that spin into lava. Hooly manages to get most of his tentacles out, and frees Ramona, and Bob (who was also connected to their gears). A huge bird like creature attacks Hooly, putting him into a vat of acid. Ramona and Bob get out alive, but without Hooly. Hooly's LifaAlert signals the Hooligans, who rebuild him into a Darth Vader suit and capture the bird creature.

Meanwhile, Zak is telaported far away from his apartment in Hoolyland, in front of Pixel Caves. He accidentally frees Crazy Otto, who wreaks havoc on Japan 2. Dan, who was digging a hole to China, gets pixelated, along with everything else. Zak finds a portal to the junkyard, in which he finds has changed much from his last visit. He trys to find Dan, but are stopped by several gang members of the "Garbage Gang". He is thrown into the deepest pit by them.

Meanwhile, Ramona and Bob meet a tree spirit named Treena, who knows that they left Hooly behind. Realizing their own mistake, they go back, only to be nearly killed by Darth Hooly. Treena saves the day with her roots, that destroys Hooly's Darth Vader Suit. Treena turns into a half tree/peson, and joins them.

Robo Ribbetman is destroyed by a clone of himself, but is destroyed by his sister. She knows that Dan is in the Junkyard, where Robo Ribbetman is.

Zak telaports into the deepest pit, and rescues Dan. However, Robo Ribbetman's icey cage topples on them, and caves in the pit. However, they all are rescued by a member of the Garbage Gang. They get out, and meet up with Treena, Hooly, Bob, and Ramona. Treena's nature powers seem to affect the creatures and they melt into nothingness. Crazy Otto is still out there however...

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