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Doodleland Wars 2 introduces new characters and villians, and is the second in the Doodleland Wars spin-off series. The plot revolves around the Doodleland Pirates, Hooly, an chrome burger, and refunds.


Zak and everyone else takes a vacation near Hoolyland. Bob buys a chrome burger only to find he can't eat and finds out the store he got from is closed for the day. Not willing to wait all day to get his money back, he asks Dan to go to the Chrome Burger offices. Dizo, one of the Doodleland pirates, notices Bob and Dan would make some good and fast money for his shop. He puts them in a snow globe and attempts to sell them.

Zak and Darkclaw come to save Dan and Bob, but the woman who was trying to buy the snow globe gets upset. She demands her money back from the store owner, who dies when trying to get to his escape hatch which was replaced with a fire pit. She follows Dan and Bob in hopes of reaching the Doodleland pirates for a refund. She reveals that her name is Ramona. They reach a warehouse, where one of the Doodleland pirates attempts to get away by turning on the magentic ceiling conveyer belt. Bob's chrome burger turns out to be magnetic, and everyone attempts to grab on something metal. After knocking the pirate into a pit of acid, they find themselves in an peanut conveyer.

Zak meets up with Dark X, the captain of the Doodleland Pirates. Apparently, Hoolyland is at the end of Doodleland, but he has never gotten in. Zak tries to sneak Dark X into Hoolyland, and Dark X runs through Hoolyland, looking for Hooly's money stash. Zak goes into to stop him.

Ramona has an allergic reaction to the peanuts, and Bob, Darkclaw, and Dan get her out.

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