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Doodleland Wars is the first in the line of the Doodleland Wars series. The first one features one of the biggest wars Doodleland has ever had, featuring nearly every character and dozens of new ones against each other. Even the Sun and Moon are fighting!


Dan sneaks into Hoolyland by accident after being pushed away from a nearby explosion. Dan tries to avoid being caught by Hooly's guards due to the fact if Hooly knew if he was here, he'd won't be happy about it, and may result in Dan's death. Dan almost gets to the front gate before being spotted by Hooly himself, which Hooly declares war on him for sneaking in.

Later, more and more people decide to solve their problems by having war, and decide to go Dancing Blade Island. Hooly is confused at first, thinking these people are Dan's allies, but when the war actually starts he sees them attacking each other. Dan takes Hooly's distraction as an advantage and delivers the first blow.

After the war rages on, Hooly and Dan decide that this whole war was unnecessary, and caused deaths that should have never even happened. Hooly and Dan decide to call it truce and become friends. Everyone begins to stop fighting, except the sun and moon, who the Sun promptly blasts and seemingly destroys the moon.

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