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Doodleland RPG: Mazing Adventure is a title that was announced at Fantendo World. It is a RPG with elements of platforming.


Players pick characters and classes from the start, choosing up to 2 at first. Later in the game, a total of four can be chosen. During story mode, some characters may be unavailable or chosen for you.

The rooms are all randomly generated with themes such as ice, slime, watermelon, pumpkin, fire, and earth. Enemies are fought in real time, with varying ways to defeat them. Spells can be cast by most classes, although magical classes have more spells available to them.



Zak and the others find themselves trapped in the Dream World known only as Dream Castle. Meanwhile, the Dark Scribble is planning something especially sinister this time...


Zak and the others are in Dream Castle. As they find that they can take role of classes and defeat some of the monsters, they discover that some of them have the Dark Scribble Sigil. Going further in, they meet a mysterious hooded figure.

Later they discover there are more Dream Worlds trapped in Dream Castle, copies of worlds that they've already been in. The final world, Fallen City, is nothing they've seen before.

In Fallen City, they meet the mastermind that put them in here in the first place, the Dark Scribble. Zak and Dan get separated from the group and fight against Ezekiel. Dan is put into a deeper sleep after the fight, and the only way to wake him up is to get to the beacon.

It turns out Dark Scribble can materialize his old members and selves in the Dream World. After defeating his first three forms, (Doodleland: Another Story, Doodleland: Hack/Space, and Little Big Doodleland 3) his true form is revealed. Zak attempts to fight him, but is easily held back and may die. Just then, the Hooded Figure reveals herself as Axena and fights Dealth. Zak and Axena defeat Dealth and grab the beacon.


Icon Name Info
None Beastmaster TBA
None School Girl TBA
None Gunslinger TBA
None Rouge TBA
None Alchemist TBA
None Assassin TBA
None Warrior TBA
None Engineer TBA
None Scientist TBA
None Time Master TBA
None Wizard TBA
None Technomancer TBA
None Knight Templar TBA
None Black Mage TBA
None White Mage TBA
None Moonwalker TBA
None Demon TBA
None Angel TBA


Image Name Info
None Zak TBA
None Darkclaw TBA
None Dan TBA
None Treena TBA
None Sarah TBA
RamonaDeroxNew2012 Ramona TBA
Nightgale2 Nightgale TBA
None Sam TBA
None Luna Delta TBA
None Bob TBA
None Quorra TBA
None Hooly TBA
None Jazz TBA
None Framework TBA
None Amy TBA
None Propane TBA
None Zoe TBA
None Zkip TBA
None ??? The mysterious figure who has been chasing them for the entire time here. What does it want?


Icon Name Info
IceCreamMazingA Ice Cream Comes in flavors of chocolate, vanilla and mint. Heals 40% of health and increases power of Ice-based spells.
MuffinMazingA Muffin Comes in flavors of Lemon Poppyseed, Chocolate, Pumpkin, Strawberry, Bagel, Frosted, and Vanilla. Heals 50% of health and increases power of explosive spells.
DoughnutMazingA Doughnut Comes in flavors of strawberry, glazed, double glazed, overkill, and chocolate. Heals 60-80% of health depending on glaze.
PopscicleMazinA Popsicle Comes in flavors of orange, strawberry, lemon, lime, grape, grapefruit, chocolate, vanilla, mint and schnozberries. Gives a random buff that lasts a minute when eaten.
MazingABread Bread Can be buttered, toasted, toasted and buttered, toasted and jammed, jammed, and egged. Each option heals different amounts of health, ranging around 30%-70%.


Image Name Info
None School Girl Clothes (Level 1) The default clothes for the school girl class. Adds 5 points for Jump and 5 points for Speed.
None Beastmaster Suit (Level 1) Suit used to tame beasts. Adds 5 points to Friendliness and 5 points to Swag.
None White Mage Cloak (Level 1) A cloak used by White Mages. Adds 5 points to Magic and 5 points to Light.
None Gunslinger Suit (Level 1) A suit used by Gunslingers. Adds 5 points to Accuracy and 5 points for Speed.
None Rouge Cloak (Level 1) A cloak used by Rouges. Adds 5 points to Stealth and 5 points to Accuracy.
None Rouge Cloak (Level 1) A cloak used by Rouges. Adds 5 points to Stealth and 5 points to Accuracy.
None Alchemist Cloak (Level 1) A cloak used by Alchemists. Adds 5 points to Alchemy and 5 points to Swag.


  • Jump - How far and high one can jump.
  • Speed - How fast a character can go.
  • Friendliness - How friendly a character is. This can effect how often monsters and bosses hit that character.
  • Swag - Increases percentage of finding items and increases chances of rare items.
  • Magic - How well a character can use magic.
  • Light - How well a character can use Light-based items and spells.
  • Accuracy - How well a character can hit it's mark.
  • Stealth - How sneaky a character can be.
  • Alchemy - How well a character can preform Alchemy.


Image Name Info
None Watermelon Room A room made entirely out of watermelon. Loot includes watermelon and Watermelon Swag. Sometimes has a Watermelon Crown.
None Pumpkin Room A room made entirely out of pumpkin. Loot includes pumpkins and Pumpkin Swag/Halloween Swag. Sometimes has a Jack's Scythe (Gunblade).
None Monolith Room A rare room with a single Monolith in it. It also features chest with Mini Monoliths and sometimes a Monolith Crown. VERY rarely does it also have a Monolith Seeker (Gunblade).
None Artic Room A room that looks like the inside of igloo. Fridges have frozen treats as well as having a rare Freeze Gun.
None Metro Room A room that looks like the Metro. Features Metros that can get you to other rooms. Loot includes any random items or Secret Report.
None Hooly Room A room full of Hooly Swag. The room is shaped in his image.


Icon Name Items
None Watermelon Swag Watermelon, Blue Watermelon, Strawberry Watermelon, Watermelon Crown, and Watermelon Hat.
None Pumpkin Swag Pumpkin, Grey Pumpkin, Nether Pumpkin, Angel Pumpkin, Jack O' Lantern, Pumpkin King Crown, and Ice Pumpkin.
None Halloween Swag Halloween Outfit, Skeleton Key, Skull, Nether Skull, Jack's Scythe (Gunblade), and Halloween Candy.
None Arabian Swag Sultan Hat, Arabian Outfit, Genie's Lamp, Crystal Sand, and Ring of Wishes.
None Monolith Swag Mini Monolith, Monolith 2x4, Monolith Seeker (Gunblade), Monolith Crown, Image from Another World.

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