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Doodleland MMO (or Doodleland: The Sages of the West in Japan) is an online MMO that allows players to create their own character and battle, create, play, and much more with millions of players. The game was released online on October 29, it's first big update being the Halloween update, which attracted almost 3 million players. Islands and places are created by users and staff, staff islands usually are located on the map much easier than user-made ones, and feature the Doodleland Cast. It includes the Doodleland Berries, but since the game is in extremely early stages, there are no dyes.

Character Creation

Players can draw parts or use pre-made ones using the character creator. It is said that all dyes would work with any character, even drawn ones. Drawn characters must be inspected before they can be used, so the default character is an recolored Hooly, Zak, Darkclaw, Dan, Rellia, or Sarah. Characters can show pre-made motions or ones made in the animation editor. Any "suggestive" motions can be reported and removed.

After the character is created, clothes, hats, and other items can still be put on. Users can draw items, but their worth is determined by other members of the game. Drawn items are also checked by staff.


Halloween 2011

The first event was the Halloween Event, in which demons infested the islands. Maion would greet each player and would attempt to help them by giving them an wooden paddle as a weapon. Demons were extremely vulnerable to wood, and were easily defeated in two hits. They could only harm the player if they were empty handed. They dropped clocks, pumpkins, and rarely, the Clock Pumpkin. On Devil Eye Island, which could be accessed by collecting 15 clocks, Dan greeted the players, and faced off the Demon King. Winning the fight gave you an flashlight, which would kill any demon automatically. Demons would eventually run away from you if you had the flashlight in your inventory.

Christmas 2011

While there was no Christmas event, the Arts Update introduced 12 classes into the game, based off the Arts of Doodleland. There was also new ores added into the game, they could be used to make armor and tools. Several new enemies, such as Wraiths and Cryes would make appearances in dark areas. A new creature called the Solarius could appear on the storybook islands, and could be tamed.

August 2012

A huge update called the Fantasical Fantasy update introduced several new ores and many new creatures such as orcs and orges. Wizards and Alchemists got a ton of new stuff such as wands and potions.

Heaven or Las Vegas 2012

In november, a new update introduced the demon and angel realm, as well as three new species that could be playable: Angels, Demons, and Blood Angels. It also added Celestial Weapons to the game as well as Unholy Weapons.


Image Name Description
None Copper Copper is by far, the most common ore that can be found. It can be used in wiring and making ample tools.
None Kona Kona is a rather rare ore that can be found. It can be used to make fast and strong weapons, and the armor is among some of the best in the game.
None Technojem Technojem is a medium rarity ore. It can be used in wiring and pimping out tools and armor.
None Cobalt Cobalt is a very rare ore, and can be used to make armor and weapons that rival Konator ones.
None Diamond Diamond is a EXTREMELY rare ore, and can be used to make armor and weapons that beat Cobalt and Konator ones.
None Mithril A very light but tough to break ore. Your weapons won't be very strong, but if your wearing Mithril armor you can easily beat up Diamond Armor users with your bare fists if you wanted.
None Glaci A cold ore from ice cores hidden in the earth. They can freeze enemies and attack with the powers of the cold.
None Storm Diamond Storm Diamonds are even rarer ores, and can be used to harness the power of storms. The actual armor and weapons are still the same as Diamond.


There are two types of servers: Kid and Teen. Kid Servers can only be accessed if you are under 13 or with the sibling feature. Any attempt to curse will result you in a warn, and the message will not show. Teen servers can only be accessed if you are are 13 or older. These allow cussing, but they have a censor feature which only can be seen by players in the server with it on. They also allow a small amount of online dating for now, but it may be removed if it gets out of hand. The sibling feature was added during the Halloween Update for brothers and sisters to help each other during the event. This did not work with Teen Servers.


The game so far has two daily freebies, the Wheel of Good/Bad Fortune, which for right now only gives out a random ore, although the most common is copper. It is planned to change for the seasons. The Cauldron of Fame allows you to stick your hand in the cauldron, either buring it or grabbing an item.

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