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Doodleland Chronicles: Darkness Ascension is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Being a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors (or if you're Sorastitch (tbc), who has a right to edit this however he pleases). It is a game in the Doodleland series exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, and it was created for Series Swap Day 2.5.


The gameplay resembles that of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and its graphics are somewhat comparable to that of Paper Mario, although without most of the shading. The Overworld portions of the game are in a top-down style, like that of EarthBound, Pokemon, and, most comparable, Sonic Chronicles. Characters can use their specific Overworld Abilities in Overworld mode to get past obstacles and (in some cases) certain enemies, all taking place in a large open world. You can also use certain items in Overworld in order to heal/boost your party. The Battle portions of the game are not unlike EarthBound and Sonic Chronicles. Battle mode uses the same graphic style. The characters are facing the enemies that they encounter in Overworld in this mode. The attacks are relatively turn-based, but the combat is still considered fast-paced in that the playable characters (and certain enemies) can block foes' attacks using certain button/touch-based combinations. When you defeat enemies, you and your party gain Experience Points. The amount of Experience varies on which character battles and how much they battle. There are also Health Points (HP), and if your character runs out of HP, they faint and require to be healed. If all of your party faints, then you get a Game Over and are taken back to the previous Save Point in Overworld. Items can also be used in Battle mode, as they can be used in Overworld. A Battle-exclusive feature is Doodle Moves, very powerful special attacks that a character can use to try and drain enemies' HP faster and win battles just as fast. These are used by using up Doodle Points (DP), which can be restored by either buying Doodle Potions to boost the points and/or by using certain items that gradually refil your DP Meter. You can also gather Cash Money (CM) from fallen enemies and use them to buy items.


Chapter One: Not-So-Humble Beginnings

The game begins with Dan, who is trying to find the origins of his psychic powers by visiting the Mind Temple on a long lost Doodleland island. On his small-scale flight there, he is sabotaged by Nightgale, who wishes to go to the Mind Temple herself in order to obtain psychic powers like Dan (in addition to her already-mighty Vampire abilities) and give additional power to the Dark Scribble. Dan and Nightgale proceed to battle, with Nightgale turning the pilot into a vampire to assist her and ultimately winning the battle, being too strong for Dan. Dan is then tossed out of the plane by Nightgale and conveniently lands on the shore in front of the Mind Temple. He runs inside, then the screen cuts out to the next character.

The next character featured is Zak, who is desperately searching for Darkclaw in their homeland. The only clues Zak has as to where Darkclaw actually is are found in their house. The clues consist of a map of the region (not really a clue, but it counts as one), a scrap of Darkclaw's robe, and a strange set of foreign footprints coming out of Darkclaw's room and disappearing halfway down the hallway. Zak sets out out of the door and in the same direction that the footprints were headed before they disappeared. Zak's special ability in the Overworld mode (and his only attack in Battle mode) are the usage of his stretchy arms, to scale large mountains, platforms, and other high-but-reachable places in Overworld and to wrap and smack enemies around with them in Battle. After scaling large areas and battling several low-level enemies, Zak reaches a large blue and yellow-colored humanoid robot with a red baseball cap on, and the robot has Darkclaw in a vat of green liquid in his translucent breast-plate! This brings on the first boss-battle, of which Zak is the ultimate victor, and the robot falls onto the ground. However, before Zak can rescue Darkclaw from the robot, the robot explodes, sending Zak flying through the air and onto a tall mountain.

Chapter Two: The Mind of a Squid

The chapter begins with Dan inside of the Mind Temple. You immediately take control of him and begin to scale the temple, fighting some relatively low-level enemies along the way and encountering mummies who act as item store clerks to buy items using Cash Money (CM) gathered from fallen enemies (despite the minor use of this in Zak's segment in Chapter One, this is the first time a character is doing this frequently). Dan attacks by using his psychic powers and robot arms, and his special Overworld ability is moving large rocks and temple wreckage from his path in order to progress. After scaling the somewhat-challenging castle, Dan reaches a large room with heiroglyphics written all over the walls. Then, he sees a blue orb of energy floating atop a pedestal in the middle of the room. Dan goes over to touch it, sensing strong amounts of psychic energy emitting from it, and the orb shoots into his chest and a similar blue energy is made an aura around his being. Dan then asks it what the source of his powers are, but before it can tell him, a large robot similar to the one that Zak fought (but much bigger) burst through the temple walls. This robot shoots a green laser beam at Dan and sucks the blue orb right out of him. Dan, enraged at the robot, flings himself at it, commensing the second boss-battle. After Dan defeats the robot, it explodes, and the entire mind temple begins to explode. Dan frantically looks through the wreckage and tries to find the blue orb, but a large piece of the ceiling falls on the robot before he can do anything. This piece of wreckage also traps one of Dan's arms under it! Just when Dan looses hope, a large Skyflier's ship swoops into the temple and a figure grabs Dan just before the entire temple collapses.

Meanwhile, in Hooly's Grand Mansion in the center of Hooly Land, Hooly is being tirelessly cared for by many Hooligan butlers, and his other whims are being fufilled by several Hooligan scientists in Hooly's laboratory in the mansion basement. It is revealed that Hooly is on a quest for world domination, for no discernable reason other than his getting bored. He plans to carry this out by creating an army of loyal robots to overthrow world leaders and place Hooly in power, then doing the same thing to other leaders in other dimensions by means of dimensional gateways, much to his scientists' dismay.

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