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Doodleland: Suit Up is an upcoming game created by Phoniex Circle. It doesn't feature the characters from Doodleland, but rather costumes that look like them. They can be worn by the Fuzitronix, the race in this game that loves wearing costumes. They can use, for example, Zak's stretchy arms or Treena's nature powers in several Doodleland islands. This takes place during Little Big Doodleland 3, although this is never mentioned during that.


The Dark Scribble has frozen everyone in carbonate, and a lost race named the Fuzitronix must save Doodleland. They don costumes and head off to fight the Dark Scribble's minions.


The Fuzitronix can carry each other like in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and can throw themselves too. Powers are activated by pressing 16px-Wiimote A and cancel their attack any time by pressing 12px-Wiimote B. Fuzitronix can also change to any coustume at anytime by pressing 19px-Nunchuk Z to bring up the costume menu.

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