Doodle World
Developer(s) Zodiac Productions
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) Wii U


Release Date(s)
August 2013
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: E for Everyone
Genre(s) Platformer
Doodle World is an original platforming game created by Zodiac Productions. It features a customizable main character and an art style that made to look hand drawn and scibbly.


Wii U

The game is played with the Wii U gamepad.

D-Pad - Move

Analogue Sticks - Move Camera

A - Jump/Interact

B - Pick Up/Throw Object

X - Punch

Y - Use Magic Brush

Start - Pause Game

Touch Screen - Draw/Drag Hero


D-Pad - Move

Circle Pad - Move Camera

A - Jump/Interact

B - Pick Up/Throw Object

X - Punch

Y - Use Magic Brush

Start - Pause Game

Touch Screen - Draw/Drag Hero


In Doodle World, a world comprised entirely of hand-drawn creations, an evil creation called The Doombringer exists. Wielding the cardboard staff, he draws evils creatures into existance, using up the sheets of life. For a long time, the inhabitants of Doodle World have suffered under him, until now, the hero of prophecy has risen. The hero heads off on a quest to collect the shards of creation. He wields the weapon of legend, the Magic Brush, to draw his own creations and traverse the land. Once he has collected all 7 shards of creation, he heads to The Doombringer's castle to take him down once and for all, crumpling him up and sending him far away from the now peaceful Doodle World.


Name Image Description
The Hero
Doodle Hero

The default look of the Hero.

The hero of Doodle World, and the playable character of the game. The image shown is the default appearance of the male hero. Before the game starts, the player can choose to use the default heroes, or draw their own, drawing the arms, legs and head/body as separate parts.
The Doombringer
The Doombringer

The Doombringer.

The main villain of the game. The Doombringer is one of the ancient sages of Doodle World, who turned on his bretheren in order to become all powerful. His heart was corrupted by power, and he now terrorises the citizens of Doodle World.
Atlus No image yet. An old man living in Scribble Town. He identifies you as the hero of prophecy, and will advise you on where to go to find the shards of creation. You can also ask him about the lore of the world, where you can find information about The Doombringer's past.
Offi No image yet. A young girl who runs the shop in Scribble Town. She will sell you powerups that will help you on your way, and she always provides words of encouragement whenever you enter her shop.


All worlds have 5 levels and a boss level, and are named after a colour, with the exceptions of the hub area, Scribble Town.

Scribble Town

The main hub area of Doodle World. Here is you will meet friendly NPC, such as Atlus and Offi. Here, you can purchase powerups from the shop, view things you've drawn and change your appearance from the Creation Gallery, play minigames in the arcade, and view extras such as concept art and music in the secret room. This is also where you enter the level gates to access the future worlds.

World 1 - Viridian Plains

A green, grassy world. The levels start off nice and easy with tutorial signs littered about the place to ease you into the game.

World 1-1 - Preschool Garden

World 1-2 - Crayon Hills

World 1-3 - Camo Field

World 1-4 - Flower Run

World 1-5 - Shady Plateau

World 1-Boss - Treeton (A giant tree. Defeated by picking up the fruit it drops on you and throwing them back at it.)

World 2 - Amber Desert

A sandy desert world. Introduces new mechanics such as quicksand, unstable platforms and damaging terrain aspects, e.g. cacti.

World 2-1 - Sandy Slopes

World 2-2 - Quicksand Cave

World 2-3 - Sandstorm Desert

World 2-4 - Crumbling Ruins

World 2-5 - Cactus Garden

World 2-Boss - Crayobra (A giant cobra. Defeated by attacking the flashing bulb on the end of it's tail when it starts to dig undergrond.

World 3 - Pistachio Jungle

A jungle world full of large trees. Introduces weighted platforms and vine swinging.

World 3-1 - Great Ape Sanctuary

World 3-2 - Leafy River

World 3-3 - Hanging Jungle

World 3-4 - Slippery Treetops

World 3-5 - Dense Rainforest

World 3-Boss - Antross (A giant ant queen. First boss with two phases. First phase beat by throwing her worked ants back at her. Second phase beat by grabbing her mandibles and dragging them to the poisonous bugs crawlling around.)

World 4 - Burgundy Mountain

A mountainous world with a lot of vertical climbing sections. Introduces ice and falling boulders.

World 4-1 - Rocky Fields

World 4-2 - Boulder Climb

World 4-3 - Avalanche Rise

World 4-4 - Snowy Peak

World 4-5 - Dangerous Descent

World 4-Boss - Gork (A large stone golem. First phase is beat by throwing falling boulders at his head. Second phase is beat by flinging yourself at his glowing eye when he charges up his attack.)

World 5 - Scarlet Volcano

A world filled with dangerous lava. Introduces instakill lava.

World 5-1 - Lava Pass

World 5-2 - Fiery River

World 5-3 - Volcanic Ruins

World 5-4 - Firepillar Fortress

World 5-5 - Heatwave Cave

World 5-Boss - Burnto (A large fireball with eyes. First phase is beat by breaking open guisers to hit him with water. Second phase is beat by hitting back the smaller fireballs he spits at you.)

World 6 - Ivory Sky

A world up in the clouds. Introduces wind currents.

World 6-1 - Cloudy Climb

World 6-2 - Fluffy Plains

World 6-3 - Gusty Cliffs

World 6-4 - Falcon Ride

World 6-5 - Windy Fortress

World 6-Boss - Albacross (A giant bird. First phase is beat by hitting back debris that come when she creates huge winds. Second phase is beat by attacking her when she swoops in the grab you.)

World 7 - Turquiose Planet

A world out in space and on a new planet. Low gravity is introduced.

World 7-1 - Far-out Space Station

World 7-2 - Star Road

World 7-3 - Distant Planet

World 7-4 - Doodle Settlement

World 7-5 - Planet Core

World 7-Boss - Martiade (A large alien. First phase is beat  by pressing the buttons which correspond to the colour he currently is. Second phase is beat by locating him using the flashes of light the buttons provide and hit him.)

World 8 - Gunmetal Hill

The final world, where The Doombringer's castle sits. Most old game mechanics are re-used.

World 8-1 - Wilted Plains

World 8-2 - Dark Fissure

World 8-3 - Shadow Pit

World 8-4 - Chaos Climb

World 8-5 - Doom Castle

World 8-Boss - The Doombringer (The final boss of the game. First Phase is beat by throwing his own creation back at him. Second phase is beat by jumping on his head or punching him when he swoops past. Third stage is beat by throwing rocks at him barrier to break it, then flinging yourself at him before he can put it back up.)


Fling - Using the touch screen of the game pad or the 3DS, touch the body of your characters, pull it back and release to fling them.

Magic Brush - Press Y near nothing to draw an image on the background (the image can be set in the Creation Gallery). Press Y near a standard enemy to turn it into a different standard enemy (does not work on bosses). Press Y near a canvas to draw on the terrain using the touch screen and create platforms and walls to help you.

Throwing Enemies - Punch an enemy to stun it, then press B near it to pick it up.

Twist Jump - Press X while holding  to perform a spin jump. THis move can also be performed in the air.