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Doodle Interactive Studios
Doodle interactive studios logo new
The company's Logo.
Type of Company Video Game Industry
Founder(s) Mariofan313 (tbc)
Founded at/in April 5 2013
Defunct at/in August 21 2013
Owner(s) Mariofan313 (tbc)
No. of Employee(s) Mariofan313 (tbc)

Doodle Interactive Studios Ltd. was a company created by Mariofan313. They made Super Mario games.


The company was founded on April 5 2013. The first game was "Super Mario 3D Land 3". A Zelda-game named "The Legend of Zelda: Shadow Triforce" was planned, but it was cancelled. On August 21 2013 the company has been closed down.


Follow this guide to see what the colored dots mean.

  • Done - Finished Game
  • WorkingOn - Game Under Construction
  • N00bArticle - Planned Game.

This is a list of games created by Doodle Interactive Studios.


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