Dood, the sk8r.
Full Name Dood
Location Pictar
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Det (sister)
Dr.El Doodle (father)
Main Weapon(s) Punches
Karate Techniques

Dood is one of the two main characters in the Nintendo 3DS game Sketchians. Dood is a kind-hearted Stickman, who's very brave, curious, outgoing, kindhearted, artistic, and many other heroic things. He loves to skate, and hates the colour green. He severely hates Hun Tar, Waste Mover and Farmer Sketchian, for trying to take over the world and getting in the way of his father's tests.



Dood appears in Sketchians, where he and his sister fight the many evildoers who are trying to take over the planet Pictar. This is his debut appearance.


  • In the game, when naming your profile, several names change whatever his hat is:
    • Cluck - Chicken hat
    • Protection - Helmet
    • Alt - Green baseball cap
    • Ha ha - Bald
    • Milk - Cow hat
    • Magic - Wizard hat
    • Sock - Sock Monkey toque