Donny Metals (born --, -- 1965) is the father of Leila, Benjiman and Ella Metals and is married to Daisy Metals he is an experienced metal user and used to be an inventor with steel. He along with his wife appear in a few of the stories cutscenes and a mission in Ella-Metals 3 with Daisy.


Donny is calm, but observant. Although when frustrated goes loud and straight to the point due to his perfectionism.. He is rather impatient sometimes and can get overexciteable with heaps of enthusiasm and confidence. He is relaxed on views on the authority but can get very suspicious.


Donny has a buttoned navy blue jacket with a black t-shirt underneath. He wears long cream trousers black shoes and a brown belt with a brass buckle. He occasionally wears wide-lensed black sunglasses if quiet or in public.



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