Donkey Kong Wii U is the direct sequel to Donkey Kong 64, with the return of Lanky and Chunky Kong, while introducing Wimpy and Flabby Kong. K. Rool is at it again, stealing Donkey Kong's banana hoard, but this time, he took them to his very special island he had pillaged and built upon especially for him. In order for the DK Crew to reclaim the hoard, they will have to get past of all of the dastardly traps K. Rool planned for them.


Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is the first playable character, and with the help of Enguarde, Squawks and Cranky Kong, he can rescue his buddies on Kremling Isle. Donkey Kong is the only Kong who can become Rambi the Rhino.

Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong is the second playable character, freed by Donkey Kong in Pirate Pier. Diddy can climb ropes and other structures faster than any other Kong, and can attach to hooks with his long tail that no one else can. He is the only one who can become Squitter the Spider.

Wimpy Kong

Wimpy Kong is the third playable character, freed by Diddy in Behemoth Base. Wimpy Kong is afraid of most enemies, and when she gets close to one, she will move extremely fast for a short time, unable to attack most enemies. She is the only one who can become Squawks the Parrot.

Lanky Kong

Lanky Kong is the fourth playable character, freed by Wimpy in Behemoth Base. Lanky can swim the fastest and items easier than any other Kong. He is the only one who can become Enguarde the Sword Fish.

Tiny Kong

Tiny Kong is the fifth playable character, freed by Lanky in Desolate Desert. Tiny can move on the ground usually faster than any other Kong, and jumps the highest. She is the only one who can not become an animal buddy.

Flabby Kong

Flabby Kong is the sixth playable character, freed by Tiny in Darkened Drain. Flabby's shockwaves are the largest, and do the most damage than any other Kong. He is the only one who can become Expresso the Ostrich.

Chunky Kong

Chunky Kong is the seventh playable character, freed by Flabby in Darkened Drain. Chunky does the most damage physically than any other Kong. He is the only one who can become Rattley the Rattlesnake.

Dixie Kong & Kiddy Kong

After defeating a world boss, the player uses Dixie and her cousin, Kiddy in an interlude, where it is a one way road to the end of the stage. Kiddy can become Ellie the Elephant, and can roll very fast with his pad move. Dixie, like Tiny, can twirl in the air and can become Quawks the Parrot. You can switch between the both of them. And both of them take on the boss in the interludes.


World Name World Boss Interlude Boss
Pirate Pier Slackjaw (Diddy) None
Behemoth Base Behemyth (Wimpy) Behemyth
Desolate Desert Bandagger (Donkey) Sarcough
Darkened Drain Kodzilla (Lanky) Kodzilla Jr.
Bramble Bayou Screech (Wimpy) None
Secluded Sky Loftysnout (Flabby) Screech
Clockwork Chasm Armed Clock (Donkey) Old-Bell
Atrocious Alps Hugetoe (Chunky) Frostsnout
Krocodile Krypt Mr. X (All) Mr. X
Spectral Sanctum Mr. X

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