Donkey Kong Land: King .K. Roll's Revenge! is a 2015 Nintendo 3DS exclusive and marks the return of the Donkey Kong Land Gameboy series. The game is the first new DK game to feature King .K. Roll and the Kremlings.


Cranky Kong bets Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong 100 bucks that they can't star in a new fully 3D adventure, so the Kongs make a game for the Nontendo 3DS and ask you to try it out and see if Cranky Kong will like it. You must play the game and then show it to Cranky Kong to see if he enjoyed it as much as you did.


Donkey Kong Land's gameplay is similar to that of a Donkey Kong Country game. You can stomp on the Kremlins to defeat them and break Diddy or Dixie out of a barrel to help you. However, there are some drastic changes. For example, in the newer DKC games, there is a special barrel at the end of a level. In this game, the barrel has been completely scrapped. Also, DK and his crew have a new more classic look in honor of this game being a reboot of an older looking Gameboy game. But that doesn't affect gameplay, so let me just get to the point.

In addition to green and blue Kremlins, there are now red Kremlins. Red Kremlins are the strongest of the bunch, and enjoy throwing barrels, some that even have Diddy or Dixie hiding inside. In some levels, if you don't free Diddy or Dixie from a thrown barrel and it falls of a cliff or hits an obstacle, they will cost you a life.

Cranky Kong regains his job as shopkeeper after an absence in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Now, when you enter his shop, he keeps throwing insults at you saying that you can't make a fully 3D adventure. But you can shut him up as you please (with a DK punch). The store not only sells it's usual items, like character barrels, but it also sells items a game maker may use when he/she makes a game. You are required to purchase these with your bananas throughout the game so that the game can run properly. If you don't purchase these, weird things will happen to your game, like fast-moving Kremlins or the character models turning invisible. In other words, if you don't purchase these, the game will become more challenging, but still possible to beat.

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